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please can you explain how we can change colors for page titles? thanks :)

please do reply. thanks!

I’ve sent you an email. Let’s keep in touch through this mail please.

Where can I find the theme options? It looks like I need CSS to change my lay out. Just as in the live preview I want an image as background and the menu and tekst on a black background on top of that. With use of a background plug in a got a image as background but when I put in tekst the textbox is transparant and so the tekst is hard to read. Please help my website is www.try-out.org.uk Also I would like to colors as headers just like in the live preview, how to do that?

you can ignore this question

I checked some of your instruction videos but as it looks ‘Theme Options’ is missing in my version. How can I fix this please reply as soon as possible please, I’m in kind of a hurry

I’ve got it working, I just deactivated all the plugins (some were there still from previous site) and now the ‘Theme Options’ showed

My customer has four websites, which are connected to each other. Like: www. .... . blabla . nl and …. . blablabla . nl etc. Is there a possibility to buy this theme only one time? I need it for 4 websites. Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can buy it in this case.

Sorry for all these questions there’re just two things I can’t get working. It’s no problem to add audio but I can’t make like an album.

1) When I add audio it will appear in the audio player on the homepage, but when I add another, even in the same categroy, it pusses the other from the homepage and it just one single number in the audio player, how can I make albums like on the preview side?

2) And just as on the live preview, I want the homepage to have the latest added content from all the different items (Photo’s, events, etc) on it. How do I do that and also keep the slider on the homepage?

Looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance

1. You can only add one player on the page.
2. Write shortcode [event], [blog], etc… you have more details in the documentation.

I have a question. How put in the home “LATEST BLOG”, “LATEST ALBUMS”, LATEST EVENTS, “LATEST PHOTOS” itens? Is that a widget area?

Tnx for support.

Write shortcode [event], [blog], etc… you have more details in the documentation.

i am using this tag for videos on a Default Template Page

[video cat=SLUG items=20]

but the problem is it is giving me small thumbs of the videos by keeping right side empty. Even i have select full page template. please how to fix it ?

I’ve sent you an email.

Hello, I have a problem with the template on the photo page. I tried to created an album and add a photo but I do not go up and updates the album. On the same album is no gap between the photos, a picture that is simply empty. What can happen? I need to fix this urgently. Thank you.

Hi, some plugins I’ve tested are in conflict with your theme, it’s blocking featured image option in the admin area.

Here are the two you could verify, https://wordpress.org/plugins/hot-or-not/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/this-or-that/

Yes, it’s possible but unfortunately I can’t do anything but I might make an update in this sense.

Hi, are you planning to make an update soon? If so, when? Thanks!

I have big problems with the Tribe Events Calendar Pro plugin..

The event date and time is showing css class, the related events title is showinf the html a href code, and the filter bar is not displaying the labels right..

I have updated wordpress, theme, and plugin to the highest level: (the plugin has no problem if i switch to the default wordpress theme)

http://kadevecer.com.mk/kv_events/ http://kadevecer.com.mk/kv_event/zhivotot-vo-tesni-chevliasd/2014-06-10/

I’ve sent you an email.

Hello, I bought the theme CLUBBER and I have a question. I would like to set the time of the events from the AM / PM format to 20 hours format, how can I do? thanks


Bought your theme recently and using it now. But, I found quite a few problems. I would be very happy if you can help me sort it out.

#1 Issue in displaying single audio post http://preview.agger.in/hiphop/audio/test/ – Although there’s no audio in the post, an audio is displayed. http://preview.agger.in/hiphop/audio/testing/ – There’s an audio included in this post. Yet it is not displayed. Instead two thumbnail images are present. #2 Issue in creating a photo post http://preview.agger.in/hiphop/wp-admin/post.php?post=644&action=edit – Uploaded photos are not visible while creating the post. #3 Issue in displaying single photo post http://preview.agger.in/hiphop/photo/hiphop-traffic-photos/ – Uploaded photos are not displayed in the post. #4 Pagination issue in Photo archive page. http://preview.agger.in/hiphop/photo/ – There are nine photo posts. Yet pagination to the second page is not functional. #5 Top Menu cannot be changed http://preview.agger.in/hiphop/wp-admin/nav-menus.php?action=locations Although it is displayed as ’’Theme locations – Top Menu (Currently set to: top-meniu)’’, it is not so. The other menu is displayed in the website. #6 Issue in Menu Toggle http://preview.agger.in/hiphop – Menu toggle doesnt work in mobile view.

Hi there, just bought the Theme & it’s working great. I just have a question about the Demo Site. On the Home Page you have ‘Latest Albums’. It has the same animation like the ‘Photo’ & ‘Video’ Templates. I was just wondering is there a way to add sections like that to the Home Page?

Scratch that question, I didn’t realise you somebody already asked it & you responded. Shortcodes in the documentations, gotcha. Thanks though :p

Hi there, is there a possibility to get the social media icons in the menu like the Soundwave theme? I hope it is possible!

MENU is spelled wrong (it’s spelled “meniu” when you view it on mobile platforms). My site is live now, need to fix it asap. How can I correct it?

Hi there, I am considering purchasing this theme. Can you tell me if it is possible to dock the menu to the top of the screen?

Hi When viewing on a mobile, on the Blog & Contact template pages I have found widgets from the sidebar appear first before the actual contact. which is not correct. There seems to be no way of turning the sidebar off, how can i fix this?

Also when responsive, the menu is spelt ‘MENIU’ how can i fix this? http://www.servicedeventmanagement.com/blog/


I updated the theme and i really like the responsive feature you added, but do you think is possible to change the order of the items on phone view? (Instead of having the widgets after the posts, put the before? So when the user enter the webpage, he will see after the menu, the widgets I have and then the posts )

Thanks in Advance Jose Luis Peña


1 Menu Problems

1.1 Fixes Mobile Menu Toggle:


A. Go to ” wp-content/themes/clubber/js/script.js “

B. Remove - i) “jQuery(document).ready(function () { “ and “ }); “ from lines 133,134 and 143. ii) ” jQuery(document).ready(function () { “ and “ }); “ in lines 149 and 153.

C. Reason – The main “ $(document).ready(function () { “ which started in line 3 is closed only in line 167 hence, starting another “ ( document ).ready “ in between causes problems.

1.2 MENU named as “MENIU”


A. Go to ” wp-content/themes/clubber/header.php ”. B. Change ” MENIU ” to “MENU” in line 141.

Will keep you updated as I find fixes for other bugs.