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what website did you pull your images from for the Cluster theme?

Images are from the Creattica site, and they are for demo purposes only. Thanks!

will you be adding woocomerce integration in the future?

Hi there. It is not in our immediate plans, however some customers have told us that they integrated the WooCommerce plugin sucessfully. We are about to release our first fully scaled WooCommerce theme btw, so stay tuned :)


we are thinking about buying this theme for a portfolio website.

We have played around with it and found out that the tiles on the home page and portfolio page are only clickable/tappable when touched on the caption text.

The tiles are not clickable when clicked on the image itself.

Especially on iPad this might lead to some user confusion.

Is it possible to declare tiles as links thus making them clickable as well?

Your insight is much appreciated.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Hi there and thanks for the interest.

This is totally possible, it only requires some minor modification. We can help you with that at our support desk ;)

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too.

Purchased the theme, love it!

I have 2 things that I have questions about 1) when minimize the mobile navigation goes away on all pages but the blog, 2) the sort feature is not working on the portfolio pages – nothing happens when I click the different skills.


It’s weird the “load more” is not working either..

Figured it out.. it was the Sharebar plugin that was in conflict with the functionality.

Hi, Glad that you got it sorted already. In any case, if you need help in future, be sure to create a ticket on our support forum.

Thanks :)

LOVE this design – any plans on adding a team shortcode for the about page?

Not in the plans to be honest… But you can easily create such a design in a static page with a little help from the columns shortcode…


Hi, How can I set a poster image for a self-hosted video in a post? Thx

Hi there

Not sure what you mean exactly, but in any case please head over our support desk at and we will sort it out!


Two short question. 1. Is it possible to create single portfolio pages with full-width? 2. And is it possible to link from portfolio thumbnail to an external website?


To answers you questions: There is an option to change the layout to Sidebar left / Sidebar Right / Full Widget but that will affect sitewide not just the portfolio pages.

There is no option to link to external website directly from the thumbnail but on single pages only.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

I love this! <3

Glad to know that :)

Hi, Love your Crux theme’s layout and rating functionality, but am creating a portfolio site, not an e-commerce one. Does Cluster also have rating functionality?

If not, is it realistic to use Crux as a portfolio site without the shopping function?

Thank you, Matt

Hey Matt,

Cluster doesn’t have such an in-built functionality which can be make it work for you, neither Crux supports portfolio custom post type which can be used as portfolio not as a shop.

What you can actually do is, buy Cluster and get a rating plugin installed and then customize it a little bit to match theme functionality. For example, here’s a good ratings plugin.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)

Thank you!

Thank you!

Hi. i just bought the theme! Awesome!

5 hours of work and the website is almost done. I have just realized that my “custom subtitle” shows in color black instead of the ones showing on your demo (white)

Is there something i’m missing? Thanks in advance

Solved! I didn’t remember I have a google font plugin running before I install your theme… Shame..

Glad you solved and nice to hear that Cluster works well for you :)

Glad you solved and nice to hear that Cluster works well for you :)

Ok. Now the right question ;)

I’ve seen on your demo that “BE BOLD +” is preceded by “ENJOY LIFE” written in another line.

How do you achieve this? I’ve tried everything but I’ve not figured out how to do it.


You have to use a <br /> tag there in order to break the line.

If you have any more questions please head to our support forum and create a ticket there.


thank you!

Pre-sale question:

Has the problem been fixed when viewing the website on a mobile phone that the filters are aligned correctly?


Hehe. iPhone 4s ;-)

This is quite embarrasing :( we must have broken it in the last update. Thank you very much for the input, we will push an update to fix this asap.


Hi again. We just released an update for Cluster that fixes the issue with the filters. Thanks for the input! :)

Hello !

I have got a question : how could I change/translate the “contact form” from my Contact page, please ? Because I’m French, and i would like to translate some sections (“send a direct message”, “your email”, “your message”, etc..)


Are text in theme are already translated. You can read more about how to translate themes here – Or you can just edit the template directly under template-contact.php inside your theme.

If you need further assistance please head over to our support forum and create a ticket. Thanks :)

Thank you for your answer :)

Great Wordpress theme !

I installed the theme and I am following the instructions in the documentation. However, none of the correct fonts are showing up. Everything is returning to Times New Roman.

Hi! No worries! please jump on out support desk at and open a ticket, we will guide you through. also make sure to include your site’s url.



Thanks! I just added the new ticket. Also, I don’t mean to rush you, but I’m making this site for a friend, and they’d really like it done by Sunday, so the sooner the font issue is taken care of, the sooner I can begin filling the site. Thanks again, I appreciate everything! And I’ll look forward to you response. Great theme! :)

I still haven’t received a response to my official support request. Also, I realized that shrinking the window size too small causes the site to break.


Your ticket has been answered. Please note that it may take upto 24 hours for replying a ticket, especially in weekends. Thanks.

Hi there, what’s the easiest way to upgrade the theme?


Usually by simply replacing the files via ftp. However, we have just created a plugin that detects if a new version of the theme is available and makes it possible to update with a single click.

More info here:

Just download the zip file and upload as a regular plugin.


It’s very nice! I love it!

Great :)

Is pagination available for the portfolio:

so if there were more than 9 projects samples shown, I have 30+ projects to show, would a 1, 2, 3… show up?


Sorry about the delay in response.

There is no standard pagination but infinite load, so you’ll see “Load More” button where are more portfolio items available.



Super theme! Great work!

Question: How can I translate the “read more” command from the recent posts and the “continue reading” command in the blog post?

Hi there

please open a ticket at our support desk at and we will gladly help :)


I was about to pull the trigger until i seen you haven’t made any attempts to make this theme WooCommerce compatible? I REALLY wanted to buy this theme!!

I understand, but Cluster doesn’t really offers the compatibility with WooCommerce.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)