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Hi I would liek to have a posts with all text on main page, without read more button. What should I chnage and where. Where is css file to change text size, colour ect


All good. Please be patient until someone finish your customisation.

Hi, i’ve been waiting for 24 days and noone from support didn’t contact with me in this case.

Hi sir,

Ive checked right now your ticket : and I see that you didn’t responded to our colleague from support for 3 weeks.

Also, we’ve moved into another support platform, on . Im sure that if you will respond to him, you will get your help for sure.


cannot install the xml files :(


Please open a ticket on and someone will help you to get throw this process.


Can’t add a product with variations. It is compatible?


Do you have the latest version of Clubix? Did you purchased it?

IF you did and still not working, please open a ticket on and we’ll help you there.


hi dear, good theme. but where is the buy ticket. there is not add to cart for ticket!! Please, if add to cart for buy this very good. need membership management. Mebmership is free. ok good.but need should get commission from ticket sales. ?

hmm, need premium and free membership feature


I wrote your ideas on my todo’s list and we’ll see if they are ok for Clubix.

For selling tickets, right now, you can add them to WooCommerce and then paste the link into the Buy button.

We made it this way cause some of the users will want to sell the tickets on other websites, some will want to sell in the same website.



I already brought this template and installed it. But my web site looks very different from demo site. how to get same look and feel. please advice me.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our template.

Did you installed the demo content & followed the demo videos of how to install & setup the theme?


Hi there,

Great theme! I’m having some issues getting the music player and W3 Total Cache / Amazon S3 to play nice. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!



Please open a ticket with your purchase code on and provide some more info about the issue ( screenshots, URL to the page, WP/FTP account).


Hi, Thank you for your quick reply. Home page I cant see “Clubix Albums/Events top” widget in I phone and Ipad.

I Appreciate your reply.

Please see my website. something wrong in Clubix Albums/Events top widget.

i want to put all the albums in one line

Hi, go to style.css file from the theme’s folder, and delete lines 20 to 32.

.bg-albums-and-events ul.ul-list-events-albums { text-align: center; } .bg-albums-and-events ul.ul-list-events-albums li { text-align: left; float: none; display: inline-block; } .bg-albums-and-events ul.ul-list-events-albums li { margin-right: 15px !important; }

theme is need paid membership management.
Activities should develop pages. very inefficient.
Finished for events, add reviews. video tab / photo gallery tab / Multiple ticket sales and discounts. Music for sale. Album for sale. DJs for hire. Event planning. Which is registered on the site come DJs. Select Allow. Dj reviews. more feature …
This theme is good home page only.
Best Regards.

Event Planing: how need more? For people who’re presented with options. Budget Statement / Needs list / seating plan …

theme is need feature :

I don’t really understand your english sir. Did you purchased the theme or you just tell me what features do you need?


Hi Razvan, I finally found how to rate!!

When I bought this theme I was very happy of my choice. Of course I want some things my own way, personalizing my site. Thanks to you, I managed to do so. Some questions I have been asking were deep digging. Till now everything is going my way. Without your help I would have not managed. Your are my favorite!! You have all the stars you can deserve … 5!!!

Ingrid Van Peteghem (Belgium)

Hi I really like your theme and wanted to purchase it but noticed it doesn’t have an artist page. Is there any chance you will be adding one? It has all I need except an artist page, which includes an image, bio, social buttons, music to listen/buy/download and video etc. Any chance of using the albums page for the artist page and changing headings etc?


As I said, about two week (maximum).

Ok thank you, your response didn’t actually mention 2 weeks just “short time” so I thought I would ask :) look forward to it, thanks again

Thank you, no probs.


I already bought the theme but when I’m uploading this on my site, this don’t finish the process, just show me a text “Are you sure you wanna do this? Please try again.” What’s wrong?

From Settings -> Reading, just set the page as homepage.

Thank you!

hmm this isn’t working, I found many pages but looking from menu, the home page is blog style 1 but this blog style 1 don’t appear like a template, this appear as URL personalizaded equal that events gallery and albums gallery.

Really is becomming so hard the customization with this theme, sorry by the example but with others theme the home page also is imported with the xml file, so I just I wanna put the theme equal than your demo and from that cutomizaded

Sorry sir, but the page is already imported. You just need to setup it like front page for your wordpress.

Wordpress demo data can’t include these settings and also can’t include widgets positions, menu, etc.

If you find too hard to select a page as front page, please open a ticket on and we’ll do it for you, no problem :).


Is there a white version of this theme? (I noticed the author suggested there may be 5 months ago)

I ask. As im considering buying. But before i recommend to my client, i want to try and understand how much CSS work i will have todo change to a white version.


In about two weeks, the version 2.0 will be released – with brand new code, including also the light version of the theme and much more options available.

The update will be FREE for all clients that bought Clubix v1 already.


Hi friends,

We just moved our support panel on this new platform.

Please notice us if you see any problems/issues/bugs.

Thank you very much! :)

hello, i am using php 5.4.3 and wordpress 3.9.1

when i installed the redux-framework plugin and active it, i got a error shows broken link.

also, when i import sample clubix.wordpress.xml file i got a Fastcgi error, as well i got fatal error when install woocommerce plugin, could you please help me ! thanks a lot

Please open a ticket on and we’ll try to solve there the issues.

Copy there the messages. Thanks

yes, i created a ticket, please help me on this, i am in hurry to create this site for my client, i was wonder is this relate to my server restriction ? my server is at china may can’t retrieve data from your side, so i guess the import xml also failed ..

Don’t worry, your problem will be solved. Please be patient.


Hello, I would like to help me to enable the download button for audio I uploaded… Pleasee!

Yes, they will work BUT the update is like a new ‘theme’. It will have other features.

Check them on the theme demo and see how it’s working now.


Ok, I am translating with google, sorry if it is not well understood, and is able to download the audio tracks? just saw your demo and updates are The table remarked upon him click sends me to a url, that url I can handle and I want to put? or also put my own url? eg

Yes, when you upload the song now, you can copy its URL to the download field also, and when a user will click that download icon, it will save the file.


Hey ! Well I bought this theme recently, I loved since first time I saw, anyway even when I have some troubles putting on my site, the team was very kindle and help me with that, honestly the theme work so hard and with so many patient for the costumers, is a excellent team.

Execelent work guys ! ! !

Just as suggesting, maybe in next version could add something for members or artist bio, will be so great !

Whatever, I recommended it a lot ! !

hii great site ,., no matter what i do the audio does not play?? it seems the audio players wont star or arent clickable.. please help.

Hi sir,

One problem could be if you changed the name of the theme in the /wp-content/themes/ folder of your WP.

Could you please provide an URL to your website so I can check it out?


sure the website is i can set up everything exept the audio player is there anyway u can make it work for me?? ill pay u if i have to but the music player is an important key to this project.. thanks for again for your fast response

I think I know what your problem is (as I said you’ve probably changed the name of the theme in the wp-content/themes/ folder as the JS files are responding as not found).

Please open a ticket on and we’ll get it work for you.

It doesn’t cost any money, the setup is free.


Clubix events top widget is off by 12 hours and is not showing all upcoming events – just next event – can you please provide solution?


Please open a ticket on and provide more info about your problem.

We’ll help you to solve it very quickly.


Hi! Isn’t there a Volume control at the players on this theme??!


There is no player volume control on our players, unfortunately.

But thank you very much for your message.


Just reposting my question again due to be sure your response will get to my email (I’ve checked now the option). Hi! Isn’t there a Volume control at the players on this theme!?


There is no player volume control on our players, unfortunately.

But thank you very much for your message.