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I just purchased the template and had many errors when importing files from the xml file.

my website is

any idea why?



It’s because you didn’t activated first the plugins : Theme Feature Controller and also Woo Commerce(only if you need it).

Try to activate them first. Watch these videos on how to setup you theme :

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Also, when you will ask where is the slider.css file, you will find it in the video’s description.

Don’t forget to rate our theme with 5 stars to support our work and the future updates that we work on :).


wow your fast buddy!

Hehe.. Always for our friends! :)

Hi, the countdown doesn’t work – it just show; the website is –; it is possible to remove the colored boxes with “you can make events”, you can make albums – I did it but it destabilized the images under the colored boxes – i understand if you dont want to answer the second question; really great theme (but I’m not the client I just customize it for him – if you want proof that the client purchased is ask me);

Find the purchase code and open a Ticket. I will try to help you there.


ok, I will do it

Absolutely beautiful theme! What are your thoughts as an illustration + photography artist seeking to use this Wordpress theme as a gallery website, portfolio, and blog?

One technical question; Is it possible to use separate background images for individual pages (such as a different BG for the contact page and another BG for galleries)?

Quick question; Is it possible to disable scroll easing? It causes a slight delay when scrolling and seems to be quite slow… I’m coming very close to deciding if this theme will be used for my new complete website redesign.

Yes. Of course it can. I will do it for you if you buy it with pleasure. :)


Hi again,

I published the gallery also on the preview now. Besides that page that appears in the menu (that contains all galleries you created with a filter in the top bar), you also have a single page for every gallery. :)

Looking forward to hear from you.


updating this theme to the latest version require uploading the new version of the theme?

Yes, this theme needs to be re-uploaded when you update it. Don’t forget to make a copy of the old theme before the update.


are there have the demo date?

Yes hotkee,

We provide demo data along the theme.


We just released Clubix v.1.2.1 very fast after the v.1.2.0 because of a small bug on the ‘clubix-gallery’ plugin.

You just have to update only the clubix-gallery plugin on this update. You will find it on ‘clubix/lib/plugins/’ folder in the theme.


Unzip the plugin archive and copy&replace it over the existing plugin in your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Good Luck.

I created a new event but I can’t add event-pic.

okey no problem :) i want to add color schemes, how i can ? :)

Send me the email and I will tell you. On the preview is just for the ‘presentation’ purpose, but I can help you add it very simple :).


Thanks again from Jay & the trend group. I would recommend anyone to buy this theme if you are thinking about it. Buy it you will be in good hands. Vlad and Sylish Themes really provides great customer service. I appreciate their fast response to my post on themefores and also the fast response to the technical e-mails that I sent to them. This is the best theme that I have seen in a long time. The most important thing is it’s also the best support for a theme that I have seen.

Thanks guys, all the best. I rated the theme five stars :)

Thank you very much Jay, we love you too! Glad to have you in Clubix family. :)


I can’t stress enough how AWESOME this theme is! Great job and stunning work! I would rate this above 5 stars if I could! I’m loving the updates too!

I’m having a bit of trouble with the slider API events due to my lack of knowledge of it. How would I go about getting the gotoslide() working?

(and im a little fuzzy on just how to import these into your functions js, but if thats beyond support, a link to where I can understand a bit more would help too :).)

Also is there a way to have the events repeat themselves? Perhaps monthly or bi-weekly on every Tuesday?

Once again, fantastic theme. I’m looking forward too all the updates and any other new theme installments by you!


Hi Anmkirk,

Thanks for buying our theme, we love you too! :)

I don’t understand what exactly do you want to do with the slider, so I recommend you to contact me by email/or create a ticket on, to discuss this. I am more than happy to help you.

Second, repeated events is a feature that clubix currently does not have. BUT, we work on this update right now, and I think it should be ready very soon, so stay tuned on the updates.

More themes to come very soon also :).

Talk to you soon. Vlad

Haha Thanks Vlad! I am looking forward to it! :)

Hi! How do you make the audio on the home page to auto play?


Hi, and thanks for buying our theme. :)

If you updated the Theme Feature Controller plugin, with the one that you have in v.1.2.0 or v.1.2.1 (find it in themes folder and then /lib/plugins/), you should see that option in the large music player widget.

Do that, and after this it should work.


