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Hi! awesome theme.

Where can I find the “Welcome To “site name”” message? I need to change it to a different language or remove it completely.


Edit: found it! its on sidebar-front-top-1.php

Again awesome theme!

Hi friend,

Thanks for buying our theme and for your feedback!

You can change that text by adding a ‘Text’ widget to Front Page Top Name sidebar on Widgets page. It’s pretty simple.

To support our community and family please go and rate the theme with 5*. Thank you!


Hi, I just bought and installed your theme and I really like it. There are just a few things I’m struggling with. 1) I set a static page as the front page but if I want to it to show static text with a sidebar like a normal page, nothing shows up. It seems that I can only use it with widgets … 2) I want to organize events by theme using key words so that when i click on a key word only the events that use it show up. As is, when i click on a keyword i get a page saying “not found”. 3) I want to add a few more fields to the event boxes: event start and end dates and a field where i can add a link to website. Is there a way i add these new fields using php/mysql or is it really complicated? That’s it for now, i’ll be eternally grateful for any help you can give me :) lily

Let’s talk on the ticksy panel :).

I’d just like to say that the support has been great! Thanks a lot for all your help and for this great theme

Thanks a lot Lily! We appreciate your feedback! :D

Hi, i buy the theme, i have 2 cuestions 1.- where active the box goes last events in the slider of the girls 2.- which is the file to modify the ShortCode of Events List


HI Erik !

Watch the videos:

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

You will find how to setup your site like in Clubix demo. Cheers’

Hi again Erik,

The shortcodes you will find in the “Theme Feature Controller” plugin’s files. Go to the plugin, then in ‘features/event-list/’ folder and find the layout folder.

There you have all you need.

Thanks again for patience!

Hi, I have the same problem as shahzebit.There is no Image Gallery in the menu.Can you also instruct me how to add Image Gallery in the menu (as appearing in your template ALL Clubbing Parties). Thanks.

Hi elweb,

Thanks for your purchase. Of course we will help you. You don’t have the gallery in the menu because the gallery was added on a later version of Clubix.

If you want, we can add it for you, but we’ll need a WP account for your website.

Please open a ticket on with the comment from here, and also a WP account, and I will solve your problem.


Question, on some websites, the Clubix theme preview shows a white color version. When will this version be integrated?


The white version is available on HTML version of Clubix.

We will implement this feature in a future update on WP version too, but I can’t say a date for sure.

Thanks. Don’t forget to rate our theme with 5* to support our hard work.

hi guys. loving the theme but i have no idea why html text is showing below the post a comment text box.

where are my going wrong??

Nothing. These are the html tags that a user is allowed to use on a comment.

This box with the tags appears on most of wordpress websites. Themeforest also has one if you look when you post a comment.

If you want, you can stop displaying it from functions.php file, line 303-316.


Please go and rate our theme with 5* to support our work and the future updates.

It will help us very much! You are the best!


How much for you to install it also?

Hi sir,

I don’t really understand you question. Could you please rephrase?

Thanks, Have a great day!

Will you install it on my server?

Yes, if you want so.

After you purchase it open a ticket with your purchase code on and provide us a WP account so we can install & setup the theme.


Hello! I have 2 questons: 1- I am setting up a page full of videos on big size. When the mouse is over a video, the scroll wheel of the mouse doesn´t work, it only works when I move the mouse outside of the video. I am not sure if that can be fixable, but if not, at least I would like to know how to make the scroll bar wider, so visitors can see it and use it as an alternative for scrollin (now is very hidden)

2- Is there a way to install a facebook like button on each event page? So far I´ve been trying and I´ve been able to add the button to posts and pages made by me, but not on the pre-made Event pages that come with the theme. Even when I give the Facebook plugin de order to appear in all pages and posts, it doesn´t work on the pre-made event pages that come with the theme.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for buying our theme, and welcome to our ‘family’ :).

It’s pretty hard to solve problems on comment form here, so please open a new ticket on with your message from here, and also attach an URL to your website and a WP account.

Thank you very much for understanding. Vlad

Hi! I have tested the theme but I ran into a slight problem. The music player does nothing on my HTC One Android phone… Are you aware of this issue? Thanks, Andy

I use the dophin browser…

Mmmmm. Strange. The HTC standard browser and Chrome does not work either…. I use Android 4.3

I suppose you activated something against JS on your phone. On Android it’s not about the phone so much, cause the OS is the same so it should work the same on all phones.

I tested again right now on Dolphin and Chrome and work fine.

Also we’re not informed from other customers of this problem, so I think they don’t have it.



How do i install the Woo Commerce Shop to the theme? This is why i bought the theme, because the demo has the webshop … Please help!

