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Hey i don’t get how to set up my soundcloud. Where do i get the Api for my Soundclound profile?

Or how does it look like?

I want to use the 24hrs system for event. How do I change ”$tstart = get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘event_tstart’, true);” to something that shows, for instance, 21:30 instead of 9:30pm?

You must delete “{ timeFormat: “hh:mm tt” } from “time-start” & “time-end”.
You can find this file in:

How to create a contact page without the right side widgets. when i choose no sidebar nothing changes

I sent mail!

which template does the [eventup] shortcode use?

I found the shortcode-posts.php for formatting the appearance of [ events up ]. I changed the code to $pretty_date_yy = date(‘Y’, $time); setlocale (LC_ALL, “nl_NL”); $pretty_date_M = strftime (“%h”,strtotime ($data_event));

I also renamed some buttons. After uploading the updated shortcode-posts.php, nothing changes on the page where I put [ eventup ] shortcode

Please give me FTP access, and I will personally modify the date in your language. Please mention the problem and the language in the email.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Which php file to edit for deleting latest albums and latest blog at the front page

I already tried index.php but no luck http://akwaaba-events.com/

To delete “latest albums” and “latest blog” from the first page please delete [blog] & [audio] shortcode from the Home page.

Hi, I have a problem on the homepage.

I imported the xml, everything was set up, perfectly fine, with a nice slider on homepage.

BUT i accidentally clicked on “sidebar layout” in the “Home” page admin and every layout is messing around and I cant unselect it to switch it back.

How could I switch back to my original Home Page i.e. without any side layout selected ? Thx Regards

Please give me wordpress access and mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Hello, i Want change the bottom of event like “Buy Ticket” “Free event” per “for sale in the box office” how can I change this. I tryed in (taxonomy-events-style1.php) but only can change the bottom in the events page but not in the shortcode in the homepage.


Please search “Buy Ticket” in the files below and then modify the text with what you want.
The buttons are in:


Hi W.

Here I am again ;-)

A few question: 1. Can I use slides on any other page besides home? 2. The events: Is it possible to change location, venue and length (for example: name, age, …). Is it also possible to remove ‘by tickets’ and the ‘date’?


Thanks. I have another question. I have added TEXT to footer widget 4. Some contact things and an email. How can I make the email a hyerplink because now it is just plain text sow when people click on it nothing happens. Do you now how?

Thanks. I have another question. I have added TEXT to footer widget 4. Some contact things and an email. How can I make the email a hyerplink because now it is just plain text sow when people click on it nothing happens. Do you now how?

This is already solved.

Hello Niculae,

I’m having an issue with the CLUBBER theme. For some reason I can’t post a gallery under the PHOTOS section of the theme. I click on the UPLOAD PHOTO button then I click on the SELECT FILES button and that’s where it stops. Nothing happens when I click on the SELECT FILES button. Is there anyway you can help? I want to post photos but I can’t.

Thank you again for a wonderful theme and waiting for your response.

Please give me wordpress access so I can see what’s happening mention the problem.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Hi Wizidesign,

thank you so much for your reply!

I am having a few issues and wanted to ask if you have a more elaborate description or video tutorial of how to go about the following points:

1. Setting up the audio player correctly, which I am finding rather difficult, as it seem to not really implement in the actual audio player but on the other hand just link to another page.

2. Setting up the soundcloud player in the way that it is shown in your template.

3. How to put content (as it is shown in your live preview) on the home page, meaning the “latest albums”, “latest Photos”, “latest events”. At the moment I have added all the content in the right column, but I want to simulate the live preview and have it covering the entire page.

Thank you again for your brilliant design!

1. I attached 3 videos and for audio shortcode you find what you need in the documentation.
2. For widget you need just API from soundcloud. I attached an image, and for shortcode you find in the documentation.

3. First you have to set the Home page and THEN write shortcode, I attached a video.

Fantastic! Thanks a lot! And how do I change the colour of the social media buttons?

Hi Wizedesign. Will you answer mails tommorow to? I really need to finish this site quikly so it would be helpfull. I tried to remove the admin, date, comments and comments box on a post page but somehow it is still there. I removed the few rules in the 4 documents as you said (blogstyle etc.) but it is still there. How can I achieve this?


Please send me an email with the access data to FTP and tell me exactly what you want me to delete and on what pages, give me links examples.
mail: robert@wizedesign.com

Hi W. I just send you an email. Thanks!!!

Hello, the theme dosen’t work for me! It’s not good, if i make a Audio post trhere comes only a link. i have imported your content and it looks like not good but some things are ok. I can#t see the audio files, and if i mkae a post there is only the link test and no audio buttons to klick and listen.

Please give me my money back and i will delete this theme from my server!!!!!

Hello, to make your site look exactly like in the Demo please watch this video ( http://www.screenr.com/htv7 )
Download the database from here ( http://clubber.wizedesign.com/info/basedate.sql )
username: admin
pass: clubber

If you want your money back, please speak with the support from envato.

Hello and thank you for your mail. The most other Themes are easy to handle but the clubber is a bit stronger to understand. Now it work’s but i have the following problem. I cant change the Font Size for the Audio Tracks. On your Demo Site the Font is good but on my Site the Fonts to small. How can i change the Font Sice in the Audio Player, it look likes the same as on your Demo Site?

I am having the same issue in trying to get the slider to work on the home page. I create the home page (default template). I then create a new slide I check box in template options to display on home page I set the home page to home and static All I’m seeing are recent blog posts on the front page and the sidebar elements, slider isn’t showing up. How can I get this to show up? Do I need to use a different home page template?

Please send me wordpress access so I can see what’s happening, please mention the problem.

Can you post the code for an full width page style here and add one in the next update?

I don’t quite understand, please send me an email and please be more specific about your problem.

I deactivated the Sidebar but i have Problems to embed a Forum http://akwaaba-events.com/forum/

Hi there

I just purchased this theme and was wondering if its possible to have a three column footer instead of four column?

Thanks :)


Hi, yes, you can have it. You have to enter in footer.php and see that there are 4 identical codes. Please erase one of them, and then enter in style.css and search the class .footer-col and modify the “width”

Hello Wiz, I want to change the photo gallery plugin, I want to use Nextgen Galley in photo post type, check: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/nextgen-gallery/. How I do that ? Ty.

Question about Audio. In the theme example you have 8min tracks posted in the audio page. How are you getting around the 2mb file upload limit? Are these all less than 2mb? Also is there a way to make the content pulled in from Soundcloud automatically match the theme styling/colors better?

Creates a file a file php.ini and I added it in wp-admin folder.
The php.ini file contains:

memory_limit = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 128M
post_max_size = 128M
file_uploads = On

I would like to add a social share button on the prettyphoto – facebook, instagram, twitter, tumblr etc, how can I do that? Please email me @ spiderjoezales@yahoo.com

I have attached a picture, and you can look at this video http://www.screenr.com/txW7

Hello there! I’m about to buy this beautifull template. But I hae a question – Is it possible to put flash banners on the top?