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great work, good luck with sales

Thanks mate :)

Amazing! Can you tell who is author of placegolding illustrations? Good luck with sales!

Thanks :) The Illustrations are by the awesome Ilias Sounas (

Stunning work! Good luck :)

Thanks Louiejie :)

Excellent! Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks! Appreciated :)

Nice design. I’m tempted :)

”...Temptation is a woman’s weapon and man’s excuse…”

H. L. Mencken


Awesome work..

Thanks! :)

Thanks mate :)

any chance of a screen shot from backend so i can see what admin panel looks like. not familiar with StagFramework

thanks a mil

back end looks great. thanks. demo content is included correct?

Hi, demo content is provided upon request, so just shoot us an email and we’ll send it over :)

Thanks :)

ok great will purchase later and email you then, always find it easier to work from demo and make changes from there rather than starting from blank. thanks

Hi Guys, - If we need to add pages with infographics, and page dividers explaining our services can we do that from the admin? - If we can have a snap of the admin features that would be helpful - any plan on page builder

Hi There

You can do that, yes. Actually you create the content you wish in a static page (this can be any images with infographics, or any other content) and you assign this page to a widget. Depending on when you put the widget it will output the page content.

You can have as many content widgets as you wish. Here is a screenshot of the widget:

You can grab a folder with with admin screenshots here:

We do not have plans for a page builder for the very near future :) But this will happen someday.

Let us know if you have any further questions.


This looks great!

Any chance of seeing the same backend screenshot? I’ve bought a couple of themes in the past that look great on the front end, but aren’t all that user friendly WP side.

Would I be able to use this theme as just a blog, without the portfolio/homepage?



Thanks so much

Great theme! Any chance I could get the dummy content?


Sure! Already sent :)

And thanks for the purchase!

Beautiful theme! I bookmarked this for possible upcoming projects!

Thanks :) Glad you like it.

Thank you for the reply, I have checked the admin snaps posted, But I think what we meant to say that: 1- Can we have add as many pages as we want (including our services, team, about us, etc… ) 2- Can we upload videos into our content pages, 3- Any image slider options 4- Page Divider options?

I guess we were just fascinated with the design of the page we want to make sure it has capability to suit our demands. Thank you once again Good luck

Hi again

1. Yes, you can add as many static content widgets as you wish. But for the default services widget you can have only one instance at the homepage.

2. Yes you can

3. Yes, as you see there is already an image slider at the homepage. You can have such an effect at every page.

4. Sorry, not sure what this means. There are divider shortcodes that you can output in the content by using a shortcode.

Let me know if this helps Thanks :)

Great helped indeed although would have loved to use the service widget on other pages as well with different icons and content

No, this is not supported out of the box, although you can easily replicate the same visual appearance with the text editor.

The theme provides shortcodes for columns among others.


Amazing work, congrats :)

Thanks Bedros! Appreciated :)


looks great!

Possible for sticky main navigation ?

Best regards, rrwp87

Thanks :)

With a little customization at the header area this can definitely be done :)

very nice design!

Are there any full width page options? I see you only feature the homepage, right sidebar blog and portfolio in the demo.

Thanks and good luck!

Hi there

There is an option for Full Width / Sidebar layout under the theme options, having a global scope. Thanks!

Awesome!!!!! :D

GLWS! ;)

So no HTML version? :) Please, do it! :D

Thanks for the kind words :)

I am afraid HTML version is not in our plans.

Thanks again!

This is what i’ve been waiting for. :)

Sorry to keep you waiting and thanks for your purchase :)

If you need any help to get started head over the support desk and we will help you there.



Best theme ever. Loved it.

^ We like this guy

nooooooooooooooooo there is no xml file with default demo content !!!! could you please export and allow me to import?

Do not panic, we provide this upon request :)

Please send an email at support[at] and we’ll reply you back with the file ;)

Thanks for the purchase!

Replied with the .xml file :)

SWEET… finally !!! – will be buying – question though is there a way for me to change the featured work roll over to give it a hover state and link it only to that certain portfolio page – rather than having the two icons at the bottom as you currently have it

Hi there

It’s possible, yes, though it may require a minor modification to the template. Not something very difficult, it depends on your knowledge level. We can guide you at the support forums for that ;)

PERFECT ! ... I’ll sign up for the forums… thank you.