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I’ve having a really hard time getting the thumbnails for the blog posts to work properly. If I have a horizontal featured image across the top of the post, how can I get it to appear properly in the thumbnails listed on the homepage?

I don’t quite understand what you want. Please send me an email with more details. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Hi there,

Can you please post a list of all the shortcodes please :)

Keep up the awesome work!

Regards Johnny

Hi, Please check the documentation. There is an image with shortcodes and a list with all shortcodes.

my events are disappearing from my page 7 hours ahead of time, my site’s hosted at godaddy, and time zone is set to PST as it should be – what should i do in the dashboard to correct this? How can I keep the events up until they are finished

Talk with the people from your host to set up the time zone from your country. The people from godaddy should help you.

Hello! Thank you again for you great theme! Today i faced a problem – when i use search on my webpage i wrong link for my videos. This link goes to empty page with thumbnail preview only. I was trying to find a similar problem with no sucsess. Thanks in advance. My website: http://maydanov.ru

I sent mail!

hi is there anyway to edit the latest event widget so that it only shows the title and the picture but not the whole event description?

Hi, Unfortunately it’s not possible.

Hello Nic,

I got 404 errors on Music as Photo’s galleries, could you please assist me with it? I already tried to fix it thank to Settings > Permalinks > Save Changes but it didn’t work !!! http://celinouecestculte.com/ Kind Regards

I sent mail!

Hi, i’d like to bring my logo up higher to the top of the page. Is there some CSS i can use for that while keeping the layout responsive?


You can enter in style.css and search #logo and modify it from there how you want the logo to be.

Hello I have problem with videos from youtube. If I insert video from youtube (short code) so video still loading and don´t play. I need repair this error. I´m using All In One SEO Pack plugin. Thank you very much

Please send me a link with the exact site where the troubled video is. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

HI For some reason if i add more than two events the first event that i posted will get deleted both from event page and widget!! How do i rectify this??

Very strange, please give me wordpress access to see what’s happening. Please mention the problem in the email. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Hi, I want to add the comment box under the ‘page’ but I have no idea where I have to put the source ’?php comments_template(’’, true); ?’ on ‘page.php’. I’ve been searched at Forums of Wordpress like 1, 2, I added it, and it was worked but not on the page(content-right, like the ‘post’), it was installed upside of footer. But I want the same one of ‘post’... ;(

Can you help me? thanks.


in my event page i don’t want the sidebar appear but this sidebar in other pages like blog appear at the top of the page and the content below.

how can i fix this?



Hi, This thing it’s not possible.

ok, when i set up the blog the content appear below de sidebar instead of beside. why this happens? thanks in advance man!

When I put permalinks on http://www.gerardkleijn.com/voorbeeld-bericht/ the videopages do not appaer anymore, for example http://www.gerardkleijn.com/video/

the other thing is that dates in the calendar appear in wrong order(dates) and is also possible to put the most recent concerts up? submenus do not appear on smartphones and tablets , is this permanent or can i do something ? can you tell me whats happening. thanks gerard

I sent mail!

hi very nice work, i want to use your theme for a record label estore using wp e-commerce and qTranslate do you thing it will work?


I have some customers that installed woocommerce, it’s a little hard to install. I don’t handle this kind of work, I don’t work extra cost.

Hello everyone, It would help for your 404 errors http://www.commentcamarche.net/forum/affich-27346641-erreur-404-page-introuvable-wordpress

It worked for our website !


After updating to v2.3 from v1.9 everything works perfect but the

Photo Pretty

Any idea what do I have to do?



Please give me wordpress access to see what’s happening. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Hi! Congrats for the nice Theme! I want to purchase it, but i have a question:

Can I put a link to a video in the header home page slider? When i click on slider, open the video in light box directly?

Thanks and Regards!

Hi, Unfortunately it’s not possible.


First off, thanks for your earlier help. I use this shortcode to display events on a page from one category only.

[eventup cat= kunst items=40]

Is it also possibe to do this for 2 categories, 3, etc. For example:

[eventup cat= kunst,culture items=40]

Although this doesn’t seem to work. The thing is, i want my total calendar to exlude one category, so that i can make a different page for this category.

Hi, Unfortunately it’s not possible.

I like the theme very much, however miss two things: 1. multi day events (already mentioned before) 2. iPad and iPhone optimatilization. See www.foodfestivalseurope.com to see that the lay-out does not show correct on an iPad

1. Maybe on the next updates I will include this facility.

2. I am verry sorry to dissapoint you but I don’t belive this theme will be for smartphones, it was designed wrong from the start for smartphones. Maybe in the future I will make it responsive. Anyway, I noticed that in the near future will appear the FULL HD smartphones, so there will be the same technology on smartphones like on the computers. These kind of themes will not be responsive for smartphones anymore because the cell phone technology has evolved a lot and the resolution will be the same on the smartphone and the computer also.

do upgrades affect my changes to the .css like adding adsense banners to the header and footer?

You can add yourself. Please enter in header.php and footer.php and add those banners. You need to have some knowledge of HTML.

hello mate, i use the code [title]Upcoming Events/title The tittle shows but the events dont come up on the home page. I’ve ticked to allow shortcode events category and still nothing.

my site is www.wash.fm

help pls

Please update to the latest version of the theme. The categories will function. http://clubber.wizedesign.com/info/changelog.txt