Hello stylishthemes, You are awesome, I like your theme very much, but unfortunately there is something more I want and I can pay you more for that. I want a music site with a non-stop music player, add to playlist

Contact us by email ( to talk a little more about your idea. Maybe we will find a way to help, even if it’s not by our direct labor.


Thank you so much for your help


I was wondering how to import demo content? I don’t see any documentation on how to do it.


First of all, did you bought the theme? Your username should be accompanied by an icon that says you purchased the theme. :)

If you did, please open a ticket with the purchase code on and I will help you import the data.


Yes. My friend purchased it :) I will tell him too.

Thanks a lot, and I’m waiting for you on support :).

Hi, I just purchased the theme, and I love it. The only thing that I am curious about was the size of the logo/menu. When i compare my test site to the Clubix demo site, it seems as tho my logo/menu size is a lot smaller. Is there anyway I could fix this? tried reinstalling the theme already.

Thanks, Dustin

I notice that the logo can only be 140px x 57px correct? Anytime I try and put a logo in there with 57px height and more then 140px width it scales it down to 140px width. Could I someone how make it allow a wider logo? I do appreciate you replying to my question so quickly tho!

Yes. You can. It’s a html trick on header.php, very simple.

Could you give me an email, and I will tell you or do it for you if you don’t have the skills. :) :


I’m waiting for you there. :)

Hi there,

I love your theme but have a pre-purchase question for you if you don’t mind. I’m looking at building a nightlife site for the area I live in and was wondering how your site works with visual editor? I ideally would like to have all the different clubs in place of the albums on your live preview page and then a detailed page about each venue etc and was wondering if this is possible with this theme?

I’m really excited to hear back from you and hopefully start using the site soon!

Hi jledding!

First of all, thank you for your interest in our theme! We really appreciate this.

Second, you can use the albums feature to create clubs instead. This will work and will give you the ability to create separate details pages for each club/venue with very few adjustments.

Let me know if this is what you are interested in, and maybe give me a better explanation if not.

I’m looking forward to hear news from you.


Hi, i have a problem: Warning: Illegal string offset ‘url’ in /www/htdocs/wp/wp-content/plugins/theme-feature-controller/features/music-library/entities/Song.php on line 66 ???

have post :-)

did not receive email? :-(

No.. Did you sent it to ?

Hi, is there the possibility to have large music widget with autoplay in homepage?! I put widget in, but music doesn’t start automatically. Thanks

Do you have the last version of Theme Feature Controller installed ? :)

If you do, you will see the autoplay option on the widget area.

If you don’t, download the last version of the theme from your ThemeForest account, go in the theme’s folder : clubix/lib/plugins/; and you will see there the theme-feature-controller plugin.

Unzip it, and copy with FTP the folder on to your server in wp-content/plugins/ folder. :)

Copy & Replace, then go to your widgets and you should see the auto-play option in the large music player widget.

Tell me if you need any more help.


Hi, There is no Image Gallery in the menu, i have followed your instructions by videos, you can check at, can you instruct me how to add Image Gallery in the menu (as appearing in your template ALL Clubbing Parties) thanks.

Hi, and sorry for the late response.

Thanks for buying our theme, I have responded on your email.

Cheers’ :)

oeps my bad got it now


Thanks for buying our theme and welcome to Clubix family! :)

Your problem is because you uploaded the wrong archive to your WP.

Look in the archive that you downloaded and you should have another one which need to be uploaded to WP.


Im trying to figure out if clubix is buddypress friendly? In know it only seems logical that it would be under buddypress site if it were but Im inlove with it but I NEED to have it with buddypress funcional.

Sorry but no, it isn’t :(.

If it were we’ll be wrote that in the description.

Thank you very much for your interest!


To celebrate our first 100+ happy websites with Clubix, we decided to add a new FREE plugin on the package ($12 value on CodeCanyon).

The name of the plugin is StoryBox and will help you add very easy some nice CSS effects in the pages elements.

You will find it in /lib/plugins/ folder of v1.2.2 of Clubix.

For version 1.2.2 we didn’t make another update on the theme’s files, so you don’t have to update it.

Just install the new plugin, and watch the youtube video on how to use it with Clubix, from the .txt file which you’ll find it in theme’s files.

Watch how plugin works :

We hope you’ll be happy about this new plugin we’ve included. :)

Cheers’ and be creative!