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Thanks for your theme. I also have the HTMl version of this. Both versions are a great theme! I am wanting to ask.. In the wordpress version. How do i make the logo larger (about 400 pixels long) or about 60% from left to right.


Thanks very much for buying our theme. You are the best!

You can go to header.php and modify the class of the logo container from ‘grid_2’ to ‘grid_3’. Also, below, on the social icons container modify the class ‘push_8’ to ‘push_7’.

Repeat this procedure by increasing 1 on the logo class and decreasing 1 on the icons class, until you get the result you want.


My Revolution Slider doesn’t show up and doesn’t look like the Home page. FrontPage

No, slider was showing up and now it doesn’t.

I think I may know what may be the problem. One of your admin folks set up my revolution slider and I deleted them as an admin and now it’s not showing up so how can I get it back what they did?

You must to go at Widgets section and after this you must to add Revolution Slider Widget like here: ( Please Watch this )

In this order:


Hi, I was wondering can you sell tickets to your events through this site?


The theme use woocommerce, so you can sell all things woocommerce supports (including virtual products, etc).

Then you can link the ticket sale link into event’s page.


does this theme also have a white body?


No, at this time the white version is not available. We’ll work on this on a future update, it’s on our todo list.


ok perfect thanks allot, great theme.

I was wondering if you can tell me step by step how to make my logo larger than 57px height… I want at least 150px height for the logo

Hi goroxanne,

I can do it for you if you open a ticket on (it’s not a good idea to share your website data here).

And we will help you with this.

Thanks, and sorry for the late response!

just curious to see how long it takes you guys to respond to a message

Haha :D,

You can ask our other customers. You have their comments here also, and this says everything.



Im in love with the theme and I want to make sure I can confirm a few things with you before purchasing it. Does this site support a company that organizers events? For example we want to promote events organised and managed by us (a company) for arguments sake. I heard you connect well with woocommerce as my other aim is to sell tickets of the specific event and if need be, souvenirs of the event like T-Shirts. I also want for an option that supports clients o log on and request our services etc. Do you believe the site supports this?

on a bonus, i see you hosts albums streaming online. are they uploaded or streamed from a third party…dont know how it works with licensing rights to play that music on your site.

Hi and thanks for your interest in our theme!

I try to understand all your question, and I think all can be done with Clubix theme.

Why you need the clients to log on to request services ? They can use the contact form to reach you.

Be more explicit please. Thanks!

Hello – After a clean install and theme upload. Is this the way things are suppose to look?


I responded you on the ticket. :)

You should watch the video tutorials and setup it as in the demo.


The service and support this theme will provide to you is truly worth every penny. They are so helpful and always find a solution to make you happy. Beyond happy I selected this theme.

Thank you very much for your feedback! :)

Thanks for your theme. I’m using the wordpress version, and wanted to ask:

I made the logo in the header.php file larger by changing the container class. However I see that it shifts the revolution slider down exposing part of the theme background behind the logo. Also, the black opaque strip is not centered behind the logo and stretched to fit behind it.

What do I change to fix this? Thank you for your time!


Now if you could just tell me how to make a rating on this confusing theme forest thing… haha =P

Also, you forgot to tell me how to add my logo and some text to the left side of the footer widget area, like you have in the demo! I think it might be a widget, but I couldn’t tell which one just looking at them.

Thanks bro, you rock. :)

Yes, of course.

First, for the footer, you should add a simple Text widget and add a html like this :

<img src="here the url of the logo" /><i>here  some text </i>

Second, for the rating :

Thank you.

Thanks! Just rated 5*! For a quality template, and for the best support! :)

Hi, I have a pre-sales question. Is it possible to allow people to register for events and at the same time collect certain information in a form? What about registering for free events?

Many thanks

Hi my friend,

With the basic features of Clubix you can’t do that (as I think you saw in the preview). BUT, if you have some skills you can hook a form on the single-event page so the user can register & you can access his info.

Now depends on what you intend to do with them info, and how would you like to get it (in WP dashboard, by Email, etc).


Hi, well in the demo you have a Buy Tickets button which links to so I wasn’t sure what was possible ;) Thanks.

