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you can stream live radio on this site? LiveStreaming

Hi, Unfortunately this is not possible.

does anybody knows exact steps for upgrade from1.8 to 2.1? thanx ZZ

HomePage Slider Question… Can I embed a video there instead of an image? Please let me know asap…


Hi, Unfortunately this is not possible.

I have the same question to upgrade …when i’m going to donload again show me installation and full documents or just wordpress files only thank you for help

Just purchased this theme and tried to install sample data, but it’s not working. Please help!


Spune-mi si mie te rog cum pot sa fac sa imi puna evenimentele in ordine calendaristica. Acum cand adaug evenimente, mi le pune, ultimele adaugate, primele postate.

Multumesc mult!

Pe pagina home te rog sa folosesti shortcode [eventup]. Iar pentru pagini cand le creezi in dreapta se afla “Template” selectezi “Event Style 2” sau “Event Style 3”.

Is it possible to change the title “LATEST BLOG” , “LATEST ALBUM” displayed when viewing the blog? I wanted to change to another phrase.

secondly, how can i increase the number of latest blog post to 3 or 4 on the site.

Please can you make a video….

1. Enter on the Homepage and edit it, after that search “LATEST BLOG” and modify it how you want.

2. On the shortcode use items=4. eg: [blog items=4]

On the homepage worked with the upgrade to 2.1, but the page events (style 1) continues to date in English! Another thing, now when I click the tickets by opening the link in a popup, how do I open normally without popup? ASAP PLEASE

Please send me more details and if you want wordpress access. And tell me in what language you want.

I’m a little confused on actually posting in the different categories of the Clubber theme.

I’ve created a BLOG page and a HOME page. So if I want to add something to the BLOG page, how exactly do I do that and have it show up on the HOME page?

Without the HOME page setup in Reading Settings as a static page, and it’s set to Latest Post, nothing I post gets listed under Latest Post anyway.

On the Homepage use [blog] shortcode and it will appear the latest posts from blog.

While clicking on video it keeps on autorefresh and not played while clicked below is the link for your reference :- http://www.on5crew.com/ & http://www.on5crew.com/?page_id=60#prettyPhoto can you please advise for the same.

Please go to: Theme Options > Photo(lightbox) > Autoplay Slideshow > Off

Issue resolved…..thanks

So I’m having an issue with the download button on the images in the light box preview. When I hit download it just goes to a blank white screen and nothing downloads.. Please help!

Please send me more details on email. I need wordpress access. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

What format should I enter my twitter handle into the Twitter Feed widget? I entered my twitter name and it doesn’t show anything.

You need to have a higher version than 2.0 (inclusive) for the twitter widget to work. https://vimeo.com/69260852

I would like to add events to my calendar that last more than one day. For example: festivals, carnivals, etc. I could do this by simply copying an event, but that makes my calendar looks messy, like there are duplicates.

Do you have a solution for my problem? And do you have plans to add this functionality to the theme in the future?


Hi, You can create categories for each event category. You have more details in the documentation on how to create categories. You need to have the 2.1 version of the theme for you to be able to create categories.

I’m sorry, that’s not what I meant. Those were just examples of events. For instance, I have an event that begin’s on september the 1st and ends on september the 5th. To inform my visitors via my calendar in this set-up i have to make 5 single events. Each for every day. Which makes the calendar looks messy and full. Is there a possibility to create only 1 event that does the trick? In the admin panel it’s only possible to set an end time, but not an end date. Because every event is supposed to end the same day it started apparantly.

Thanks in advance

Is there a way to create blogs within the blog? I have about 3 different menu items I want to appear under Latest Blog, but not necessarily have them show up under the Blog page because everything would be jumbled.

I am very sorry but I don’t understand. Please send me more details here. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

I am having a problem in Internet Explorer with the Sub-Menus. When I move my mouse to the submenu, the main menu scrolls back up as though I moved off the menu completely. I am not having this problem on my Mac. Any advice you can give would be appreciated!

Please send me a link of your site to see what’s happening. Please mention the problem.


Hi. How to display on the main news by date?

Fixed! sorry

Hi, great theme!

If I put an e-mail adress in the “where to buy ticket” input – This is the link that the function creates:


How and where can I change it so the function writes this instead:


Best R. Peter, Sweden (peter.ohlsson@me.com)

I don’t understand why you put that mail at the end of the link. You can send me more details, so I can see if I can help you.


I am using clubber theme. In video page pagination getting an error. When i click my page 2 option in video page it showing ” page not found”. Please let me know the solution.

Hello wizedesign,

Waiting for your reply….

Hi, Please permanently delete the video page, and create a new one exactly the same and everything will work perfectly.


I am customizing the theme but how can I make the “Latest blog post, latest videos and photos” below the slides. Not as a side bar but below the slides. I have created one video, one event and one photo and they don’t show up.


Other problem…when I upload a photo it doesn’t show up, it seems like it doesn’t upload at all on the photo page.

You have to write on the Homepage shortcode [blog], [photo], etc..you find more details in the documentation.

I created a video on how to upload photos. http://www.screenr.com/qDp7

Thank, I already did that to upload the photos, what happened is that they upload as media files. The same set up you show in the video is not the same I see when I upload the pics. I have the latest Wordpress. Please let me know as this is delaying my project a lot. Thanks!

Anyone else have the problem that when saving theme options, I get diverted to: /wp-admin/options.php and a blank page? (If I reload that page I get the full wordpress advanced options)

I believe that this problem is not from the theme.

It was a fresh WP 3.6 install… no plugins (apart from default) installed. No php errors etc. I will update to the new version just released and see it it’s any better :)