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Awesome template and great support! Thank you for your help!

Thank you! :)

hey i wanna know when i click on search icon without typing anything in navigation bar it redirects me to a page in which heading says welcome to clubix..i want to change that to do it..the theme is really amazing…thanx


Thank you for choosing our product. :)

You can do this on the file filters_and_actions.php from /lib/functions/ folder in the theme, and go to line 18.

There you will find it.

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Hi there,

it is possible to change the high of the event/album graphic on the homepage? I would like to display the complete event graphic in size 268×368 px for example.

Thank you very much.

Hello Werbeabc,

Yes it is possible to change the height of an event/album featured image from the homepage.

For that you have to go to functions.php and with a small understanding of HTML and PHP, you should identify the corresponding lines of code.

If you need any further assistance please open a ticket on our support forum board:

Thank you, Razvan

hi, because past events are not deleted from both the “home page” and the events page? because the widget “next event” shows past events?

Hi sir,

I don’t really understand what you mean with your questions…

Could you please be more explicit?

Regards. Vlad

it is possible to change the event/album graphic on the homepage? I

Boxes below main image to be clickable over the entire box (not just on ‘more info’) once the mouse-over effect is completed

line 501 is <!- =============== END NICESCROLL ================ ->

Hm, strange…

Then search for



Thank you sooooo much. :) :)

How can I control how many images are displayed in a gallery – per page

60 image gallery – want to set to 30 a page so user doesn’t have to load 60 at once



Thank you for choosing our product.

At this moment this feature isn’t available. We work on an AJAX feature which will help you choose how much photos to display at once and how much to load further.

This will be available on the next update of Clubix.


how to get the social media icon for artist working..under artist info we have this. wat is supposed to be enters in the field, example will be really helpfull

You can use the same shortcode to add a website link of artist too, with an icon from font awesome, if this is what you mean.


fa-facebook is for facebook, wat for website?

Template is beautiful, but the source code is horrible. Many styles css, js. I must use W3 Total Cache (minify) and WP Retina 2x, and hot fix for retina images in htaccess:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c> Options -MultiViews RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} HTTP_IS_RETINA [NC] RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !@2x RewriteRule ^(.)\.(gif|jpg|png)$ $1@2x.$2 # if @2x isn’t available fulfill the original request RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteRule ^(.)@2x\.(gif|jpg|png)$ $1.$2 </IfModule>

maybe someone will help to optimize


No, if you use them, you are on your own risk.

Regards. Vlad

OK, thank you for support ;)

No problem. :)


Lovely theme!

When I look at the preview on my ipad/landscape, the full menu bar is changed to the “mobile” menu (you know, the horizontal lines icon). However, the item details state that tablet/landscape(1024) should still show the full menu.

Can you explain?

Thank you

Oh, now I understand.

I don’t know exactly if the sizes of the web tablet simulator and your tablet are the same (the resolution could also affect this).

If you purchase it, it will look the same on your tablet. BUT, and here comes the but, we can make for you the CSS adjustment so on iPad landscape it will show the full menu ;).

Just send me an e-mail on after you purchase it.


Thanks Vlad, I have purchased the theme, I will let you know if I need help.

Hi, I recently purchased your theme and I have a few quick questions.

1. How do I change ”/cevent” to ”/events” for the permalinks? Ex. to

2. How do I link the social media icons in the header and footer to my actual social media accounts? I do not see anywhere to input this information.

Thank you!

Hey Vlad, I have one more problem.

I changed /cevent to /events and everything on events page one works great. However, when I click the arrow for events/page/2/, and events/page/3/, I get the following 404 error “This file may have been moved or deleted. Be sure to check your spelling.”

Any idea how to fix that?

Also, two more things that my client pointed out.

1. Under “Upcoming Events”, events that had not yet happened were being listed under “Past Events” hours before they even started. Why are Events removed from Upcoming and placed under Past before they start?

2. When you search for something and there are no results, it says “Oups… There are no posts here. :(”? How can I edit that text?

Thanks Vlad, I will make sure to rate the theme 5* once these issues are resolved!

Hi again,

Please open a ticket on for this issues. We will solve it for you there but we’ll need more info.


When trying to checkout with WooCommerce and even though I filled out all the fields I still get this error:

Last Name is a required field. Address is a required field. Town / City is a required field. State is a required field. Zip is a required field.

What is the issue??


Thank you for choosing our theme.

I don’t think this is a problem from the theme but more a problem of the Woo setup.

I just tested it on the demo and works.

The only thing could be is that checkbox when you select to ship on the billing address.

Try to make an order without touching him.


Hi do you support OPML and Google Fonts?


What do you need OPML for? :) And the fonts could be only changed from the css code right now, there is no interface way.


Hi do you support OPML and Google Fonts?


What do you need OPML for? :) And the fonts could be only changed from the css code right now, there is no interface way.


Good afternoon, even using the videos could not leave the site as the demo you could help me set to equal the demo, thanks, bought the site already has a few months and so far have not managed to set up. Thank you.


Do you have the latest version of clubix downloaded and installed ?

If you don’t, start by downloading the latest version and install it. Then you will find a .xml demo data file in the archive from ThemeForest which you can import it from the WP dashboard :

Tools -> Import -> Wordpress

Regards. Vlad

Hi there,

I’ve purchased a Clubbix theme and I would like to now how to upload our own video to clubix??

Please need help and advice.

Many thanks.

Hm… then just use the media uploader and upload your files, and add them in the posts content editor.


Hi there,

There’s only 2MB capacity whereas our files size are 1 to 2GB.

Please advice?

Many thanks.

You can solve this by talking with your hosting support and ask them to raise your upload memory for WP.


Hi, can you install me exactly the same demo ? Can we use WPML 100% compatblie ? Thanks


Yes, we can install the demo of the theme. And we have the .po language files included, and also the wpml-cofig.xml file included with the theme.

So yes, it is compatible.

Regards. Vlad

It’s really awesome the new version 2.0, i’ve been working with Clubbix but the update was really awesome! Also i’ve used the Support and i’m very thankful about the quick response and the efficient service!

I’ can’t wait for more templates developed by you guys and also great work!

Thank you very much sir! :)

hi, i edited line 18 on filters & actions php but still the site displays the “WELCOME TO CLUBIX” help,

If you installed the demo content, search for the home page in pages, and see that below the Editor area, you have a meta-box with the page title where is written “Welcome to Clubix”.

There is the place you should modify for each page. ;)


One of my clients bought your theme, and I’m working on it right now. I’ve been able to follow your documentation with no problems so far. I do have one problem though, that of background images. Take a look at the following;

You’ll see that ALL the background images are getting stretched out VERY wide, past the edge of the right side of the screen. Indeed, only a small portion of the image actually shows.

Any thoughts on how to fix?

Nevermind, found the fix in the theme settings

Ok sir.

Thank you for choosing our product.

Regards. Vlad

First of all. Congratulations on this template, it is fantastic. I have 2 questions

1. I want to add a box to subscribe to a newsletter that will be linked with MailChimp. What option should I go?

2. In Right Box home I have this problem AUDIO PLAYER Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/p3nexnas05_data01/64/2169164/html/wp-content/themes/IDShow/lib/functions/helpers.php on line 707

Thank You

Hi sir,


2) You have to select some songs in the widgets section from the dashboard. Now it seems that you have no song selected.