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Hello, are there any social sharing plugins you would recommend for use in this theme? I want to incorporate unique facebook and twitter share features within each post. Thanks.


We haven’t checked compatibility with any third party plugins. But you can try Jetpack’s sharing module, that should do the job.

Hello, I encountered an issue on the homepage when clicking the “load more” button at the bottom of the page: Basically, I get duplicated product images that appear. My developer has indicated that I must contact you as this is a bug with the code. Please advise. Thanks.


Support for all our themes is conducted through our support forum, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forum | Where to find your “Item Purchase Code”

Hi there,

Really love the theme and I am thinking of buying it – just one thing …

Is there a Single Portfolio Post page template that is without the right sidebar. I would like to add text about the project at the top of a sidebar section like that with the categories underneath. Would that involve some coding to change the existing page – at the moment I think it is too much to keep seeing the sidebar with widget stuff everytime.

thanks for your time Mike McCarthy

Hi Mike

For customizations to such extend you should ask the help of a web developer. However, there is a full-width / Sidebar option for the layout, which is global (applies to all theme pages).


Can this full-width/Sidebar option be applied to individual Single Portfolio Post page? ... or would it be best to go full width for an individual Single Portfolio Post page and use custom short code ie 2 col for the image and 1 col for the text

No, it will be harder with shortcodes. And the option cannot be applied to the portfolio page only… However, you can select the sidebar option and just apply some css to the portfolio single page to hide the sidebar. This should be the easiest way.


Hello, i’m about to buy your template, there is one thing that i would like to know before buying, is there a possibility to have like 5 or 10 separate portfolio pages, that show different portfolio items or every page i create using portfolio template will show the same items?

Thanx Nick

Nope! unfortunately not! :)

Hello! Can be the sidebar in portfolio items removed?

yes, it can :)

hi, I updated the thema but now I do not work anymore filter, the same problem is also in your demo how can I do to solve the problem grazie

Please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will look into it!

hi there, i have noticed the portfolio preview feature- the little eye icon only works as widgetised feature. I cant use this function on portfolio page, any ideas?


There is an option for it under Cluster > Portfolio Settings > Portfolio style. Just set it to “Expandable” and it should behave the same way it does on homepage.


Hi, I’m interested in buying this theme, but I see that font type are not loaded properly unless you refresh the page. Any tip to solve it? Thanks!

Hi there. This does not happen on our end. Can you try emptying the browser’s cache and / or hard refresh the page and let us know if this works?


I have tried in a lot of computers and mobiles, and there is always the same problem :S It seems that the fonts are not loaded properly. Can I send you some screenshots with the problem? If this small issue can be solved, I will buy the theme, I love it! Thanks!

There is no way to see the fonts charged properly. It only happens with Google Chrome web and Android Chrome. In Firefox, IE and Edge all is uploaded properly. Any idea to fix it before I buy the theme?

I don’t know what exactly happened, because I updated skin to ver. 1.7 and WP to 4.5 before I realized that button Save Changes in Theme Options stopped working. Button Reset Options works well. Can anyone confirm similar behavior?

Disabling all plugins doesn’t help

Sorry it was error in database. False alarm.

Through what date will you guarantee updates and availability to New Customers of the your Cluster theme?

I purchased your PROXY AND your SHIFT themes and they are unavailable to download through Envato.

I could have purchased Geek Love or Cluster (for example, both of which are still active on here) and been equally satisfied and customized it. However, I opted for “Proxy” and “Shift”

Why should customers trust that you will provide updates and continue to enable access to a theme they purchased?

Will you replace the download with a complimentary replacement theme coupon code for an alternative theme?

Hi Jeff, I see that you have posted the same comment to several of our themes. I will reply to one of them. Thanks.

Is this theme compatible with Thrive Themes Leads? And Thrive Themes Content Builder?

Hi there, Cluster has not been tested with any of these two plugins for compatibility. This does not mean they will not work, but it may require some tweaks here and there to achieve a smooth integration.



Hi there – been using a theme for a while and before I renew would like to know please when the next update will be? The last one was 9 months ago in March 2017 and concerned the theme will be ‘shelved’ soon with no more updates – thanks in advance for your time.

Left a question here over a week ago and no response on a couple of email direct also on an outstanding problem – maybe everyone is away on hols – posting here again as might get a response:

Interested in purchasing an extra 12 month support although before doing so, wanted to make sure the following guidance on how to achieve the following would be available? Would like to:

- have the homepage header image the same size as the other pages - have a link in the main menu to the portfolio section on the homepage - lessen the space between top and bottom margin of a text widget - lessen the space between paragraphs across the site - broaden the size of the blog content column or lessen the width of the sidebar (as it changed in the last update, would like to revert it please) - have the filterable options on the homepage rather than click through to another portfolio page to find the filterable options - remove the grey separator bar from in between sections on the homepage

Thanks in advance for your prompt response.

Hello there,

First off, our sincerest apologies for the delay. Things have been a little slow due to the holidays. Coming to your questions:

1. No, the theme will not be shelved, we’ll be actively monitoring its development and keep making it compatible to run with latest WordPress releases. That doesn’t always means a very frequent update to themes. We’ll always ensure that it works well.

2. A number of questions above direct towards the customization of the theme, please note that our support policy only offers assistance with theme related issues/bugs and general questions.

We do however go ahead sometimes and help with little CSS requests occasionally. So if you’re looking forward to especially making some changes, its best to hire a front-end developer for that.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks.

Appreciate the response – happy new year.

1. Great to know.

2. Which (if any) would fall under the ‘general’ questions / support?

Be great to get a response to previous emails please about the social icons not showing after the theme was updated – thanks again.

Hello again,

I’m afraid none of the above concerning your questions. With general questions we mean anything that can you help you using the theme; as in how to’s, theme usage instructions and help understanding any part of the theme.

But if you want to change the theme appearance by making changes to the original code, it surely does fall as a customization request to which we won’t be able to comply with.

Hope it clears things up, as for icons, I’ll dig your previous email.