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Hey, I am just wondering if there is a way to see what the other site pages look like? I saw the ones when I clicked Featured Works – but are there other pages that I can view before purchase?

Hi there, you can see all the site pages by navigating through the main navigation menu on the top right.

Let us know if you need any further info.

Thanks :)

Is it possible to get the default demo xml?

Sure, just send us an email at support[at] and we will reply back with the xml file.

Thanks :)

How do you sort the order for the portfolio items? Even if you setup the project date or the publishing date, the system still sorts the items accordingly to the order they were entered.

Hi there. The portfolio items are sorted with the publish date. Just change the publish date of the portfolio post type and it will sort it accordingly.

If you need further help feel free to open a ticket at and we will help you :)


Hey folks,

I see there was an update, but the change log does not show the change. Could you please clarify. :)

Cheers Mike

Sorry about that. We just updated it. You can view the changelog here ::

Thanks :)

Non worries, thanks for the quick response and the an amazing theme … It rocks!

Cheers Mike

Ive purchased the theme, but I cant seem to find the Documentation form to explain how to upload to wordpress/get started etc. It says it’s in the Mail Files, but I keep getting the same folder for the Wordpress and Main file download options. please advise.

hah, the great mystery is solved. I have not installed the theme yet.. i am wanting to use the documentation to figure out just how to do that.. all guidance would be great:)

Please open a ticket at and we will guide you through.

Thanks John

done and done. Thanks, John.

Love this theme. Any chance I could get the dummy content?


You can grab the dummy content here ::

Thanks :)

still excited for skype to be included in one of the updates.

Hi there, I see you’ve been asked before, but any update on allowing video embeds in the portfolio. I love this theme and would like to purchase it but I really need this feature.

Thanks :)

Hey, sorry there are no plans for now for embedding videos. However we are always open to suggestions. Thanks.

Continuing from my question above…

Can I put a youtube video player on the home page below the portfolio and can the portfolio pages show a video?

Thanks again

You can simply use a video under post as you do as usual but there is no specific for that.

Would it be possible to make the image on the home page at the top a Layerslider or Revolution slider? I’d like to have animated content up there or have users in some way be able to click buttons, links, or photos that I display on that slider on just the homepage.

Is this doable/possible?


Possible only if you are willing to do some good amount of customisation, this will need to some work done, job for a developer.

All the best :)

Is it possible to change “url/portfolio/portfolio-item” to “url/products/portfolio-item”? Could only edit “portfolio-item” under Portfolio section. Thanks.


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support forum, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Support Forum | Where to find your “Item Purchase Code”

The theme also appears to be buggy in iOS Safari browser. It auto-refreshes and does not load unless clicking on stop manually. Loaded but same bug applies. Any help?

Hi there,

Such an issue has not been reported so far, please head to our support forum in order to have a look:


Hi, I have submitted an open ticket #1044 at the support forum.

pre-purchase question -

is it possible to remove the green “go to portfolio” button on the homepage?

I really love the them and look forward to building up my next site with it!


Sure! It’s a widget, you just don’t have to enter portfolio page URL and it won’t appear.

Let us know if you have any more questions. All the best :)

great and thanks for the super fast reply.


Awesome theme! Nice design!

How can I put more than 9 portfolio in my portfolio ’s page ? I have twelve posts published, but just nine posts are showed.

Best regards.

Please check the portfolio settings under Theme Options, there you can specify the number of portfolio items shown.

If you have any more questions, please head to our support forum and open a ticket. Thanks :)

I’ve purchased the theme and i’m working out all the images sizes before i get started. Is it just me or are the actual images sizes on the live demo different than the included PSD files? Which size should I use or what will render the best? For example, the live demo shows the larger portfolio items as 771×500, and the PSD for the same image is 739×539. Please advise. Thanks!

I love this theme BTW. All the work that you guys have put into it really shows. I’m enjoying setting it up.

Hi there, thanks for the purchase and the kind words.

Please use the demo image sizes as a guide. There might be a slight difference at the .psd which might have occured during the slicing conversion.

So it’s better to use the image sizes from the live demo as a guide. This will produce the optimal result.

Let us know if you have any other questions :)


Thank you

Glad we helped ;)

sorry one more question -

how can I achieve the full width portfolio image? the version without the sidebar blog info to the right.

Hi there

There is an option under the theme settings > styling options where you can select the layout structure. If you need further help please head over at and we will sort it out :)

Is yout theme ready for the WordPress 3.5.2 upgrade?

Yes, we have checked for it and there are no known problems. Cheers :)

thanks mate!

Ticker #1084. Kinda urgent, sorry about posting here too.

Replied, all works good now.

That was very quick, thanks a lot. Sorry about the urgency, simple things get frustrating when the times ticking :)


GREAT theme! I’m wanting to adapt this to Woocommerce, and saw the post from a few weeks ago (your response pasted below), so bought the theme, but just wanting to know what your instructions are re making it work in Woocommerce? I couldn’t find them in your support forum.

cheers, Kurt 20 days ago Flag

Codestag Author

Hi there,

It’s Ram here. Please note that to make WooCommerce compatible with any theme you have to make some changes only then you can make it work.

On our support forum under your ticket I’ve attached a working copy of WooCommerce compatible theme, it works fine.

And let’s continue the rest of the conversation at our support forum, it’s not ideal to start same conversation at both places. Thanks :)

Hi there

Please open a support ticket about this at the support forum. We will help you there.


Hi, done. no-one seems to be there…? cheers.

Hello there. I have received a recommendation for this theme from a colleague, but while I was playing with his site, I noticed a problem with your admin framework page in Internet Explorer (10). The tab’s contents were hidden, and when I clicked on the ‘Save Options’ button, it redirected me to admin-ajax.php and displayed an error. He may have just been using an old version of the theme, but a problem such as this would put me of from buying (as I am an IE user mainly). I really like the theme though, as am quite tempted to purchase.


We have checked IE for admin capability, it works for us. However, in you case there must be something going wrong.

Can you ask your colleague to create a ticket on our support forum in order for us to assist you sort out the issue.

Let us know. Thanks :)

Will do.

Thanks for the Reply