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Any chance you will be able to adjust the audio player so that the music doesn’t reset itself when you change pages? There’s another template on here called Sound Wave that does this task well, it would be great if you could do that with your theme as well.


At this moment Clubix doesn’t load pages with AJAX to have the possibility to leave the player playing on changing the pages.


Happy New Year to you all, from StylishThemes team!

My widgets aren’t working properly. Ex. I put the Revolution slider to the Front Page Top Area and it doesn’t show up.


Could you create a ticket on – this is not the place to share secure info.

In the ticket give me some Wordpress login info for your website.

I solved your problem, you didn’t watched the video tutorials or just didn’t saw that you have to create a page with the front-page template, and set it as the front page of wordpress.

Watch the videos again here:

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :


Hi Vlad, what is the easiest way to update the theme?

I don’t want to lose all the customisation and posts etc. but I would like the new updates!

If you didn’t modified the theme’s files or the plugins files, it won’t be a problem (you won’t loose the posts or widgets or pages etc.)

Open a ticket and tell me what customisation you made and don’t want to lose. :)


I’m thinking about purchasing your product to build a site for a mobile app. My key reason for buying is that we will support the app with live events and love your UI.

For the home page I am looking to build a more traditional app selling layout – essentially multiple full width sections with large images and text.

I read that Clubix supports only custom page templates at this time (has 12 of them), and there is no page builder. Please confirm that I can not easily custom design pages in the template.


There is no page builder, we only use page-templates, but I think you will need only the code for your mobile-app. :)

Not sure I’m understanding – Is there currently a page template that is full width (not full width blog), or would I need to set up my own page template to do that? Essentially I’m trying to make a home page that looks something like this –

Hi again,

For everything you see in our demo, you don’t have to setup anything (just select the page template you want to use).

But, I don’t see any page in our demo like the one you have showed me.


Hi, I have an old version of the theme, as I can do to upgrade to the 1.2.3 version without affecting the content that I have already?

Yes, in the newest version of Theme-Feature-Controller plugin (which you’ll find in clubix root /lib/plugins folder) you have this ability on the widget setting. :)


I can help set the automatic player in the widget does not appear to me to play automatically, and when I load the page not play until you clik the play button, could explain the steps to do it correctly? The plugin that comes in the new version I have installed

You can open a ticket on and give me some WP login info, so I can see or solve your problem.


how can i change the pictures in the 3 boxes below the slider ? I can’t find that plugin in wordpress so i can edit it :(

That it’s a widget mate.

Go to widgets and you’ll find it.


I cant just upload a picture instead of putting the link to the picture ? I did find the widget thanks.

On the widgets you don’t have that option, but you can go to media and upload some pics and take them url and paste it there.

It’s pretty simple.


Hi! Please tell me whether this pattern work in Russian?

Hi and thanks for interest! :D

You can translate it in any language. You have the .mo and .po files and you can translate them in any language you want.

Also you can use WPML plugin to do the translation.


this theme would be perfect if it gave users the ability to create artist pages, and upload your own music and if the player was shared on facebook….

I have explained myself badly, we already have a website but want to switch from joomla to wordpress and this theme is just great! But our community is more like (The artist signup on the site, create your own page, publishes his music, visitors can download free music or buy the albums, create playlists and share player) and I do not see features in this theme that will allow us to make a site similar to ours at this time. I look forward to seeing your future updates. Thank you, your work is really done very well

ours is a non-profit project dedicated to the works creative commons and promotion in the world of artists and free music.

Understood now.

Thanks very much for the feedback ! :D

Hi there, I’m wondering about music store plugin (author: codepeople) compatibility with your clubix theme. Can check for me. thanks!

Hi and thanks for interest.

It wasn’t made with this plugin, but I’ve tried it now and works pretty well (not major display errors or something).

With some CSS skills I think you can have good results.


thanks a mil… gonna purchase your theme ;)

The custom theme color doesn’t seem to work throughout the site. For example, I’ll see it on the home page and album gallery page. If I select an album to see its contents the color scheme goes back to purple (ie: the download button, etc)

Is there a fix for this or a way to hard code my desire color? Which line on the stylesheet would make this happen?

Much thanks. Awesome theme so far!

Hi, and thanks for buying our theme.

I don’t know why you get this kind of problem, but we are more than happy to help you solve it, if you open a ticket on and add a copy of this message there too, with a link to your website.


Hello, Could you tell me where shortcode functions are stored? I want to make slight modification to event_list shortcode, but I am unable to find it. Thanks.


You will find it in theme-feature-controller plugin files.


You are the best! Super fast reply. Thank you so much.

Is there any way to install the demo content quickly and easily?


Yes, please watch the tutorial videos and you will see there how to to that very fast :

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :


Ok, I wached the first 1.5 vids and didnt see it. I will watch the rest.

Importing data is right from the start of the second video. :)

Just want to say thanks for the awesome template! Looks really nice and the WooCommerce integration is really awesome. Just one question: For some reason I am missing the “Events” tab in the Wordpress Admin Panel, how would I get that back?


Go to Theme-Controller and Install&Activate the events-plugin :).

Thanks for your feedback, very much!

I feel a little bit retarded since it is part of the tutorial to do that, but yeah… haha. Thanks for the quick response! Have a good one.

Haha, no problem mate!

I thank you for being our customer! Cheers’

Hi, Its me again. I just noticed that my gallery thumbnail photos are resized unproportially. Is there any way to control this? I prefer resizing to short side and croping.

Also then I open original photo with fancybox it has facebook like button which has croped like counter. So where is width settings for like button as increasing width corrects the problem.

And one more thing. How do I change sort order for event gallery template as now events are sorted by title ?? I would love to get them sorted by event date. Thanks.

Hi Roberts,

We are working now on a cropping tool for the galleries. For now only the resize it’s available.

You can find the fancybox from the gallery in assets/prettyPhoto/ . There you can modify whatever you want for the pop-up. :D

If you have installed the Theme-Feature-Controller from the last version of Clubix, your events should be sorted by event date.

Try to update it (the plugin).


Can you please make the images gallery plugin compatible with the “social gallery” plugin?

Thanks for the proposal.

We’ll think about this one, and maybe add it in the future-updates list.


That’s great news, Also the “MailChimp for WP” plugin to work with the contact form :)

Thanks again! :)

Hi, I am having issues with the theme. It does not look like the demo after it was uploaded and I dont know where my purchase code is for support.


If your guy isn’t available, we can help you achieve your goal on the support website.

Go to and open a new ticket with the problem details, some print-screen with it and a WP login account.


I am also on Version wordpress 3.8 would this cause me a problem ?

Ok done, thanks for your help.


Just wondering, which widget was used to display 2 events squares under the blog posts in your preview of the theme here.


Also, Can the media player on the website handle an hour long set ? I tried uploading an hour long mp3 but it seems to keep failing.

There is a support website which we use to help our customers. It’s kind of ugly to make a lot of comments here.

Go there and open a new ticket with your questions and maybe some print-screen.



I would like to center the Events / Album widget under the slider. It is left justified for the moment. As I have only 4 events, it doesn’t look clean.

Thanks for your support !


I’m afraid that when I try to activate the Theme Feature Controller I get the message ‘Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION’. I have looked on your support section and upgraded the PHP version to 5.4 but I’m still getting the error, could you help me please?

Many thanks for your support.

Never mind, have solved it. Thanks anyway :-)