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Hi! How can I order my audio tracklist uploaded in MP3?

You have to enter in single-audio.php and proceed like in the image below.

I want to ask before buying this theme. Can I list the number on the main page for the blog? example: http://cs307104.vk.me/v307104424/6369/qE2OXMRQfYk.jpg

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but it would be a solution. If you buy the theme please notify me and I will make a modification so you can have only blog articles and that slider on Home page but you won’t have on Home page audio, photo, events.

Hello, first of all i want to say you have a very nice theme.

I have a question: is it possible to adjust the width en the height of the slider?

Yes, it’s possible, after you buy the theme please tell me and I will help you to adjust height and width.

to make the slider smaller

Hi! Great looking theme. Quick question, I’m thinking about using your theme for the website for a television show (I’m drawn to this theme because the show is music-driven, and I want to allow site users to play music while they’re surfing the site). Can the home page slider contain a Vimeo video player? I want the television show trailer to be on the home page at all times. Thanks in advance.

I am sorry, what you want it’s not possbile, but right now I’m working on a new theme that will have everything you want, please give “follow” on me http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign/follow so you can see when I post the new theme on themeforest.

Is there a way to put the audio files in the header or footer so every time you click a different page the music doesn’t restart?

Also, how do you figure out the soundcloud api? I googled everywhere and didn’t see it.

Thanks. Awesome template… working on djsarahbattle.wpengine.com right now

It’s not possible to play the music continuously, but right now I am working on a new theme which will have this function for the music to play continuously, please give “follow” on me http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign/follow so you can see when I post the new theme on themeforest.

I created a video on how to proceed with soundcloud. I attached an image for you to find API. http://www.screenr.com/VYM7

Hello! Love the theme.

I have a question though.

On the index page i have [video cat=slug] and it works great.

It showing 3 movies on a row. The thing is I want to use just 2 movies and make the image preview a bit bigger so the two images fills the row instead of the 3.

How do I change the size on the video “preview” images. Hope you understand what I mean else I will try to describe further.

Have good one and thanks for the great theme.

Use shortcode [video cat=slug items=2]. I don’t understand the things about video, please contact me by email and give me more details.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Hi! Just one last question: I have a page with NEXT EVENTS, and PAST EVENTS. If I have a lot of past events is only showing last 10 events. How can I paginate that events to show all of them paginated just like photos and videos?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to install “pagination” on this page, because those events are constantly changing the state. But you can set the events number. Please go in this files taxonomy-events-style2.php and taxonomy-events-style3.php and search

and put instead of 10 what number you want.

Hi! I created a gallery and I changed the permalink to “fotos” in spanish and the gallery is opening OK:

When I click in a gallery the permalink is “photo” and not “fotos” (marked in red), and the menu option “FOTOS” (in green) is not marked as selected.

I understand what you want, but I have to make a modification on the theme which is a little bit more complex, please give me wordpress and FTP access and also mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Could you send me the step by step to do that? Which file should I change? I prefer to do that by myself if I need to change another permalink in the future. Thank you so much!


Great theme I must say! I have question. On the home page only four blog posts can be displayed. How do i increase it do lets say six or more?

Use shortcode [blog items=4], items=articles.number

Please I do not know how to use shortcode or where the apply this


I purchased this theme and wanted to use many of the pictures in the sample site. Where do i get all the images you are using? I like the background and the slider images. Thanks

Please send me an email and in that mail tell me what images do you want.

Hello wizedesign, congratulations for the theme ;-)

I have a problem with fonts and colors, does not accept the changes.

I have read other comments and the theme is installed well. (clubber.zip)

The site is: http://goo.gl/zhS4x


This css/css_options.php must be putted in the folder of the theme and you have to modify something in this file: header.php

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/css/css_options.php" type="text/css" media="screen" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri(); ?>/css_options.php" type="text/css" media="screen" />

If you can’t handle it, please give me FTP access and mention the problem.

Ok, after the suggested changes, you must also change the line 2 of the file css_options.php

require_once( ’../../../../wp-load.php’ );


require_once( ’../../../wp-load.php’ );

PS: So this is a problem that everyone has, it is a bug in the theme?


Hi Robert,

Great theme, it is exactly what I needed.

I do have one problem though, the theme seems to be forcing the widget bar to show up of the right side. When I edit a page and select to not have the widget bar or have it on the left it will work for a little while, but a couple of hours later when i return to the website I find that the widget bar is back on the right and has appeared on pages where i selected not to have a widget bar.

can you help me figure out what is causing this, or is there some theme coding i can change to stop this?


Please give me wordpress access so I can see what’s happening, and tell me which page is the one with the problem, please mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com


Great theme! I purcahsed and am having a bit of a problem with initialising the prettyphoto overlay for the photos.

When I add a image to the photo section it appears fine on the main photo page, but when I click on it instead of opening full via prettyphoto…it take me to the photo in a smaller thumbnail…if I then click on this image it does then initialise the overlay.

Am I doing something wrong?

Please send me an email with your site so I can see what’s happening and mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Hey, thanks for this theme! It’s really great!

I’ve got only one problem and it seems that I’m not the only one.|

I really can’t get the slider to work… Can you please help me? Is it possible to send you an e-mail?


Please send me an email with your site and eventually wordpress access. I want to see what’s happening.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com


Photowidget – copies pictures again and again… Please fix!

I attached 2 images which will help you. \\

Quick question again, I wanted to know where i can go to change the sizes of the thumbnails of the events if possible? Because i use flyers for the thumbnails and since they are long it gets cut off. thanks

It’s a little hard to modify, but please send me by email wordpress and FTP access, and in 72 hours max I will modify the image format for events.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Do you have a HTML/CSS version only?

I am sorry but this theme is not under HTML/CSS format.

I’ve purchased this template and everything seems to work fine but a couple of things.

First of all I can’t get media shortcodes to work. Empty rows are shown if I write them down in a page editor, like [video] and [audio].

And second, can’t make the photo widget display last picture from last posted album, it only works if I specify the Post ID, so will never be the last, and i’ll have to update it every time.

Thank you in advance for you time!