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We have installed the latest version of Wordpress (3.8.1) and have PHP5 on our server, and when we load the Clubix them and try and activate the Plug-ins we get a code error when activating the Them Function Control plug-in.

We tried lower versions of Wordpress as well (3.0, 3.2, 3.4) and get the same results.

Hi sir,

What version of PHP ‘5’ you have? You need at least 5.3.

Also, please check what version of PHP use WP, since the wordpress install could use an older version of PHP.

Please talk with your hosting support and tell them you want your WP install to use php 5.3 at least.


Are you planning to add a clubix mixcloud widget? I’ve tried multiple ways to add source to posts in events and it will not work :(

Hi sir,

We didn’t had this in mind, but I wrote your question down, and we’ll make it in a future update.

Thank you!

Thanks for the quick reply stylishthemes I love this theme and sure to have lots of fun with it!


I have a question, it’s possible to add a countdown on the events page ?

Thank you very much

Hi sir,

Yes, I think you can do that with a countdown plugin for every event. Clubix doesn’t support this by default but it’s not a hard-thing to do.

Thank you very much! Vlad

Ok, good , thank for your fast reply ;)

For events: how do I change the date format to MM/DD/YYYY and the time to AM/PM?

Hi sir,

First of all thank you for buying our theme and welcome to a great community! :)

I am sorry about the AM/PM selectors, we are working right now on this issue for a future update. Also, for the date format, please open a ticket on .

I would help you here, but I need some FTP access to your website, and isn’t a good idea to share it here. :)

Thank you again, Vlad

the theme featured controller is not activating. What could I do?

“Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

the theme featured controller is not activating. What could I do?

“Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

Hi sir,

You should check this article :

Thank you for buying our theme, you are the best! Also, don’t forget to rate it with 5* to support our hard work for future updates.


Please Translate the theme for Polish pl_PL.po &

on not on my side. on a friend’s club website

So.. I understand it’s your friend’s website, so I suppose he has a purchase code, and he could give it to you.

After you take the purchase code from your friend, open a ticket on with the purchase code, and your problem.

Then we will help you with it.


Love this theme, really enjoying working with it. Also great support from the team #Razwan



I have a problem with the events list section. It gives me this message:

Warning: mktime() expects parameter 5 to be long, string given in /home/content/98/2055798/html/wp-content/plugins/theme-feature-controller/features/event-list/application/controller.php on line 113

What can I do? It does not show the gallery pictures … here is the link to the page:

Please help!

Cheers, CMT

Thanks, that worked :) As for the defaults – i am just building the site and will change all this soon.

A brilliant theme, btw. Good work!

Cheers, CMT

Thank you very much!

Please don’t forget to rate it with 5* to support our work and help.


Done ;) 5 stars!

Hey Guy’s, What a fantastic theme you have developed here :)

I seem to be having a problem. Today ive purchased your theme and for some reason when I install the theme it comes up with Version 1.2.3 even though within the Theme Zip file its showing 1.2.4.

Also some images are not appearing within the admin pages, and there only seems to be limited functionality to change options within the admin.

What do you think could be wrong?

Regards Tom

ps. Ive tried registering on your support forum but for some reason its saying “The Envato Purchase Code you’ve entered is for a different product.” I have entered my purchase code but its still not allowing me to place my post….

I have tried submitting a support request but its not allowing me! The following message appears “The Envato Purchase Code you’ve entered is for a different product.” At the same time you can only write in the Comments box in Code View too…..

Ok.. I don’t know what’s happening with ticksy, but let’s try by email.

Send me an email on Provide there some WP login data too, maybe some print-screens with the problems too.


Email Sent for you :-)


I installed the Woo Commerce plugin and I added some products to test the whole thing and all seems to be fine but when i add something to the cart and click -> proceed to check out the whole thing stopped to working.

Can you please check this out and suggest what to do?

Thanks! Miha

...i think the short code is missing on the page (woo commerce_shop_page) or something …

Go and look at every page editor. Then from WooCommerce settings go to Pages tab and see every page that woocommerce will use.


