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Hey, thats what i call “QUICK RESPONSE ”!

Thank alot Kriesi!!!


Sorry Kriesi,

one more and a last question.

Is it also possible to align the site to the left? So its possible, that i need more space on the right…

Or is it just a CSS thing?

Thanks again!


this is just a css thing, the site is set to a fixed with of 930px (container class)

.container {
    margin: 0 auto;
    position: relative;
    width: 930px;

you can remove the margin:0 auto; to remove the center alignement

Hey,that is realy nice theme. just want to ask two things before i buy,

if used as a “normal” WP theme is the sidebar stays at the same place -left side and the pages changes on he right side without scroling?

and i must have “services” page -is that posible to do with some services descriptions and maybe photos?

also, where i can place phone number :)


yes that the default usage if you use it as normal theme. You can then add any number of menu items and pages, just like in other themes, service, contact etc.

I would recommend to put the phone number either on the contact page or into the sidebar with the help of a text widget :)

Hi Kriesi,

Excellent theme! I’m considering this for portfolio site for myself. I want to show video, photos, docs, and audio. Is it possible to integrate an audio service like in the portfolio, as you would vimeo or youtube?


Unfortunatley I dont think thats possible. The theme uses wordpress built in oembed function to directly embed videos like vimeo or youtube. As far as I know soundcloud doesnt support oembed yet :/

Hi there,

Nice theme!

Some bug’s? and a question.

On the portfolio item page When giving the featured image the option ‘no link’, then in the actual portfolio overview page, the ‘title’ seems to be a link but when clicking it, it shows a page with no actual content in the content area.

In the templatebuilder I added the portfolio element. When deactivating the ‘portfolio excerpt’, the ‘portfolio tilte link’ is not showing anymore.

And I just want to show the portfolio-tems title, so no except or page/post text, but there is no option to deactivate the page/post text?

Is there an option to add an element that has pagination, so you can link to the next portolio-item. Now a user has to go back to the portfolio-overview page.

Looking forward to you reply

Hi Kriesi,

I figured this one out (it was because i had selected the ‘one-page-porfolio’ tempalte): On the portfolio item page When giving the featured image the option ‘no link’, then in the actual portfolio overview page, the ‘title’ seems to be a link but when clicking it, it shows a page with no actual content in the content area.

Hey Kriesi,

so, purchased, great Theme! Thanks!

But a question :-)

You wrote: to align left

.container { margin: 0 auto; <- (removed) position: relative; width: 930px; }

But sorry, how can i add some space on the left side :-) ? Thanks Chris

The code, sorry!

.container {
    margin: 0 auto;  <--- removed
    position: relative;
    width: 930px;



A question about the resizing of the images, they are automatically being cropped from the centre of the image. I have mainly portait orientated images so i want to have the images being cropped from the top.

Any idea where i can adjust this in the code?

Please let me know!

Unfortunatley the cropping is done directly by wordpress. I have jsut performed a google search on how to control this but it seems there is no wa of doing this other than hacking the core files. if you want to do it here is the link on how its done:


When opening a portfolio-item page the menu item (name of the portfolio) is not selected anymore in the main menu, any idea how to adjust this in the code?

Looking forward to your fast reply.

No this is no bug, its simply not possible for wordpress to detect the relation of a single portfolio post and a coresponding menu item that you have named portfolio that creates a link to a single portfolio overwview site

How do i change the size of the slide show? I would like the home page show to be 610X400 instead of 610X255. Please help me out

Open your functions.php file, at the top of the file you wil see an image array. simply change the dimensions of the $avia_config‘imgSize’ entry.

Since wordpress generates the image thumbnails on upload you already upploaded images might appear distorted since the got the old size.

You can fix this by either uploading the images again or using the regenerate thumbnails wordpress plugin:

Hi Kriesi,

is it possible to implement the portfolio items into an existing single site? (

Im using the non One Page Portfolio.

Thanks, Chris

Of course. If you are using the non One Page Portfolio you need to create a new custom template in your backends template builder. There you just need to create a template that holds a portfolio.

Once that is done safe the template and head over to the page that should make use of this template (eg a page called portfolio). When editing the page you will notice that you are able to select a dynamic template. Choose the one you just created and you are done ;)

More on this can be found in the documentation folder that comes with the download ;)


I love this theme!!!

Works great!

Thank alot!

And Greetings from germany to austria!


Found a kind of a BUG .

Im coding a youtube link into the website. I have this youtube icon image which links to a youtube channel.

But automaticly the ’.lightbox_video’ class is applied to the image! The hover effect is kinda cool BUT when i click the link a lightbox is opend instead of the actual url/webpage.

How can i fix this?


Thats actually not a bug, it is intended behavior that everything that contains the a url string starting with will be linked to the lightbox. maybe I can modify the regular expression that checks for the link.

as a quick and dirty solution that doesnt involve hacking some code: i would recommend to use a shortlink service like and enter that link instead.

I will look at the issue and if i find a convenient solution add it to the next update ;)


Hi Kriesi,

Great idea/tip, thanks!

I have 2 little problems with the menu. I used dummy data import.

-) When I click the menu item that the blog feature has been assigned to the “Home” gets highlighted instead of the “Blog”. Tried in various different settings.

-) Home is always shown and cannot be renamed. I do not need it. When I click “Home” the menuitem assigned as frontpage gets highlighted. This is ok, but why have the Home there in the first place.


Hi Kriesi

Love the theme one questions which Im not sure about. I keep checking the theme settings to see if I can find it but its not there.

I am looking for the settings in the backend to edit the copyright content under the menu.

Normally this would be footer text. Cant find the option anywhere?

Cant even find the class copyright in any of the css files.

Any ideas?

Hi Kriesi,

I noticed the shortcodes are not working in the excerpt! How can i fix this?

Hi Kriesi,

Just purchased, and wanted to say excellent job – love the theme! Totally recommend it.

Just wanted to state, that my above problem has been solved by reinstalling.