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I need help im having a really hard time with this theme

Hi sir,

Some more info will be appreciated… :)

I have been following the tutorial video here:

But when I try and import the file for the Revolution slider, I get the following error:

importing slider setings and data… Error: Import file not found!!!

Then it says “go back” and there is still no slider available. What am I doing wrong?

Not just the countdown timer is broken. The events actually disappear from the events page 3 hours before the event as well. Customers have been complaining that they think we have cancelled an event because it no longer displays.

Please send me a FTP on .

I think I can solve your problem.


Vlad was able to solve this problem. I appreciate that he did not give up on it, and got things fixed. :)

Hello, this is a very nice theme. However, as seen on this page: all the photos link to the same video.

But how can I make each photo show a different video?

I have used Add/Edit Videos to add several images which have different video url, but they all still link to the same video url of the featured image.

What to do?

Hi sir,

Sorry about this issue. Ive solved it right now on the demo and on the theme’s files as well.

If you want, until the update you can update the single-cvideo.php file from the theme’s files, on line 65, make it like this:

$post_attachment = zen_get_attachment($image['ID']);

instead of what you have now.

Cheers’ and 10q for telling us.

Now that’s awesome! That works. Thanks! Cheers!


You have a great theme here, I have a few questions before I purchase the theme.

1. Can the theme host multiple cities, such as have a drop down or selector to choose a city. Then load a new site that specifically caters to that region?

2. If the above is not possible is it possible for me to get it programmed by someone, how long do you estimate it would take ? Or is there an easier way to achieve this.

- Thanks

Hi sir,

1. No, at this moment this is not available.

2. It’s pretty easy to make cause the code of the version 2.0 is very well written, and it could be very easy modified.

I estimate that 1-2 days will be more than enough to make this feature available if you have a pretty good wordpress programmer. :)


hi, i have a problem, in the home page when i add the buttom “download” (such as in the demo) ,these are superimposed.

Could you show me ?


can you give me the email please? it will be fine – but I recommend you to open a support ticket for faster results.

Have a great day.

Hello, how to set how many blog that shows in front page, and in the blog style template

Hi sir,

After you purchase the template, you will see when you add a new page, you will have a meta-box asking you for how many articles to show on a page (5 by default), from what categories to display posts and other things.


Hello good day, i love this theme, but my concern is that can I use this theme for a comedian, on this theme can I be able to disable the Ecommerce shopping cart?, will be able to change this “Featured Album” to Current Jokes or something else, how can I add Subscribe for email alert

Hi sir,

1) Yes, you can dibble Ecommerce. By default, when you will install the theme, it will be already disabled.

2) Of course, you can make this customisation, it’s pretty simple.

3) You can use special wordpress plugins that add subscribe forms for the most used email marketing solutions like mailchimp, aweber and others.



I need to know :

- If the “buy tickets” option is only compatible with Amazon or if i can add the woocommerce for exemple ? Just buy tickets and recieve a confirmation after payment.

- Demo content is import option after installation ?

Sorry for my bad english, i hope you’ll answer me.

Regards and great work, Corentin


I need a FTP of your website and an URL to some example of event which has the date in english, so I can solve it.

Send it on .


This is the url :

And the FTP?

10q :)


I have two questions, first, when my browser first load the home page, the first event photo below the slider will popup.

The Second question is can I add woocommerce widgets sidebar in the shop page?


Below is my website:


I don’t really understand the first question. Could you make a print-screen or a video capture to see exactly what’s happening?

The default shop listing is made without sidebar, so it doesn’t have widgets support.

You can add sidebar in the cart,checkout or other pages/posts in the theme.

Have a nice day :).

Here is the Video capture of the problem.


I understand your question now.

The only solution is to place a page loader, so the page will load async.

If you want this, we can make it for you if you give us an FTP. Send it on

Regards. Vlad

Hello again, I just successfully install all of the new version has changed much the administration is very good, thanks. I commented that I have a problem with albums on the homepage do not focus as in the previous version, could help me to see how I can do so they are always centered?

Nothing like creating a new post to help me solve the bug.

You have to go first on the clubix folder : and then at the bottom of the page you have this :


thanks!!! im stupid!! :D thanks very so much! again!

Hi, Lovely theme! A few quick questions: 1. The social media icons in the top-right corner do not show up on pale backgrounds. How can I change them so that they are, say, white with a coloured background – ie. like their HOVER appearance? 2. In the photo galleries, when you hover over an image it flips over to show a coloured-transparent version of the picture and the gallery title. Is it possible to display the image title/caption, rather than the gallery title? 3. Is it possible to make the home-page image taller – so that, on most screens, you see just image and not the footer panel (ie. footer panel only visible if you scroll down)? Thanks.

Hi sir,

Thank you very much for your appreciation and interest in our product.

1) Yes, they can be adjusted by CSS, very very simple.

2) Yes, you can do this with little customisation on the single gallery template. We can guid you throw.

