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First I would like to congratulate you for this great theme and really excited that it is going to be responsive soon. I am very happy with my purchase. However, I would like to request that you add a Shoutcast player in future updates. A Shoutcast player like the one you have for the “SoundwaveTheme” with shortcodes for the shoutcast player to be inserted in any page. Many thanks

Maybe in the future I will include this option like on the soundwave theme.

hey, my theme version is at the moment 1.8, and i cant move any menu. How can i Update to the latest version without crashing my page?


Hi man. I don’t remember like to appear only 2 or 3 (it’s indifferent) event past in the page events. Actually it’s show all event past. it’s too.


I am sorry but I don’t understand. Please send me an email with more details. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

The footer will appear on the homepage is not like for example the contact page from my website. In your demo site it looks right out there. I’ve uploaded the file footer.php once again, but there is not the problem.

Wa else can I do?

This is my website: http://www.ikzoekeencoverband.nl/

Sorry it’s solved

Hi, I have a problem with the future events page. I’m using 3 style template but I see the past event too. Could you help me, please?

I am sorry but I don’t understand. Please send me an email with more details. http://themeforest.net/user/wizedesign#contact

does the theme work with wordpress 3.8.1

and does the theme have a calendar view for events?

Yes, it’s compatible with the 3.8.1 wordpress version, but unfortunately this facility with the calendar doesn’t exist.

Im on the fence about purchasing this template. It looks absolutely astonishing! However i was curious if it is possible to replace the audio pages/plugins with a video player?

I think it’s possible, but I can’t tell you for sure.

Hi, how can I make mine look exactly like the theme and then work from there? Is that what the “documentation” is showing(to look like yours with stock photos etc)? Or do I need to upload via FTP? thanks.

Hello, to make your site look exactly like in the Demo please watch this video ( http://www.screenr.com/htv7 )
Download the database from here ( http://clubber.wizedesign.com/info/basedate.sql )
username: admin
pass: clubber


Hi thanks for the reply but I was able to get most of it working before you replied.

Now I have a small issue with the images appearing under the audio player. Please see below. How can I remove those or “fix it”


Hi there ? when u are going to release the responsive update ?

Thanks in advance. Santiago

In the course of this month.

Hi, i was also wondering about the progress for the theme becoming “Responsive” Can we expect the update this month?

Please, let me know

Thanks, Ben

Whoop Whoop!!!! Looking forward to it, thanks for making it happen…

HI, Love your theme is it compatible with Woo Commerce 2.0.20? Please let me know I want to buy it ASAP. Thanks

I’m loving the theme. I only have one problem:

There is plenty of free space between the logo and the menu. But as soon as I’m adding one more page (Blog), the entire menu drops down below the logo, as if there wasn’t enough space even though there is.

How do I fix this?

It would really be great to get help on this. Also, could you please be so kind and point me to the section in the stylesheet where I can change the overall font size and font color for the small text. Thanks in advance.

My question is this: for example, now I have done my home page and in it I put [title] Latest Mixes / title So my point is, for example, if I make a page Festival and category Festivals How do I set a page Festival go only posts from a certain category? Tnx

Sir please I urgently need your help with this. Ive already sent a few messages.


How can I remove these images?

I need to display Artist name, Author name and composer name in the Audio page for each song. I can add them in the title but it is too big and all the text will be in same font size. Please let me knowhow can I add these details for each song in the audio player in the audio page.


In the blog “Style 2”, the button “Read More” does not change color with the “Mouse Over” Can I Fix It?


The twitter feed is not working and Im having problums with the photo widget. It keeps adding two of the same photo and I have message you but got no reply. Can you please help


Hi I submitted a message via the contact form on Monday, could you please respond asap? Thanks!

Hello I have submitted 2 request for help. The new template I downloaded the months are not showing up and they used to. Can you please respond to my email please. Thanks so much!!

Please let me know if you were able to fix this problem. The months not showing is not good. I need it done asap. Thanks!