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All support links are down and there is no way to update theme?

Hello. We changed the hosting server, now everything is working ( if the error persists wait update DNS )



i have a problem with share this buttons which under the post, im gonna use another plugin for it, and i need to delete default share this buttons under the posts but i cant see any choice for it, please can you help me ? (sorry I’m like a caveman about that :)

By the way, the theme is absoluetly great! thanks for your great job!


1) Theme Panel -> Blog Settings -> Share Post Links in Single post ( Enable / Disable )

2) Thanks! ;)

Best Regards.

Hi!! This template is affected by this vulnerability ? add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() https://blog.sucuri.net/2015/04/security-advisory-xss-vulnerability-affecting-multiple-wordpress-plugins.html


Hello. No.


Hello, How to put the shortcode list (to use shortcode in my post) ? Because impossible to find it… Many thanks

Hello, How to put the shortcode list (to use shortcode in my post) ? Because impossible to find it… Many thanks


How to change the space between the logo title and the subtitle in the header please ? (top and bottom)

Thanks in advance !

When is the next update?

it appears you no longer exist? There’s a bug with the latest release of WordPress. Are you still supporting your themes?

CNEWS is compatible with WordPress 3.6+, 3.7+, 3.8+, 3.9+, 4.4+, what about WP 4.5. ? When is the next upload ? Is it necessary for me to change this theme ? I have many problems with it ?

Hello. Theme is compatible with WP 4.5 +


any updates to theme coming soon? Seems to have issues with recent updates and theme acting up. WYSIWYG is not allowing edits and disappears.

Hello. Please send me more info – screens, etc. ( contact@wp-theme.pro or https://wp-theme.pro/forum/ )


mail’s captcha always return “invalid captcha” error. i tried delete whole captcha elements from “content-contact.php” file but couldn’t fix it. how can i solve this problem?

when i installed theme on server, server delete /functions/theme-csc.php and framework/options-framework.php files for has a exploit script. how can you clear both files?

I just discovered a major issue with this theme version 1.6 and WP 4.6. I am getting major errors related to the following file: wp-content/themes/cnews/update-theme.php on line 69. There are too many errors to list here but there are all related to the same file. Parser errors, javascript errors, tag errors. Please help, asap!

Well it’s been a month since I posted this, with no reply from the theme Author. I also see that other users are having the same issue as well. No response. Please be aware this template has not been updated since July of 2015 and is NOT compatible with Wordpress 4.6.


Fixed, please re-download.


Thank you, the update seems to have fixed it.

I am getting major errors related to the following file: wp-content/themes/cnews/update-theme.php on line 69

tring(): Entity: line 77: parser error : Premature end of data in tag html line 2 in public_html/wp-content/themes/cnews/update-theme.php on line 69

Pl update ASAP

Hello. Fix it. ( bug hosting provider )

Hi my client have your theme in their site do you have any child theme ready for your theme?? thanks in advance

I am experiencing the update theme error on wp-content/themes/cnews/update-theme.php on line 69. Also, what is the point of this file?

Also it seems your domain has expired and you reference this in the updatetheme file.

This is in response to the other users that have found an error with this theme and Wordpress 4.6. The error in the update-theme.php file.

I am not a programmer, so I don’t know how to fix the error, but I will share with you how I managed to get rid of it, hopefully with no consequences.

Access your theme files in a file manager and download a copy of the update-theme.php file for safe keeping, just in case. Next delete the file from the theme folder. This will create a new error in a file in the theme’s functions folder file called theme-csc.php (see below).

Warning: include_once(/wp-content/themes/cnews/update-theme.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /wp-content/themes/cnews/functions/theme-csc.php on line 73

Open this file in an editor and comment out lines 72-74. This stops the theme looking for the file that you just deleted. That’s it, the errors disappeared for me, and hopefully will not effect the rest of the site.


Fixed, please re-download.


Thanks, the update seemed to have fixed it.

Hi there,

Please Can anyone help me find the file name of the homepage and the directory in which I can find it? I want to modify the tags


on the home page but since 3 days I didn’t find it. Thank you.

You are not a buyer.

I’m working for a client who bought it from you. Please could you help me to find the home page file and the directory to modify h2 and h3? Thanks