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I’m not able to translate the months that appear in thema, changed the file locale.php php but it did not work, the information months thema handle which file?

I created a video, hope you be of help. http://www.screenr.com/n2m7

setlocale (LC_ALL, "it_IT");
$pretty_date_M  = strftime("%h", strtotime($data_event));
Event date & buttons “buy tickets” “free entry” etc…is in:
\\ If you can’t handle it please give me wordpress and FTP access and mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Thanks again… perfect solution!!!

I’m having issues getting this theme to display as the demo with the correct font and colors.

I belive that you didn’t install the theme correctly, I attached an image on how to install it. If you still can’t handle it please give me wordpress access so I can see what’s going on, please mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

I had to reinstall wordpress then reupload the theme don’t know what happen the first time but I’m working now

How do you add background image?

Sorry I found the area for the background

Hi, Great theme, thanks. I was wondering if it would be possible to have the social icons in the menu at the top? The ones in the fotter are perfect but need them up top to. :)

Thanks Gavin

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but I will come with an update for the icons to be attached above.

Hi, great theme!

I have a question. Where do I edit or change the contact form?


I want to add more fields to the contactform. Is it possible for me to use a plug-in?


To modify the contact form enter in clubber/contact.php
If you can’t handle it, there are plugins for such thing.

There is anyway to music keep playing when we change the page? Dont stop the music, and always continious playing with or without change pages.

Unfortunately it’s not possbile, but now I’m working on that type of site which will continuously play music. Please press “follow” on me. The theme it will be ready soon.

Hi, i would like to buy this theme but i need to know if is possible change bg for every page and/or have a fullscreen slideshow like bg Thank you

Unfortunately this thing it’s impossible, but it’s nice what you said. Maybe on the next updates I will include this option.

Thanks for your answer but it is possible almost have only in starter page (home page) ONLY top and footer bar, background and nothing else? No slide, no widget, nothing. Only in home page. I would like to use your theme but I need this information. Thank you

Yes, it’s possible, but I really don’t understand why you want to have it this way. If you want you can send me an email with more details and I will tell you if it’s possible.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Hi Wizedesign,

How can I add these items to the homepage as seen in the Clubber Theme example: ‘Latest Blog’, ‘Latest photos’, ‘Latest events’ (The items under the slider?) I have searched it but I cant find it.



Hi Wizedesign,

How can I add these items to the homepage as seen in the Clubber Theme example: ‘Latest Blog’, ‘Latest photos’, ‘Latest events’ (The items under the slider?) I have searched it but I cant find it.



1. I will try to solve the problem on the next update. If your site is hosted on a powerful server that decline will not appear anymore.
2. Please enter in this files:
and then look for these lines and delete them.

<p class="blog-user">' . get_the_author() . '</p> 
        <p class="blog-date">' . get_the_time('F jS, Y') . '</p> 
        <p class="blog-comment"><a href="' . get_comments_link() . '">' . get_comments_number() . ' ' . __('Comments', 'clubber') . '</a></p> 

3. Unfortunately it’s not possible.
4. Unfortunately it’s not possible.
5.You can not upload your personal funds but you can use fonts from google fonts are more than 500 fonts.
I took example Arial name, you only need to enter the font name in google fonts.

Hi W.

Thank you for the answers. Here my answers below.

1. OK

2. I have entered these files. The site is already online. I edited the files via FileZilla with textwrangler but I stil see these items. And I also see the leave a reply option and the box at the post-page. What am I doing wrong?

3. OK 4. OK 5. Thanks. For now I will work with the fonts that are available. Maybe I will try this later.


Hi Wizedesign. Saw the questions above? Greetings.

Hello is there a way I can get the background of the twitter widget to become a solid color instead of being transparent so we can read the tweets better? Thank you

Yes, it’s possible but there are lots of modifications required, please send me an email with the access data to FTP, and mention the problem in the email.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

ive tried several shortcode and made several attempts to get my audio page to look like the one from the demo, can anybody help please!

thx… also, is there a way to remove the Buy Tickets button from the events on the homepage?

Enter in the file: includes/shortcodes/shortcode-posts.php and delete the line that contains “Buy Tickets”

i cant find tat folder in the editor or in my hosting


What a great theme !! I just have one question. I dont want text on the slider, how do I change this?


You DON’T write anything on description and title, you leave empty spaces.

Tried to load a 119 meg Mix Set into the Jukebox but got an error saying the file was over the upload size limit. Can you tell me how to change that so I can upload this Mix Set?

Creates a file a file php.ini and I added it in wp-admin folder.
The php.ini file contains:
memory_limit = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 128M
post_max_size = 128M
file_uploads = On

Sorry, that didn’t work…any other ideas to try and get this to work?

Please send me wordpress and FTP access and also mention the problem in the mail.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com


How do I alter settings so that the top soundcloud widget in the sidebar starts playing automatically once the site is opened.

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but I think there are plugins for such things, pleas check here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/

Using Flicker with you theme, I want to be able to use “set” so I can dictate which photos are shown. Is there a shortcode for this?

Unfortunately there isn’t such a thing, you can use Flicker only through the widget. But it’s possible to exist plugins for what you want.

When do you plan to have an updated release for this. I have read a lot of the comments and seems there needs to be a lot of corrections and “natural” feature implementation. I do like the design and layout, just wishing for a little more out of the box.

I will consider it.


Feature slider stopped working on the Home page. Now all the pictures are displayed at the same time on top of the whole page.

Have you ever run into this problem?

Thanks, Robert

Please deactivate the Next-Gen Gallery plugin. If the problem persists please send me an email.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Next-Gen Gallery plugin is not installed.


Some of the events I am announcing do not have tickets ready to purchase. Is there a way to remove that box?

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but I will make an update soon in which I will include an option to eliminate the buttons.


Is it possible to have comments on the event, photo and video pages? Thanks

Unfortunately it’s not possible.

Hi Wizi! Must say, great work man! This is the second theme I purchase off you and it just works. So thanks a lot for that!

One question, silly, but still. How do I change the colour of text? I have switched to the light colour design and a lot of the text, as well as the social media buttons, sort of disapear in the light design.

Thank you very much for feedback!

With the Home Page Feature Slider active, I see this error and the pages span down the whole page. Have you face this problem before?

Warning: Unknown: open(/tmp/sess_fec698e9db5f451cc0dd95e64a433006, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in Unknown on line 0

Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/tmp) in Unknown on line 0

It’s very strange what’s happening, please send me the access data from wordpress.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com