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My product page seems to be styled a bit different than the demo. I cannot figure out why. compared to

I have reinstalled the theme multiple times and have viewed the video tutorials.

Hi sir,

Yes, you are right indeed. That’s because of the newest WooCommerce update that breaks some templates of the theme.

We are working right now on the update for the theme that will repair this things.

Until then, I recommend you to use the previous version of WooCommerce from here :

Thank you for understanding.

Thanks, just for everyone’s information till this issue is resolved you have to go back to Version 2.0.20 of WooCommerce. Hope this gets resolved soon! Thanks for an awesome theme.

Yes, this week. :)

Thank you very much!

This Theme Looks INSANE! So Cool, and I’m looking for the Best WP theme for new site design job I got for these LA club promoters… just two things, how is all built (all shortcodes or partial page builder assist?) and I would need on mobile view for the background to be ‘fixed’ (iphone view is blurred and scrolls with page) If you compress browser window all the way responsive it looks perfect/background fixed and clear but not on actual mobile view Let me know asap plz #StylishThemes and Great work on amazing Theme! -Sterling

Hi sir,

Sorry but there are no page-builder assist for Clubix at this moment :(.

With the mobile background, all can be fixed with CSS, very easy.

Thank you very much!

Please help me with woocommerce, all pages that are related to the store are stll not work, giving me codes for example if you click on chec out pay page I get this: [woocommerce_pay]

Hi sir,

Yes, you are right indeed. That’s because of the newest WooCommerce update that breaks some templates of the theme.

We are working right now on the update for the theme that will repair this things.

Until then, I recommend you to use the previous version of WooCommerce from here :

You have to go back to Version 2.0.20 of WooCommerce.

Thank you for understanding.


I love this interface, it is truly amazing.

Could you kindly inform me where the Typography and Lists pages are located? I have no idea where to edit.

Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

Hi sir,

What do you mean exactly ? Where the pages, or where the shortcodes are ?

Thank you very much!

Hey there,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I need to know where the shortcodes are so I can edit my web pages.

Thanks again.

Shortcodes are located onto the Theme-Feature-Controller plugin, under features folder.


Hi There, Thank you so much for this wonderful theme. I have a question, can someone helps me I would like to know how to link the albums or the event that appears on the front home page the ones that flips I would like to link each one to a given url or page/post. Please I need your help as quick as you can. I appreciate it.

Hi sir,

This is not available with the basic features of clubix, cause that flips are the events, and have their permalinks on the button.

You can change some things in the theme’s files to achieve what you want, but it’s kinda different from how it is now.



Your theme looks really great – before purchasing, I just want to ask if it’s possible to rsvp to events?

Many thanks.

Hi sir,

It is not a default feature of Clubix, but I think you can achieve this with some plugins/customisation.


Enabling the plugin Theme Feature Controller, the error appears:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/storage/5/da/c0/brasiliamix5/public_html/2014/wp-content/plugins/theme-feature-controller/features/event-list/application/controller.php on line 210

Has been updated PHP 5.3 version and still does not work.

Hi sir,

I see. This error comes only from PHP 5.2. So what I think is that your Wordpress installation is still using 5.2 from .htaccess.

Please ask someone from your hosting support to check your version from WP and from .htaccess file.


I am looking for a way to have a clean home page that does not list the latest posts/articles. How do I disable them?

Lines 36 – 52 and 83.

Sorry for the late response.


Excellent, thank you. You guys are great.

Thank you sir! :)

I have the same issue as agenciaox

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/79/4710279/html/thebreakfastklub/wp-content/plugins/theme-feature-controller/features/event-list/application/controller.php on line 210

How do I fix?

Hi sir,

You can find the solving of this problem on the support tab of the theme, and also on the comments above.

Please read before ask. It’s a problem because of your PHP version of the hosting server. You probably have 5.2 and you’ll need 5.3 or grater.


Hello, I’ve created a page and tried posting content to it but no mater which of the templates I select in attributes it keeps coming up with ‘The post was not found’ on the page. Please can you help? Thank you

Where it is showing it ?


If you look on my site it is at the bottom of the blog and contact us pages – Looks like it appears where ever the site tile and tag line is?

You should try to play with the widgets positions.

Even the slider is not placed right on your end.



I plan on purchasing this theme and was wondering if this was possible.

I was wondering if the dummy content was included to make my site look exactly like the site you’ve got for the demo.

Also, under the download link, would I be able to add an option for “itunes”

Looking forward to a response,


Hey Bissonnette !

