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Hello stylishthemes,

Has the due date changed on the v.1.3.0 ? I was planning to purchase and install this version today to avoid installing and updating. Your last update post stated it would be released today.

No, the update will come today. It’s just a delay from upload&review time.


Hello friends. How do I translate the theme to Portuguese pt_BR?

Hi sir,

You need to use a software called PoEdit and translate the .po file from /lang/ folder of the theme.

Then you have to go to wp-config.php of your theme and declare the language you use (pt_BR).

You can find a lot of tutorials on the web if you search for translating with PoEdit.

For further informations we’re waiting you on


Hello, Check my homepage:

I could not find the proper widget to show the Home bottom area (where I can see “Events”, “Album Type 1”, “Album Type 2”) which is available on your demo. Can you please which widgets you used and how?

Hi sir,

Thank you very much for your purchase. Please open a ticket on and we’ll guide you there. It’s not a widget, and you’ll have to use a shortcode for that options.

P.S. When you open the ticket, please leave a WP account there.


I have 4 problems, please help me:

1. With the header logo, mine is slightly longer in terms of width and height. How can I adjust it?

2. The footer logo didn’t change

3. the footer style got some scratch in it

4. The scrolling effects of posts is not happening like in your preview site.

I love your theme btw :)

Hi sir,

I saw you opened a ticket too. I have redirected it to one of my co-workers to help you.

BUT I can tell you 2 things right now:

2) The footer logo will change if you add a new widget on the footer sidebar.

4) We are using Story Box plugin (which you have included in the package) for the effects. So you have to use it to customize your effects on the page, with the wordpress theme customizer if you want to have the same result as on our demo.


Hi guys,

As we promised, Clubix 1.3.0 is here. You can see the news on the changelog of the theme’s page.

We’ve added also a new template for the single-events pages. You can choose which one to use for your events from the admin panel.

  • Don’t forget to make a backup of your files before to make the theme update. If you made changes on the theme and you overwrite them, you will break much things.
  • Don’t forget to update this plugins too : Theme Feature Controller, Clubix Gallery. You will find them in the /lib/plugins/ folder of the theme.


How I can change the button text “MORE INFO”?

You want to change it or to translate it, sir ?

If you want to change it, you have to find where the button is declared. As far as I know there are more buttons like this, so you may need to come to and we’ll guide you somehow through files.


I just wanted to drop by to tell everyone how much Stylish Themes Rocks! Such great customer service!!! Thanks guys!! :) -Christine

Thank you very much Christine! :)

Hwllo, i just bought your theme and i’m having a lot of trouble to make it appear like the demo:

1) How can i control the number of posts that appear on my FrontPage? 2) The Widget that shows the two events on the bottom of the front stage… i just cant find it. Or is it a shortcode posted on the Front Page? 3) How can i change the Copyright text in the foot of the website? 4) Even using the StoryBox plugin i just cant make the visual effects appear like the demo.

Can u help me?

Hi sir,

It’s a little bit nasty to add such a big comment here. Please open a ticket as everyone else on and I will help you with all your questions.


Let me start by saying great theme!!!

I am unable to find any options to sort the music albums by date on the backend, After creating 10 or more albums I am trying to get the albums to show up on the Albums Gallery page in a specific order.

A publish date settings would be great for the music albums similar to the Image Gallery and Post.


Hi sir,

Thanks for your feedback. I know there is no possibility to custom order your albums, but I can help you someway by support.

So come to and let me a FTP account.


Is this theme Multisite compatible?

I have a feeling it might not be because a majority of my widgets I am not able to get working.

Unless there is something I am missing.

Actually I’ve tested every widget area and the only one that seems to work is the main side bar widget. I put the Slider image in every single widget area and that was the one one that actually displayed the slider.

Hi sir,

I may think you didn’t created a front-page with the front page template.

If you saw our demo videos, you will notice that I’m creating one front page, then you can use the front page top sidebar to add the slider, player, and albums/events widgets.

It’s pretty simple, you should watch the videos.


Hello! I have a problem… I activated the plugin “Clubix Gallery” for the gallery in my theme, but when activate the plugin gives me an error, does not allow me to access the option “quick edit” in the posts… can you help me? thanks…

I have the version 1.0.0 can you help me with the link… the page the plugin gives me error… Thanks..

I’ve sent you the latest version.


Thanks for the help!!


How do i create a dropcap? I don’t see an explanation in the clubix documentation nor anywhere on the demonstration. Thanks!

or do you maybe have a directory of sorts for various typography and their respective codes?

Hei AnnaWas !

Thanks for buying our Clubix Wordpress Theme !

You can make a <span> </span> (in html version of wp editor) and add class ‘drop-cap’ .

<span class="drop-cap">D</span>

Also if you have another qestion please contact our support at

Thanks !

nonfluency and crash on ios device please check and fix it

Thank you, we will check this. :)

I really want purchase this theme, mostly use on mobile device, so please fix it ASAP,Thanks a lot!

hi. I have a some problem with clubix theme. when I enter the admin panel and push the customize to site button, page says Internal Server Error. How can we fix it? also we can not activate to story box. when we push the activate button , page says internal server error again. can you help us immediately. thanks a lot for your help…. :(


Please come on and open a ticket with your issue. Provide a WP account too there, so I can entry and check what’s happening on your side.

Don’t worry all problems will be solved.


Can a “buy album/song button” similar to the events pages be applied to the albums pages to check out through woocommerce? Feature request? Thanks.

It can,

You can add a new product (ticket) on WooCommerce and then use the url to it on the buy button.

You can improvise by doing this.


On the album page when 2 or more songs are available, can they be played continuously, maybe have a play all songs button? or add songs to a playlist on a player similar to the homepage?

Hi sir,

This feature isn’t available at this moment on Clubix. I’ve wrote it down and maybe it will be placed in a future update.


this theme have all backgrounds originals?? because i want all the same in the demo the girls everything!

Hi sir,

We don’t offer licenses for the images from the demo. So you can use them, but on your own responsibility.


Hello, I would like to disable the widget “front page top name” because I want to and not text please ?

Hi sir,

I suppose you are opened the ticket on ticksy, isn’t it?

We will respond to you ASAP.


My problem is solved thank you for this wonderful theme

This was the most straight forward, clean and clear theme I have ever gotten!! To make my life even easier, Vlad, the theme developer was extra quick in answering my questions and helping me cater the theme to my needs. Thanks millions!! Claudia


I purchased this theme and imported the xml file that comes with it, and I’m having some issues. 1. The documentation shows 2 custom post types: Songs and Events. Neither of these show up in my sidebar. I only see Posts and Galleries. 2. I did an import using the xml file, but that navigation is out of whack, and the events page shows a shortcode that isn’t being set, probably due to the lack of the post type. Can you take a look at and see if you might know what’s going wrong? Thanks Cory

Update: I figured out the navigation, but not the missing custom post types.

Hi sir,

Thanks for buying our theme :)!

Your problem is because you didn’t setup the Theme Feature Controller plugin.

You have to install it, then activate it, then go from your Dashboard side menu to its admin panel, and install&activate the 3 plugins from there.

Then the events, music and shortcodes will be ok.