Ok got it. works fine now. Thanks you for all your help! I already rated you 5 stars in return! ;)

Hello. we got error on website

Warning: mktime() expects parameter 6 to be long, string given in /srv/disk2/1017023/www/ line 133

Please need your support

Thank you in advance

Hi sir,

This warning comes because you didn’t completed all event date fields – (day, month, year).

If you do, you will have no problem.


Hi, this an awesome looking theme. Just had a couple of small questions in order to check that it is fit for purpose before purchasing: 1) the gallery, can we customise the number of columns we want in there? 2) is it possible to have a similar sort of scattered effect of the images as there is in Pinterest? 3) with the image in the demo on the home page, is it possible to have it a lot smaller and to make it automatically?

Kind Regards, Rich

Hi Rich,

Thank you for your interest in our product.

1) No. 2) I think this is a custom feature. If you have some skills you can do it, or ask someone to modify some code to achieve the result. 3) I don’t understand this question :(. Could you be more specific?

Thank you!

whoops, sorry I missed the last past for question 3) :P I meant, “is it possible to have the background image a lot smaller, and to make it scroll automatically?” (without having to click the buttons on either side of it)

Kind Regards Rich

I still not understand what buttons you mean..

BUT, the image for the background is right now fullwidth and fixed on scroll. You can adjust that by CSS, and make it however you want.

Cheers’ :)

Whenever I activate the Theme Feature Controller plugin I get this error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/65/6277365/html/mktgkingsdotcom/mobetta/wp-content/plugins/theme-feature-controller/features/event-list/application/controller.php on line 210 Do you know why this may be happening? (FYI: I’m using a copy my boss downloaded, which is why my account doesn’t indicate that I have purchased it.)

Thank you :)

Please read the support FAQ about this problem you have :

Thank you very much, and don’t forget to rate our theme with 5* to support our work.


I am getting a 404 Error for the event details page. Any idea why?

Hi sir,

Please try to change the permalinks to their default. I think it’s a problem from the .htaccess file with the permalinks.

Try this and tell me if it’s right.


That did it! Thank you!

Hi great theme I really love it and very easy to use. My client is being a hassle and has asked is there a way to centre the the ‘Clubix Albums/Events Top in the Front Page Top Areas widget area?

Hi sir,

What do you mean by center ?

They should be centered already on their widget position.

If it’s not working, please open a ticket on and we’ll help you with all you need.

Thank you very much, Vlad

Hi sorry what i mean is that there are currently 3 Albums saved on site and client thinks no more will be entered, So I’m wondering if the 3 albums instead of aligning to the left margin can in fact be centred on the page. Hope this makes more sense?

Here’s site if it makes it easier for you to see

Yes, I understand now.

I can help you with this if you open a ticket on and write there some FTP info for your website.

Thank you very much!

Hi guys, With the galleries, is it possible to have a gallery just show a specific category rather than all the images? So on 1 page I could have 1 category gallery and on another page a different category?

Cheers and love the theme and support! :)

Hi sir,

I understand what you need. At this moment this feature isn’t available but I will make sure it is included in the very next update of clubix (I think it will be released next week).

Vlad here. Thank you very much.

My home page doesn’t scroll down, but the other pages do. I’m not sure what the problem is.

HI Ayh

Please make a ticket at and we will help you !

Thanks for buying our Clubix Theme !


How do i install the Woo Commerce Shop to the theme? There isn’t any template on demo zip … Please help!

Hi sir,

What do you mean by ‘there isn’t any template on demo’ ?

You have to install the woocommerce plugin first, from plugins, then go and upload the demo-data from Clubix.

When you do that, you will have also the products installed on the page.

Thank you a lot, and tell me if you still have any problem.


Hi stylishthemes, I’ve noticed this template is based off category posts eg everything in category New Music lists when you select the option from the post. When you list everything in that category it brings you to a page titled “Category Page”

My question is there a way “Category Page” as the title can be changed to the actual category name eg “New Music”

Hi sir,

Of course it can. If you have little skills you can do it in category.php page. If you don’t, just open a ticket on and we’ll help you with that.