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Are the shortcodes still broke for the homepage?

First you have to set up the start page and write on the HOME page shortcode [blog], [event]. You have more details in the documentation.

In the period 28 July – 4 August I am not available. For support please leave messages here through this method http://support.wizedesign.com/

Thank you!

This theme causes a fatal error that does not allow it to work on a WPEngine hosting account. This is unfortunate as I had hoped to use it. Guess I’ll just have to get a refund. :(


I am interested in purchasing this theme but wondering if you can provide a few screenshots of the backend. Previously I have purchased themes with great front ends but the back end is horrible. Would you mind sending me some screenshots/access to a dummy backend?



I am using the slider on the homepage … had two different pictures running …. now I wanted to change the pictures … the new pictures are the same size as the old one (1034×400). But the new ones are not shown correctly … they seem to “shift” to the left cutting off the left edge of the image, even though the image is there in full size.

You can see this probleme here: https://www.songsofsalvation.de/

I left one old image (shown correctly) and a new image (shiftet to the left) for you to compare ….

What do you suggest ? Thanks ! Sascha

I send this question via support ticket as well … don’t know which way of communication you prefer …. :)


Two of my footer widgets are not working, I’ve inserted the proper information. Please assist.


“Upcoming Events” and “Twitter Feed”


I’m sure many of you are having the same issue as I am with the Responsive Menu not functioning AT ALL on this theme. The theme itself is pretty decent, but the developer is HORRIBLE at responding, and when he does it’s a worthless answer. Last response I got I was told to download a plugin to fix an issue I had with my contact form. If I paid for this theme, I should be able to get troubleshooting! Not download a plug in because his theme isn’t working. ANYHOW – I was able to disable the Responsive menu button, and just have the normal menu on mobile devices.


1. Go to ” wp-content/themes/clubber/js/script.js “

2. The post by Artitude did not fix my issue, however it led me in the right direction! So thank you for that!

3. In the script.js file change line 155 and 156

by changing “hide” to “show” on line 155

and changing “show” to “hide” on line 156.

So my line 155 and line 156 now look like this:

155 jQuery(".main-navigation").show();
156 jQuery("#btn-menu").hide();

Update/Save the file and this fixed my Responsive Menu Button issue, by just getting rid of it.

Hi wizedesign, I have set the clubber theme in wordpress but it directs me to Splash page. How can I activate its White Version? Please help me regarding this.

Is there a .po or .pot file in this template? I liked this one, but I’ll need to translate it to portuguese. Thanks.

I bought the word press template clubber in march 2013 but I’m having a problem playing the video on the main page. When I try to open the clip, it send me to Vimeo page instead to open the little window in the website. But If I open the same clip from the “Video” page in the website (where all the video clip are stored) it works I need to know if you have an update or you can help me, it doesn’t look good with my cients.

someone know how to change the player color i can’t find it? D:

I can’t get the Upload Photo button to work on the Edit Photo page. It let’s me choose a photo but then it doesn’t show up when I select it.

I disabled all plugins but that didn’t help.

Please don’t direct me to your support site, I hate having to sign up to a new site just to get a question answered.


My Audio Player / Widget and Audio Page is not displaying the one file I would like to be present, it was working fine in the morning.

I require the preview bar and the play button, I noticed it was loading the originally, I have deleted and re-introduced many times.

I have tried all your video’s but no Joy. please can you help, its quite urgent now.




Today i have install clubber theme and i want to make whole site as demo layout as like http://themeforest.net/item/clubber-events-music-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3427687 .how do i use clubber.xml file for dummy content ?

Or is there any other way to make my site as same as demo layout.?



Hi, is this theme compatible with Wordpress 3.9? Can i Update?

Hi, I’m looking for a theme that enable for events and entertainment. I see this theme is best for the choice. There are several questions:

1. i’m amateur on wp, could i handle this theme? 2. enable support chinese or any free plugin support/compatible? 3. Support Alipay gateway? 4. Buy ticket button support to paypal only? if yes, what kind account of paypal should be most suitable? 5. Paypal gateway setting have to setup the API credentials? 6. Any integration setting/change for social media? I looking for weibo,sina. 7. Any plugin have to purchase to support this theme?

Thank you, looking for your reply.

Hi my client is having a problem with the theme, he cannot display the events on the (gigs) page for next year. It is only displaying a couple of months. Please could you help me with this issue. Regards Martin

The sidebar and 4 footers options is not displaying on customize mode. My audio files not working anymore, it was working fine yestarday.

Hi Wize,

Will open a case with you … but think I will be moving onto a new theme. The responsive update was a little bit disappointing and I waited before installing it because of all the posts on here.

Best of luck with sorting all the issues out. I used this theme for almost 1 1/2 years and so it is time to move on.

This was a fantastic theme on desktop and still is, so people shouldn’t hesitate in buying it. You should however allow people to switch off responsive in the options, until you really fix it.

Cheers, Myles


I’ve sent several support messages to the support forum. No answer still…

I use ztranslate for translating my page content, almost all content is translated, except the content on the audio page. Why can’t i translate that?

im looking forward for you answer