3) OF course, with revolution slider, you can set the slider to be fullscreen, and this means the slider will show up fullscreen no matter the size of the screen – that’s very nice.

Thank you sir, have a nice day.

I would also like to know if you can disable/change the “flip” hover over animation…There are some nice animations on the main demo page where there are three buttons “You can manage artists, You can play albums…” could one use those animations for the photo/video galleries as well?

In the photo/video galleries: “Is it possible to display the image title/caption, rather than the gallery title?”

Your help is much appreciated!

Hi sir,

Thank you for your message and interest in our product. :)

Yes, this customisations could be added to the product and we can guid you to what files/elements you need to modify.

However, please be aware that we can’t make you the customisations included in the free support. But as I said, we can help you throw.

Thank you very much sir, Have a nice day! :)

Hello, I want to create a wordpress multisite ffor singers. And I want to use this template.

It is a pre-purchase question: The template is easyer to manage ? I don-t want to force the singers to use shortcodes to implement songs and players into pages etc. Can you show to me just a few images from backend ?

I want to know what king of features have this template and custom posts etc.

I easy for anyone to change the layoult or colors , images etc ?

Because as I use this template, I want to be sure that will be easy for my blogs managers to manage this template. Thanks,

I already bought the product, but I can’t find on “Visual Composer Settings” the “Recurring Events” to enable the Visual Composer on this custom posts. Take a look: .



Thank you for choosing our theme, we hope you’ll have a great experience with it.

I think the problem is that the recurring events post-type is not set to ‘public’ as we didn’t wanted to have single pages or any default archive from WP.

However, you can modify this on even-recurring.php file from lib/functions/posttypes/ folder, on line 60.

If you can’t handle tell us, and we’ll do it for you.


How to add more features in the photo sharing?

You mean on the lightbox?

It’s a jquery lightbox plugin called prettyPhoto, so basically you will need to modify that plugin to add more sharing options.

Have a great day and week. :)

How to set the contact page

Always an error [contact-form-7 404 “Not Found”]

Do you have Contact form 7 installed?

Did you created a new form?


Hi, I am interested on buying the theme, seems very good. Before buying I would like to know something

- Is there a shortcode for a pricing table? - When I add the see button, what happens? Is there a checkout section or I have to redirect the user to another site? - I see that when I click on the pin in the maps there is an issue with the info box, it doesn’t seem to fully appear (at least on chrome)

Thanks for your time/item! :p

Hi friend,

Thank you for your message.

1) Yes, you can add it with Visual Composer. 2) I don’t get this… :( what see button? 3) You mean for the woo commerce or ? For woo commerce, of course there is, the page is also listed on the menu. 4) Now there is no content added on the pin marker. You can add whatever content you want and then it will look fine.


Thanks Vlad! Yes, I was talking about the sell button, don’t know what I wrote though :p I will buy the theme now.


thanks for the great theme. i was wondering if it is possible to add a pagination to the clubix gallerie. Especially on mobile phones the gallery doesn’t work if it has 60+ images.

im thankful for any advice.


Hi sir,

Thank you for choosing our product first of all :).

Do you mean the galleries page, or the single page of the gallery?


Hi Vlad, thanks for your answer. I mean the single page but it would be great to have a pagination on both pages. Stefan

The galleries page have already pagination.

Only the single page doesn’t have pagination, cause it’s just a photo listing.

One thing you can do for that is an AJAX button for loading more photos, like a pagination.

Could you please open a ticket on since this is an more advanced question and can’t be solved here.

Regards. Vlad

I have serious problems with CF7, when I insert a textarea, this isnt aligned with the rest of the form, it moves to all to the right. when I create a field to do the upload of documents, all arrive in the mail but the file is not loaded.


Thank you for purchasing our product.

The problem with the textarea should be something simple from CSS. However, on the uploader part, we didn’t modified any function of it, so it has to have something with the plugin or the settings you’ve made.

Did you made a search on Google?

Please open a ticket on and provide an url to your website, so we can give you a CSS snippet to solve the textarea position issue.

Regards, Vlad


Hi For events: how do I change the date format to MM/DD/YYYY at Homepage’s Blog Section & Blog list page?

I changed date format at Event But I can’t change Blog Section’s date format

I can’t share FTP Login Info. Let me know file names

Hi and thank you for choosing our product. :)

Please look at the file helpers.php from lib/functions/ folder, on line 49. There you’ll find a function we use for displaying the date.

10q. Vlad.


Is there anyway to add fields to the events backend? For example I would like to add the ability to set a price for girls and another for boys? Which file should I modify?


Hi, any updates on this? thanks :)


Sorry for the late response since we were on weekend time. Thank you for purchasing our product first of all.

All fields from the backed could be added with a plugin called meta-box, which documentation you can find online here .

The file where we declare all these fields is called clubix-metaboxes.php and it’s located on /lib/functions/ folder.

Regards. Vlad