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Issues with the Photos Link. Photos > Add New > Upload Photos > Select Photos > ??? The Only Option is have says “Uploading Media Files” ???

All my media files have been uploaded it seems to be stuck somehow please help?

There is only one way to upload pictures, please watch this video. https://vimeo.com/68914649

When I add a video and I click it opens in the lightbox fine. BUT the video keep looping and restarting after 3 seconds. ALSO the sort by feature dosen’t work .

Please go to: Theme Options > Photo(lightbox) > Autoplay Slideshow > Off

I can’t Upload any photos on my template, when I click on “Uploading Media File” it doesn’t upload anything and closes the window.

Can you help me please?


Please send me wordpress access to see what’s happening and also mention the problem in the email. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

I’ve sent you the datas, please contact me. tks.

where are you?


Please, tell me how to install the theme with the demo included.

Thank you

Hi, I hope that you email address robert@wizedesign.com is still working? Because I’ve sent you some emails on it.

Thank you

I sent mail.

How to translate template into Polish language?

You can edit the file includes/language/EN.php and translate it in your language.

Hi man,

The sidebar is not going out from the event style 1 and event single page. Even when I change the Sidebar setting from the page editing form.

I’ve sent you an email, take a look please.

I sent mail.


I’ve sent you a compilation of both (soundwave and clubber) issues. Thank you


What exactly do you put in Coordinated and Zoom Map. Coordinated: ?? Zoom Map: ??

Could you give an example, thank you.

I think the “Event Style 3” don’t recognize the “Template settings > Number of Events per page” in Theme options.

To edit the number of events please enter in events-style3.php and search the line
'posts_per_page' => 10,
and after that modify 10 with the number you want.

Presales questions:

1. Can you feature videos in the banner? 2. Do you have tabbing shortcodes? 3. Do you support multi-level menus?

It would be nice to see these features in the demo. Thanks!

1. It’s not possible.
2. There are shortcodes in this sense.
3. Yes, there is a level 3 submenu.

Hello I am a webmaster and i have a client to buy this theme.

- It is posible tu put single-event in full width? - Is posible to change the slug of event?

and the slug of phtoos…

Yes, it’s possible to modify single-event in full width but you need to have minimum knowledge in css and html/php

hello wizedesign, I bought clubber theme a few weeks ago, I tried everything to get the slide work on homepage. I already saw the video tutorial and documentation. Please I need your help!

Please send me an email with the access data to wordpress to see what’s happening. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Great theme, absolutely love it.

I have a podcast plugin which includes a media player and some text at the beginning of each post. Text from the plugin is appearing on the home page as part of the post snippet (“Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:19:30 — 109.5MB)”)

Is there any way to hide this text from the snippet on the home page without moving where the plugin shortcode is displayed within the post?



I am sorry but I really don’t know. Talk to the support that created that plugin.

Right now when a User clicks on a Slider Image, they get taken away from the site, and I want to keep them on the site. So…

How to we set it up so that when a User clicks on one of the Sliders, the URL opens in another Tab?

Please enter in the file page.php and search this lines
<a href="' . $slide_url . '"></a>
and after that replace them with this line
<a href="' . $slide_url . '" target="_blank"></a>

Great, it worked! Thanks for the service.

hello wize i emailed you before how can i let people download all my music on my web before i did it now i just doing this web site the download link does nt show anymore please help me you can check the website by goin http://www.raboday.com/ please email me at dezodbeats@gmail.com help asap thank you

can i use facebook comment so people can comment on the music ? can i see how many people download my music

i try to put the link its not working for me

please help

Is it possible to get my player to look like the one in the website


i found it thanks

Hi Man. How can I upload many photos in a album and after reorder them? One time i remember it was easy. But now? Thanks

How to turn off sidebar, i already select no sidebar in page editor?but it still have sidebar when view page

The page styles were not created full width, and that’s why it’s happening this. But on the next updates I will make those page styles in full width.

OK thanks? i hope get the update asap

The site is http://www.makeyourownexperience.com/ I just ran into a problem. I noticed that now the photos are not popping up like they use to. It goes to a page with just the image instead of popping up where they people can tweet and like a photo.

It’s possible for that lightbox to not work because of some plugin. Please uninstall all the plugins and if the problem persists please send me an email with the access data to wordpress and also a proof that you bought this theme. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Hi… have you noticed any compatibility issue with the events in the latest release (2.3) and the latest WordPress 3.7.1.

In both the widget and page the month does not appear nor does the event location. Worked fine before upgrading both. It is the same in all browsers I have tried.

I went into the theme options and ‘saved options’ just to see if it would have an effect because of upgrading and it sorted it…

How do you change the order of the Audio tracks or songs in an album? Are they sorted by name or by upload date?

How can I customize the order of songs that appear in an audio Album?


What if i wanted the last song to be in the middle and the first song to be last, any order i can choose?

Does anyone know?

Please enter in single-audio.php