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I want to buy this theme. Does this theme comes with layer psd files?

Unfortunately this theme doesn’t have .PSD layers.


I purchased this theme how can i add the layer slider i also purchased. I don’t want use the slider that comes with the theme since i like to work with layer slider for my work.

To include another slider you need to have medium knowledge in php and css. Unfortunately I don’t customize the theme.


When editing:

includes > shortcodes > shortcode-posts.php

In the ‘Latest Posts’ section on the home page is there a way to show the first image of a post instead of the featured image?

I have had a look at the following article, but I am unsure how to implement this:


Unfortunately it’s not possible.

hi, i got problem with the video option after i upload a video, when i try to get into the link its always give me “404 error”

o.k now i dont get 404 error but i cant see the video the page is empty..

Please go to: Settings > Permalinks > Save Changes

Is it possible to have a widget that shows the last couple of past events? I want people to be able to see the latest past event so they can see who winners, etc are.

Is such a thing possible?

Yes, it’s possible, but on the next update I will include that widget for the past events.

I am looking to buy this theme, but I have some events that are fixed, for example, every Tuesday, is there any way to set some events in the end? Is there any way to add an api for registering to the event on the website it automatically add the event page on facebook?

1. Unfortunately it’s not possible, but you can post that event once a week, or you can program it to appear on Tuesdays and so on…

2. I really don’t know, there must be a plugin in this sense.


I want only 3 footer column. How can I change it ? And how can I add new fonts ?


1. You need to have minimum knowledge in css and php to make those modifications. Unfortunately I don’t customize the theme.

2. You can not upload your personal funds but you can use fonts from google fonts are more than 500 fonts.
I took example Arial name, you only need to enter the font name in google fonts.

Hello WizeDesign

Is there any way to display the HOMEPAGE EVENTS sorted by date of the event, not by creation date post? Also I have a problem with past events. Using event-style2, the aparecem events only if you are 2 days prior to the current date. For example, I have an event that was yesterday, and will not be shown me in the past events. If I change the date to the 16th, appears. that’s the page http://disartmedia.me/t4fcl/historial-eventos/ Thanks in advance.

1. Use shortcode [eventup], to display the future events.

2. It’s possible that the problem is caused by your server’s time (hour). Please talk to the people from your host to set the correct hour.

Hello, What specific folder should i put the dummy content in. wordpress keeps timing out on the import so i just want to throw it in through the ftp.

Thanks, Chad

I am sorry, but from what I know, you don’t need to put that .xml file in a certain folder, you have to put it in the admin from wordpress.

Is it possible to have more than one Ticket URL?

On my site I have events where I want people to be able to register as an individual or as a team.

Ideally I’d like to put two buttons on the page – each one pointing to a different event.

Is such a thing possible?

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but when you create the event you can put in his description a button through shortcode. You have more details about that button in the documentation.

I love this theme a lot but what I really hate is that you cannot set up re-occuring events without entering each one, one-by-one. I have an event that occurs every Sunday at the exact same time but to have it show that way on the calendar I am going to have to add 52 unique events one-by-one.

I understood, but unfortunately this thing it’s not possible. I will try to include this facility on the next update.

Hi I have seen the issue with the date arrangement of the events above, i have implementated this fine on the homepage the proble I have is that the event templates continue to show events that have past and also they are mixed up and are not arranged by date. How do I solve this?

If you are using shortcode, use shortcode [eventup], and if you are using styles for pages, use “Event Style 2” and “Event Style 3”.

when uploading more them 8 sounds on the music page i get on the secend page the folowing error: “404 ERROR – NOT FOUND The page you requested does not exist.”

i did refresh the permalinks links from: Settings > Permalinks > Save Changes i update the theme to the last version. http://djsamtabul.com/audio/ please help

Please delete the audio page and create a new one exactly the same and you will not have anymore problems.

Good Afternoon, when I click the event created, the information appears the same but are in English, how do I switch to another language? php which I have to edit? Including a title named “event” that would remove is presented. To put a “fixed” event, put the following lines but when clicking on event day still appears, is not showing in php.

<div class="home-width fixed"> <div class="event-archive"> <div class="event-arc-cover"><a href=""> <img alt="Forró da Lapa – TODA TERÇA" src="" /> </a></div> <!-- end .event-arc-cover --> <div class="event-arc-text"> <h2 class="event-arc-title"><a href="">Forró da Lapa – TODA TERÇA</a></h2> <div class="event-arc-info" /> <!-- end .event-arc-info --> TESTE </div> <!-- end .event-arc-text --> </div> <!-- end .event-archive --> </div> <!-- end .home-width fixed -->

Another question, in the events on the main page, I can not “skip the line” when I write some information plus it does not respect the standard html to insert in the publication.

Please send me more information on email so I can see if I can help you. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact


Although I do not know anything about this theme the author did remove another theme shortly after taking money for it meaning I have just purchased something he will not be supporting any longer.

It seems unfair that they should be allowed to do so, but being as it is I would like to warn people that this author has no qualms about removing items suddenly which means they could go out of date fast and seize to work on the next wordpress update.

I would avoid wizedesign and find a slightly more reliable creator.

My dear customer, I am sorry, but I didn’t remove the theme from themeforest. The people from envato did it because the theme had some problems, and the theme couldn’t be available untill those problems were solved. Now the theme is ok, it doesn’t have anymore problems.

Hi, all the video’s on my site now go to YouTube instead of opening in a pop up. I’ve deactivated all the plugins I had installed, but the problem remains. Any suggestions on how to solve this? Thanks!

Hey Niculae, are you on a holiday or something? :):P

Please send me an email with the access data to wordpress to see exactly what’s happening. Yes, I’ve been in vacation. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

Hey, I’ve sent you an e-mail, but haven’t received a reply from you yet.

Hi guys is there a way I can change the time my event disappear? Because after 9:30pm they are no longer viewable on my site and many of them end at 3am to 5am.

It’s possible that the time (hour) from your server to not corespond with your request. Please address to your server’s support and set the time (hour) that you want.

Hello, just purchased your theme and it’s great. I was wondering is there anyway to link woocommerce so customers can purchase tickets from the website rather than just having a ticket URL?

Yes, it’s possible. But it’s not easy to implement it. I’ve had a few customers that implemented woocommerce on clubber theme.

Hello, I would like to remove the sidebar from the event page and contact page is this possible? I tried changing the layout option on the pages but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Unfortunately it’s not possible, but on the next update I will include this facility.

How can I remove the featured image from within the post for my blog? I would like to keep the featured image so that it shows on my latest posts on the homepage but not on the post itself when you click on it.


Please give me wordpress access and show me through a screenshot exactly what you want to eliminate. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

I added a generic featured image so that it will show up on my front pages “recent posts”, but I do not want it to come up inside the post itself as shown above.

I have emailed you my page information, thank you very much.