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for Design Quality

Thank you for creating this awesome theme. I have been looking for something like this for a while now and am so happy to have found it. 5 stars for quality!!!

Damian Baker
The best code injection plugin for WordPress

for Flexibility

This theme feels like something that was created 4 years ago and then forgotten.

It looks cool, but is otherwise a headache. The only reason to truly install this theme is if you really like the aesthetic of it and have a tolerance for coding.

Not recommended for anyone creating a website on a tight deadline or budget because of extensive corrections needed.

Be prepared to break out some custom CSS, install additional plugins, and potentially edit the theme yourself to overcome shortfalls.


+Theme is somewhat responsive, yet lacks mobile menu options. Must install 3rd party mobile menu plugin for mobile functionality. No built-in ability to disable sidebar on mobile.

+CSS errors that cause color, background, and font styles to not inherit in certain circumstances.

+No built-in retina logo support or logo padding options. No retina support for favicon.

+Limited color options. Be prepared to code in your site's colors if you are not happy with the 5-6 the theme offers.

+Limited typography options. Low amount of built-in Google Fonts. No ability to style typography in theme options. Must use custom CSS to further define text styles for headings, body, block quotes, etc..

+Creating events is limited in functionality. Lacks ability to create different ticket types, display prices, or show quantities left. Can only display "On Sale" or "Sold Out". Does not connect with WooCommerce. Works decently if you have an external ticket website. Cannot parse addresses and must enter GPS coordinates to show venues on Google Maps.

+Displaying events is clunky with half-working shortcodes or full page templates. No ability to choose which aspects of an event to display.

+Stylesheet is not global, and does not apply to page builders like Visual Composer. Be prepared to do some theme work or style your VC headings and body text to match the rest of the theme.

+Documentation is minimal, and support has seemed to end months ago.

for Bugs

Not compatible with latest version of WordPress.
I have to deal with a lot of bugs and gallery still don't work.

Love the transparency of the theme, but not very compatible with many plugins, and had a lot of problems with built in widgets.

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