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Support Now Available!

We are finally back and will be providing support for customers who have purchased our products since I have been busy over the past year due to personal reasons.

We have disabled the forum we used to use due to certain spam problems. For now please use the item comments section here for support!

We also apologise for any inconvenience we may have caused whilst we have been absent in terms of support questions although this it is not mandatory for authors to provide support, we understand how hard it is to get used to a new theme!

Regards, George ThemeProvince

Hi there,

I would like to make the font of the menu elements and submenu elements bigger than they already are please ?


Hi there,

1. Open the stylesheet for the theme. (style.css)

2. Go to line 174 in a text editor and it will allow you to change the size of the font for the navigation.

3. Upload the edited file to your server and replace the old one.

Thanks, G

thank you, is there a way of using custom CSS to change that ?

There is no custom css field in this particular theme.

Thanks, G

Is this a wordpress theme?

Yes, I did, I purchased 2 templates Slasher and Ciuter but they both don’t work, give me the same error when I try to upload them

We don’t have a theme called Slasher :/

Sorry, I posted it in the wrong place

Hi there!!! When I am uploading to my portfolios, the images are getting all out of wack. Also I am not able to sort the images by filename, and reordering them does not work… This theme needs an update BAD… :/

Add the following css to framework/gallery/css/gallery.css:

.menu_order input { padding: 0px; } { position: static; }

Hi, the menus on the left bounce up and down when you hover. Is there any way the menu could be a tool tip/dropdown rather than the accordion effect?


The menu has only the functionality in the demo. Any other type would require some premium customisation.


I use the cluster theme. My website has been hacked

My hosting has recommended I update my web software. Are there any updates available for this theme?

Thank you, matthew

There are no security problems with this theme since all the code is written ourselves. Your WordPress has not been hacked through the theme but via other means.

Hi ! I want to add woocommerce on my website using your theme, but the shop page does not display properly : Any idea on how to fix it ?

Thanks :)

Themes have support this plugin to display correctly. This theme does not support Woocommerce.

Hi, is it intended, that Cluster supported WordPress 4.0 – in the future?


Right now, have you got a bug to report?

Yes! I have got updated to 4.0, and the complete page bar have been destroyed. Fortunately, i had an Backup tu 3.0!

“complete page bar” What is this?

Hello. How to remove the maximize button in the photo?

Add the following code to the theme stylesheet.

a.pp_expand {display: none; opacity: 0;}


is it possible to have sub-categories in the portfolio section? E.g. a dropdown menue similar to “FULLSCREEN” etc. for example not just with the categories “Men” “Women” “interiors” “…”

but with

“Men” “Men1” “Men2” “Men3” … “Women” “Women1” “Women2” “Women3” … “Interiors” “Interior1” “Interior2” “Interior3” …

Every sub categorie should be an own slideshow like on the front page.

Better instead of the menue items “Walls”, Galleries”, etc. immediately the particular categories with their dropdown sub-categories.

I like the slideshow on the front page, but want to have a differentiated control of the photo content.

Hope you know what I mean.

Thanks a lot!

“If I get you right, I will have there just the main-categories without the sub-categories.”


“If I choose a main-categorie out of the portfolio navigation, will there shown then all photos in the slideshow, including every sub category?”

Yes, but you can create a different portfolio for each sub category.

“Is it possible to use the Google font library?”

This will require you to know css and implement it yourself.

“And is it possible to place my logo in the upper left corner instead of a just a lettering?”


Uh-huh. Thanks. And which fonts are used standardly for the menue, etc.? That isn’t a system font, isn’t it?

The font system is cufon and the font used is FF Good.

I have updated Theme Cluster to WordPress 4.0 – and the complete categories will be destroyed. I thought, you´ve optimized the Theme to WordPress 4.0?

This theme is compatible with 4.0

Hi. I want to explore your theme.

But comes a strange screen. (Live Preview click…)

Would suffered a hack?

Cheers for telling us! This sucks :(

Hi. I purchased three years ago the Cluster theme (version 2.0). How can I update my version? In my version, the theme does not work properly on iphone. the image appear too big for the screen and don’t adapt to the iphone screen. Thanks.

ok just emailed you

Thank you for helping! I have it right now, it works well on iphone.

Is there a way to choose which portfolio appears on the main page? I’ve not been able to figure this out.

Yes Adam,

You need to change the publish date to the earliest time possible on the portfolio you want to display on the homepage.


I went to Portfolios, Quick Edit, and changed the date to 2010, but it’s still not loading that Portfolio. Is there anything else I could have done that would be affecting that?

By the earliest time possible I meant closest to the current date. Sorry I wasn’t completely clear :)

Hello, does this theme work with the latest update of wordpress (4.2.1)?

Hi there,

The demo version is currently running 4.2.1. We don’t see any problems so far.


Awesome thanks. I just upgraded the theme and WP and no issues.


Is it possible to have text beneath portfolio? something like “click to view larger image”.


Hi there,

Not straight away you would have to write this in the theme files and not in the backend of WordPress.


Hi there, I am unable to find the portfolio option that does not crop the images on the portfolio page. Please help! Thanks!

Hi there,

In the portfolio image options for each image it allows you to pick the orientation of the image:

Hi! I love this theme – but for some reason it isn’t making my website compatible with any smartphone. I am not able to go through the menu options. Is there a link where I can update to the latest version?

Hi there,

Sorry for the wait. The latest version of the theme works on my iPhone:

I will need to take a look at your install. I need your WordPress site address/wp-admin address, username and password. Please send this to

Regards, ThemeProvince

I sent them email with my information to you and have not received a response. Could I please have someone check this out.

Hi there,

I didn’t get anything could send your message again? To:

Hello, I posted on your support forum and no response in over a week….

The pictures on the home page used to re-size (become smaller) on mobile. It’s no longer doing that…not sure what happened. Can you confirm that the pictures are supposed to re-size and how I might be able to fix the issue.

Hello, it’s been 4 weeks with no response on the support forum. Are you guys still supporting the theme?


It appears that this theme is no longer supported. I’ve not received any responses in months.


Cidies Purchased

Hi there,

Probably nothing but i can’t import the xml file well to get the demo content. The import tool load few minutes after the import and then, nothing. No message, nothing.

So the tools import plugin isn’t works or the demo content is just about few pictures and no pre-created pages ? ^^