Yes, you can use that button to link to a register function somewhere on the website. :)

You can maybe use a plugin to make you a form or something.


Question; On the WP version the right side scroll bar is so thin I can’t grab it. Any way to make that normal size again as in the html version??


Of course you can. Just ask me after you buy it and I will tell you how to do it very simple.

Thank you!

Hi, Am i able to display the amount of tickets left and limit the amount sold?


Do you mean on the event single page or on the WooCommerce shop part ?

Thank you.

on the event single page where it allows people to buy now.

We are working on an update where you will be able to select either the event in ‘Canceled’ or ‘Sold Out’.

I will think also on the number of the tickets left. BUT, as you see you can link the buy-ticket to another website where you sell them, so it’s kinda’ hard to say how much are left.

The update will be available very soon.



I’ve been on Envato marketplace for more than 6 years, and bought hundreds of items here.

I just want to say I have NEVER seen such an incredible support, from any other sellers.

Stylishthemes offers me amazing help to get the WPML compatibility further, right to my needs, and upgraded the theme to a 100% WPML compliant platform !

I would like to truly thank you for your time and patience, and let everyone know that you should definitely be one of the top sellers on ThemeForest for your incredible professionalism and efficiency.

Rated 5/5, but stars are missing to tell how much I was glad to work with you.


Hello everyone!

We moved Clubix preview on another server (hope with a better loading speed).

We’d like to hear some feedback from you on how the preview page works, if it’s possible.

Cheers’ S.T.

Pre-sale question: Hey, please can you advise if certain features currently dislayed on the home page of the preview are able to be removed to make it look simpler? Such as the sound cloud box and the music player? Many thanks


Of course. All of them are widgets which you can remove and adjust by your taste, very simple, from the WP Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets.

Cheers’, and welcome to Clubix family.

- – If you’ll buy it, please go and rate the theme with 5* to support our work. Thanks!

Pre sales questions: Is demo content included? Support life – how long? Are there installation instructions that can be viewed before sales? can woocommerce be turned off or is it mandatory with this theme? Thanks in advance.

Hi friend,

- Demo content is included.

- We don’t have a limit to the support we offer.

- Yes, there are 3 youtube videos on how to setup the theme, I think you can find them in the comments before, if not ask me and I will show you.

- Woocommerce is NOT mandatory for the themes functions, so you can use it or not.

Thank you, Have a great night!

I’m thinking of purchasing could you please answer these questions? Thanks A Lot!

1. Database? Are Event dates stored and automatically posted according to the dates? 2. I’m not familiar with WooCommerce but I would like to use my own “merchant account and Payment Gateway” along with the shopping cart to sell tickets and products. 3.The scrolling bar is difficult to operate? Can this be fixed? 4.I notice there is no create new account for customers am I over looking this? 5.On the event page with full details of event—I assume i can link the buy ticket button to shopping cart for checkout with event information included? 6. Can header be resized for box theme to allow for the sales of skins for advertisers? 7. We put a lot of work into the HTML Clubix Theme can we use the css edits we made with Wordpress Theme?

“ran across browser compatibility issues and the support and customer service is something a customer should have to experience.”


Question number 6. was Can I resize the sliding rotator to give it a box look. The “skin” is the background we sale to advertising agencies to advertise their brand or product.

Can I edit the wordpress theme in Dreamweaver? “never used wordpress only dreamweaver”

Hi again,

The slider is made by Revolution Slider so it’s fully customizable, you can make it how large or small you want.

The theme’s files you can edit in what software you want cause it contains PHP, HTML, CSS and JS files and from what I know, these are supported by Dreamwaver too.

Have a great day!


Hello, I love the theme but the demo content is not pulling in all the information and the widgets are not working for the front page. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Eigwebcon !

Please make a ticket here:

Thanks !

I have created a Photos page with (albums gallery page template) but cannot get the albums to show up on this page. I cant seem to find a shortcode for the albums. Is there one or how can I get my photos page to see the created ablums

Hi Jack,

Did you bought the theme ? Cause I can’t see the purchase confirmation on your account.

If you did, please open a ticket on with your purchase code and we will be more than happy to help you!