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sawpeed Purchased

Hi, my theme no register , please solve me theme.


Heave you made a ticket with this problem? If not, please make a ticket at


DeeMac Purchased

Hi is there a way to integrate this theme with Eventon or another event plugin that offers more options?

Hi. Thank you for choosing Clubix.

Clubix wasn’t made to work with 3rd party events plugins. But you can make it work with some custom work.


Could you please confirm that I could be able to create the categories different for artists, albums not as taxonomy

Waiting for a quick reply Thank You.

I don’t really understand your question but categories are Taxonomy.


twinhed Purchased

I created a ticket two days ago that hasn’t been answered yet….

Sorry for any inconvenience this is because our team doesn’t work in weekends. Please give me the ticket number. Thank you!


I would like to know how can I disable the events from the them. as i don’t need it anymore on the main website that using this them. however i will need the exact same events on my tickets site but it has other theme. i cant find plugin for events or anything related item in Clubix theme.

1 – I want to remove the events tabs from Clubix theme so it will be clean. how?

2 – How can I use events on my multi site other theme?

I did try but it say my support expired.

well if you don’t want to answer me here it is not end of the world. I can move to another theme easy with no issues.

Simple answer becomes big deal. i don’t mind buying another License but when you respect the fact that i am one of the 1st people did buy this theme in 2013

so don’t tell me to go there again and force me to buy extended support for very simple answer you can make it here.

it is up to you.

Hi there,

Vlad here. You cannot remove the events part just like that because it’s integrated in the theme core.

It’s a custom post type which you will need to disable from the source code.

To use the same events on another website you will need to export the database of events (located in wp_posts table) and import them in the other website.

Then, to see the events on another theme it will be really hard since you will have to make that theme to understand the events you have in the database (after import).

I don’t really think you will be able to do all this by yourself if you are not a developer if I understood all right :(.

Please give me more details if I don’t understood the situation.



twinhed Purchased

I’m very satisfied with this template. Their support have been fantastic and helping me fine tune my site. If anyone is curious, here is the final product:

Thank you very much for your comment.


Can this the music player in the slider be disabled from the backend?

Waiting for a quick reply Thank You

Yes. You can desible it.

If you don’t handle this please make a ticket with this on

Are you going to update theme to be compatible with latest version of Visual Composer?

Yes! Today.

Hello, i have quick question….can we live stream with video on this?

I want to make one live radio channel for 5 radio jockeys, is it possible that every rj will be allotted time slot and they can play only during their allotted timings with video streaming with playlist?

Is it possible on this website?



Unfortunately you’ll not be able to do that with Clubix.


Demo is down guys

Is up now. Thanks!


kwi214 Purchased

My albums all of a sudden fill the whole screen and I can’t find the Clubix fancy boxes widget. I seem to be missing a handful of widgets and my whole set up looks different than what is in the demo videos


Please open a ticket on . Our support team will help you.

Have a great day!

I have a problem. My friend buy this theme few years ago and i put some galleries now and i have bug. Please help me…

So, it worked with the featured image? :)

Thank you!

It’s work. No, thank you. Once again, great work!

You are welcome!

Have a nice day!

Hi. I need your help, my theme does not work properly on internet explorer. What do I need to do to fix it? In Chrome it works correctly.


You have tried to open a ticket on ?


Hello, i want that my visitors can download the pictures from the photo gallery. But this is not possible. I have insert

.pp_hoverContainer { display: none !important; }

in the costum CSS. But nothing is change.

What can I do? My Homepage is:

Thank you


I have inspected your code and it worked.

Try to hard refresh the page.


Hello! I bought this theme (long) time ago, and I used it for a while on a website that doesn´t exist anymore. I would like to use it now in a new website, I just installed it but the registration page inside wordpress is not accepting my Purchase code, and as the old website doensn´t even have hosting anymore, I can´t log in there to deactivate the purchase code. is there a way I can activate it? At the end of the day, I paid for a license that allows me to use it in one website, which I am not doing so far.



Please send me an email at and I’ll help you with that.


Does the theme supports RTL?


Unfortunately does not.


Hello! Please could you tell me are u planning the global remastering of your theme?


At this time we don’t have this in our plan.


Thank u for answer… Could u tell me is any way to rule the order of featured songs on Single Artist page when editing – may be how to organise drag and drop interface? Or simple – how to rule the order of songs on Single Artist page. Thank u.

Hi, unfortunately is no such feature like that, sorry. Regards