Cheers, Miha

Hi Miha,

Thank you for buying our theme :).

It’s pretty simple. First of all you have to install WooCommerce plugin from

Please open a ticket on and we’ll setup woocommerce just like in our demo, if you want so.

In the ticket please specify an account to your WP install.

Thanks again, Vlad

thx for your reply. I’ll try to do it myself first ;)

I just buy the theme… how to put a revolution slider to my home page.?

Thanks for the reply. I have more question, how I remove the maps (google map) on my event page. I put the blank on the “location” and “venue” field but the map still show up. —If it can’t be removed, where I set the “longitude” of the map. Please help. Thanks.

Thanks for the reply. I have more question, how I remove the maps (google map) on my event page? I put the blank on the “location” and “venue” field but the map still show up. —If it can’t be removed, where I set the “longitude” of the map. Please help. Thanks.

I have replied to your ticket on Ticksy.


Hi !

Congratulations on your theme is a great job. I have a little problem when I go to Theme Controller to enable extensions (event list etc …) and well when I click install, it returns me to the login page of Wordpress. I watched your videos and I do not know why I have this worries there.

cordially Peter

Hi Peter,

Thanks for buying our theme and for feedback!

I will solve this issue for you very fast, but first open a ticket on cause I need some login info from you, and it’s not a good thing to share it here.

Thank you very much! Vlad

Thank you, It is done I opened a ticket. Peter


i have a question is it possible to filter on city instead only today tomorrow this week etc. If i want a events agenda for a whole country can i filter it on the different city’s so the people who visit the site can select for an example New York en the will only see all the events in newyork, or the wil sellect Brooklyn en they will only see all the events in Brooklyn ?

sorry for my bad english,

cheers, jackson

Hi Jackson,

Yes, you can do this thing, but you need to have some skills of php to modify some things on the plugin responsable for the events.

If you have, you can solve it in around 5 minutes. Or maybe you have a friend who knows.

Thank you very much for your interest in our theme, and hope it will help you if you buy it.


Before I purchase this theme can you tell me if it is possible to have the following features: 1) A Video gallery page that plays Youtube and Vimeo links in a lightbox. (I saw an image gallery in the demo, but no video capability).

2) A “Latest Video” widget on the the frontpage.

3) Can the album slider be used as a video gallery slider instead?

Thank you.

Hi sir,

All this features with videos will be available on an future update of Clubix. Right now, all you can do is to use another plugin for videos.

I will let you know if you want, in a comment here, when this update is ready.


By any chance you can post the link to download the Revolution slider caption. I cant seen to get the link to work from the one posted on the youtube video.


i dont seem to have the folder that is in video #1 at 3:16 called Revolution slider caption. The download link doesn’t seem to work for me. Can you send me a link to download that folder?


Hi again,

If you download from your downloads section the .zip theme with the FULL content and licensing (not only the WP .zip), you will have this folder :

Tell me if you have it, you should. :)


Sweet, that worked and thanks again. awesome template.


Really interesting theme, does it have a sortable video gallery ? This would help me decide if I can use this theme or not.

Thanks in advance.

Hi sir,

All this features with videos will be available on an future update of Clubix. Right now, all you can do is to use another plugin for videos.

I will let you know if you want, in a comment here, when this update is ready.


Hi, maybe it’s a stupid question, but by events, the tab “buy ticket” you have to give it a name and a link, i want the link to send to a emailadres. T tried some html, but it didn’t work. Is there a solution ? btw, great theme!

Ok made a ticket on now for 2 days, but i got no reply?

I have checked right now, and no ticket of yours is appearing on our end :(.

Could you help me with a URL to the ticket you say you have created?


Hi again sir,

Some news on your ticket url ?


I just recently purchased this theme and the following error is showing…

theme-feature-controller/features/event-list/application/controller.php on line 210

Any recommendations for a fix here?

Hi sir,

Yes, please read this FAQ :

It will help you, for sure.


This is not a reasonable solution as many of the plugins that I am using do not work with this version…

Hi sir,

You understand that PHP version 5.3 was released somewhere on 2009-2010, no ?

5.2, the version you use it’s not a reliable version from a long time ago, so I recommend for your personal data safety to upgrade your PHP version to at least 5.3 (5.5 being the last one).

I don’t think those plugins don’t support a bigger version of PHP. Most of the time the compatibility problems comes when the version is lower not higher.


I’m having trouble finding where i can put in an image url in the editor page on Wordpress. Where and how do change the background picture and the logo “where it says Clubix at the moment” in the Wordpress editor?

Hi sir,

You have all these options in the ‘Options’ panel tab, in WP Dashboard (if you installed Redux plugin).

For other questions please use, our support ticket.



THANK YOU SOME MUCH #razvan!!!!!