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Awesome work Kriesi! :)

I like the concept and minimalistic look & feel. Great job! ;)

Looks great! Good luck in sales! ;)

Great work! Good luck :)

Just purchased this… beautifully done… can’t wait to dig in.


Don’t you have enough theme already?

Just kidding :D great work mate.

Kriesi is back.. yay!

Thanks everyone, glad you like it :)

What is the maximum size for a logo? and what kind a script makes the thumbnails? thanks alot – looks sick !

logo max with is 260px. no height limitations.

The thumbnails are created by WordPress itself upon uploading. no external scripts like timthumb used.

An html version available by chance? Not a fan of wordpress.

Unfortunatley not. the only way would be to use the wordpress version and save the generated html as separate html files…

Too bad, I love the design. I’m not technical enough to be able to “save the generated html as seperate html files” as you suggested…

Nice template again Kreisi, love your diversity.

Thanks a lot :)

this is really amazing, really love it! would like to use this potentially….

a few questions, just to be on the safe side:

is it easy to create a custom background image and embed it in the background of this template and make it fixed? does this template support that?

also, does it support videos embedded into the slider on the home page?

thank you!


Video slides are supported yes. Embedding a custom background image is a matter of a single css rule which you can add in your admin panels quick css panel :) If you need help with that feel free to bug my customer support team at

Beautiful job – Would love a html version too :)

I love this theme. Is is possible to create a horizontal layout where pages slide in from the right?

unfortunatley not :/

Hi kriesi,

Nice theme! In the portfolio I don’t notice a portfolio post page for an item. Is it possible to give a portfolio item its own page?

Looking forward to your fast reply.

Yes thats possible. In your backend you have a settings if the title should link to the portfolio single entry and you can also choose to link the image to this entry

Love the theme….but – a one page site – how does this handle seo for blogs and pages if it only spits out one url?

How can individual posts be SEO ’d?


You can choose to either include the blog overview in the one page scheme or add an external blog just like I did in the theme demo. However the links to the single post entries are always available, just in any other theme so search engines do crawl the theme just as usual. There are no SEO drawbacks at all.

Problem solved!

Hi Kriesi,

im about to buy the theme but one question before.

Is it possible to change from “One-Page-Website” to single-pages-website? It would be nice, if i could have single pages instead of the scrolling effect when i click the menu…

Thank you very much! Chris

Yes, you can use the theme as a “normal” wordpress theme as well. An option for that is available in your backend :)