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Awesome theme and Welcome TO Forest ! Good luck with sells :)

Very nice theme. Good luck dude! And welcome to Themeforest :):)

Thanks man!

I love this theme. Great work. But on my Galaxy s3 it doesnt load properly, some pages (like the homepage) only load partially, and then some pages (like the child album pages) dont load anything but the background. Ill test on an iPad shortly.

Its not fixed, BUT it works fine in firefox on my phone. So i actually just realized your problem. A while back i had a problem with one of my websites not displaying properly. It ended up being a problem with the Android Stock Browser (safari) and FIXED backgrounds. Some elements of the website were somehow getting lost behind the fixed background. Unfix or remove the background and get someone to test it. Wish i had realized this, i probably would have brought the theme.

Hy and thanks for the reply!

We will test your idea, and include it in the next update.

You still have time to buy it :P.

LOL, i already brought another one for the current project. Ill be keeping my eye on it tho!

Your events link is not showing correct to see when the card flips. Do you supply demo info? Is this driven by short codes or a page builder?

What do you mean exactly with the links from the events? You have 11 page templates, including 3 types of album display, as shown on the demo. Also, you could use shortcodes.

Some templates provide dummy data. Do you provide that to get the theme started? Also it doesn’t work correct on the mac or safari on the click of the events.

Yes, we provide the demo data, and you can import it very simple with wordpress importer.

As for the events, we’ll solve that small thing for the safari in no time and we’ll provide it on the first update that comes these days.

Thanks for your feedback and don’t worry, we are here if you will need any help.

Great work, I like it. GLWS :)

Awesome work, Good luck with sales !!!

Thanks Friend !

Thanks Friend !

Really nice Theme!!Good luck with sales :)

Great theme with a lot of potential!

However, I feel that 2 big changes must be made: 1: Add a cart! (preferably to the right in the header menu) 2: Events gallery don’t work on Mac / Safari. When it flips over, you just get a empty image.

Thanks For Feedback !

These changes are on the way for the next update.

These problems are solved already in the update that we worked on, and will come very soon on TF. Thanks for your suggestion.

Very cool theme, keep up the good work

Amazing work, good luck with sales :P

Thanks man !

Very nice. Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks Adi !

Nice work, good luck with sells

Thanks Lucian! :)

Date “divs” don’t display info on mouse over in latest Safari…do you test for OSX and Safari?

Great looking theme…quite interested…thank you.

Great news…thank you. Of course I have to ask when that update is anticipated as we have a major site launch in 8 weeks. We’ve have another Envato theme that’s had Safari bugs for half a year now and still waiting for an update. :-/

:) I personally work on this update and it will be available after the weekend. Probably Monday or Tuesday.

Awesome…great news and customer service…sold :)

Hello, I bought the theme, I have translated, but I did not change the translation. Then I wanted to change the logo below to know how should I do? thanks

Thank you for buying our theme!

So the logo & description below can be changed if you add a new widget in the Footer Widgets Area.

Preferable you should add a Text/Html WP Widget.

Also, I don’t understand what you mean with the translation. Please open a ticket here: for more help, if you need it.

Great Theme!Good luck with sales :)

Thank you man! :)

Can this theme embed video? Youtube? Vimeo?

Thanks again…best of luck.

Of course. :)

is there a way of editing or turning the mobile version off?

great work by the way

Thanks for buying our theme Robert!

Let me ask the front-end department leader about your question, and I will let you know.

Please rate the theme with 5 stars to support our work. :)


Hy again Robert.

I have good news. You can turn the mobile version off, and I will tell you how if you send me a e-mail on

Thanks for your patience!


Hi, great looking theme.

I have a some questions to ask before I purchase.

1. Is it possible to have repeating events? 2. Would the player support MP3 shoutcast streams? 3. Is it possible for the album players to list MP3 files from a directory? 4. Can the page slider be made wider? 5. Would it be had to modify the Album image to be replaced with a embedded video?

I will look forward to your reply.

Many thanks

Hi and thanks for your interest in our theme!

Please send an email with your questions (and maybe you could amplify them a little) on, and someone will answer in no time.

Have a great day! :)

SUPER interested in purchasing. MY ONLY question is… On the homepage (the scroll bar below the music player) Can you change that to something else OTHER than albums? Say an event / gallery / post?

Hi, and thanks for you interest!

If you refer to this (, yes at this moment you can change between albums and events, and you can choose that from the widget admin panel, very easy.

In a future update, maybe we will include a gallery option also.

Have a great day, and maybe welcome to “Clubix” family :)!


And sorry for the broken link :