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Hi, When I crete an event in December, the month is not displayed, but only the day. This only happens for December…(my dates are in French, is it a translation “gap”)?

I’ve sent you an email.


I just made the menu on my website with that theme, I just want to know how to make a drop down menu on it, I mean have under a category of my menu another category (which is a page)

Thanks !

You’re perfect. Thank you so much !

Hey wize, first of all: really nice theme, thank you for creating it. I use it as a website for our little club. We got a regular event that is every friday. So instead of creating an event for every friday, I would like to have a sticky event on the top of the upcoming events. Is this possible? Or can you imagine another good way to show that the event is every friday without creating every single one?

Thanks, Daniel

Something like “Every Friday” followed by our friday event in the same design as the other event, then the “Upcoming Events” section.

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but you can create an event and program it to appear on fridays.

hey guys,

our site http://lms-broker.de/ is made with your theme. problem is: it doesnt workt properly in firefox. the menu bar does not show :/ any suggestions?


I solved your menu problem.

Please respond to me and labonty. We have both emailed you now incase you did not see his. Thank you.

here sorry that was my dupe account

I believe I sent an email, I’m not sure. If you didn’t get any response please send me again the email.

Is it possible that the events of the cover appear sorted according to date?

Using the theme now for two months and tweaked a lot already. Multiple day events, Past event widget, multiple category selection. Two questions still: 1. Can you switch on Comments on Events? 2. In the Theme Options, Events per Page you can set how many events should be shown per page. I expect then that if you set this to 10 and you have 20 events, at the bottom you would see page 1 and 2. This is not the case and I checked your event-style.php files and they don’t do anything with posts_per_page. What to do?

If you use “Event Style 2” or “Event Style 3” and you want to increase the number of events please enter in this files: event-style2.php or event-style3.php and search LIMIT 10 and after that modify from there with the number that you want.

Same problem like “diewebmeister” . Firefox & Startpage -> menu disappear (is under the slider / slider ignore some margins or something like that) other subpages works fine. only Startpage & firefox not

Please send me an email with the access data to wordpress, and also attach me a proof that you bought the theme. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

How do I change the font size in texts in my pages?

You have to enter in style.css and search there on body, you need to have minimum knowledge.

Is there a way for the preview of posts that appear on the home page to take text from the ‘snippet’ that is created in the wordpress ‘create post’ page rather than the body of the post itself?


I am very sorry but I don’t understand. Please send me an email with more details. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Is there a way for Events to be listed in Descending order? Right now they are in Ascending order.

Yes, it’s possible. Please write me on email about what page you’re talking about or if it’s about shortcode. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

I love this theme, and am using the ‘light’ skin, but would like it to be a little more transparent (like the ‘dark’ one in the Live Demo). How do I do this???

Blog categories not working, tried snug as well did not work. page continues to show all blog posts.

You have to edit the image “images/back-opacity.png” and give it a smaller opacity.

What does this have to do with blogs?

allo i want to order this theme i would like to know if i can make a payement by email (bank) transfert ?? please contact me on Ricardod@hotmail.ca

Unfortunately I don’t know. Please address yourself to the envato support.

Will there be integration of recurring events in a future update? Also, how can I make the event hide itself after the date has passed?


Yes, it’s possible but I can’t promise anything.

Hi again, just following up on this? Will recurring events be appearing in an update soon? Thanks

Please use this format of contact for your problems. You will get an answer on email much faster than you would get in the comments section.

Hi! I have a problem with the section “photos” I made the category, but when a check a photo to insert and a click on upload image nothing happens, this thing with all browsers.

Please give me wordpress access to see what’s happening.

The site is not on line, I can’t send you wordpress access, when it will be on line I will send you. Thanks

Hello, how can i use the zoom map feature on an event?

never mind, figured it out, thanks!