Yes, Dummy content was included. You will can make your site exactly like clubix.

Yes, you can add infinite option for download link even iTunes link.

Thanks for your interest !

Have a nice day !


Is this mobile friendly?

Hey Bissonnette !

Yes, is Resposive (Mobile Frendly).

Thanks !

Hello there. Before I purchase I have a question. Where it says on the Demo for an event “Buy Tickets” do you have an option for “Cancelled Event” or “Free Event” Also can buy tickets be disabled? Thanks!

Hi sir,

At this moment you only can disable the buy button, but you can’t use other button type.

BUT we have this already in working mode for the next update.


Wonderful…thank you!!! :)

The support is very reactiv ! I tested it, always prompt to solve the problem i had. Very professional. I recommend them. Buy it !!! Franck

Hello everyone!

We want to thank you all who’ve bought this theme. We love and respect you, and will do everything to make you happy with our product(s).

This message is a bulletin to inform you that we are working on a new update that will come tomorrow (v.1.3.0) and will contain better WPML support, fixed WooCommerce templates, repeated events and many, many more.

For those who have made big modifications in the theme, we suggest to make a back-up before making the update.


I am interested in purchasing this theme but have a few questions about the current functions as well as adding features.

1. The Album, Gallery and Event ‘flip function’ don’t work on the MAC safari browser. When will this be fixed? (You posted 3 months ago that it would have been fixed in the last update but your demo page still has the problem)

2. The Album, Gallery and Event ‘Flip Function’ automatically flip in a smaller responsive view or mobile view. Is there a fix for this?

3. Is it possible to filter the Album Gallery page by category similar the Image Gallery page instead of the current next week, this week, today options?

4. Is there a way to turn on and off the themes Responsive function like other themes?

Hi sir,

1 – I’ve tested it right now and works fine on a MacBook with Safari so I don’t get why wouldn’t work on your end.

2 – Yes, of course it is. We can help you by support if you want to undo that flip.

3 – Thanks for this idea, I will think about it and maybe add it on a future update.

4 – It is a way, but no from the options panel. It lasts 2-3 minutes to do it anyway from CSS.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for your quick response.

I am using the latest version of Safari on a MacBook Pro with Maverick 10.9.1.. No extensions or Add-ons on the browser. The flips work but but the purple overlay disappears unlike Firefox and Chrome.

I want to purchase the theme but will wait until tomorrow to see the changes in your latest version.

Is it possible for users to submit events using this theme?

Hi sir,

You can give the permission to access the custom post type of events to a special role of users from your websites.

Then, when they will login and will have the posibility to add new events.

This is a wordpress feature, not a theme feature.

Thank you very much for your interest, you are the best! :)

Ok great that’s not too big of a problem. One more question: Does this theme use a custom post type for events? I’m looking to move a clients site from an old theme to this one, and I’m just curious if we are going to have to rewrite their old content into a new post type. Thanks!

Yes, it has a custom post type special for events.

We have also new features, you can see them in the changelog.


Amazing theme, and a very good support team !

Thank you for your help! #razvan

Thanks very mouch for buying Clubix WP Themes ! You are Awesome !

When I try to activate the “Theme Controller” in each click in “Install & Activate” I am expelled from the wordpress control panel and forces me to enter my password. I can not install it.

Ok then,

Open a new ticket on and we’ll see what’s happening.



Solved! Thanks!!!

Hey, I just had a question for you but before I start I wanted to let anyone mulling this purchase over and browsing the comments know that I spent a lot of time choosing the theme for my company’s website and arrived at this one because it was stylish, streamlined, and packed with features my ambitions required.

Here is my question, which is probably not related to your theme but wp in general, figured you could share your expertise with a noob =P. I know there are templates for pages that allow certain widgets, but how do I free up a page or create a custom page that allows me to fully control it’s organization (sidebars, footers, top widgets etc.) and use the widget placement options? I’ve installed and attempted to use several widget plugins (widget logic, Easy Widget etc.) to no avail. I’m also looking at a wp builder like Ether or Awesomo. Plz help! Anyone can answer! Thank you!

Also if anyone could suggest a good drag and drop editor that would be great!

Hi sir,

Our template doesn’t support page builders. BUT, you can use Visual Composer basic settings that will allow you somehow to organize the data on a page.

But don’t forget, as a basic feature we don’t support this kind of customization, so we can’t offer support for it :(.


Thank you