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I’d like to purchase this theme, but need to know if its possible to incorporate simple cart into it to sell things?

Thanks! :)

awesome work!

I added a small bit of code to make external links in the menu open in a new window. Great theme!

Hi Kriesi, I’ve just purchased your theme which rocks, and have been running it through some tests.

Unfortunately I’ve come across a bug in IE8 & IE9 using the one page solution.

When you click the menu the page scrolls to the relevant area but automatically jumps back up to the top of the page.

Is this something you have come across before and is there a fix?

Plus I would also like to add a second tier to the main menu so I can chapter my sections in a hierarchical manner.

Is this possible or will I need to hand code?


Purchased this theme, and is working out great, but can’t figure out how to set up the contact form, it works, but where does the information go? I sent a test email and it’s gone it to the cyber-black hole :)! HELP !


Hey Kriesi,

Beautiful Theme. So clean, so smooth.

One question. I have two separate page sections where I would like to use a portfolio. Is it possible to have two portfolios?

Nice work !

Unfortunately, there’s a mention about “Layered PSD ” but there’s only logo and icons in the zip file. I expected a PSD with the page template, like the others themes we can find on this site.

Could we get them ?


Please, is it possible to get rid of the HOME menu entry. I have Home and Welcome where the Home only links the Welcome.

So it is not necessary to have it at all.

Best Regards

Hi! Great theme!

A question: I need to divide photos under two categories, gerarchically. For example, I have category Fashion, inside it there are 8 galleries (and of course each gallery has photos). Is it possible? Is there the opportunity to display pages with the list of gallery corresponding to each category?


Hi Kriesi,

seems that the pagination is not working for the portfolio. When the second page number is clicked, its seems to load but then the first page is displayed. Can you send me an e-mail so I can give you the link of the page so you can check it?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi ,

Love the theme , thank you ! Clean and simple and stylish. Couple of questions;

How do I edit the copyright notice at the bottom of the menu .

When I add any of the popular social sharing plugins such as add to any or sociable the icons all stack vertically instead of horizontally below each post or page . How can I fix this ? Need them to be horizontal.

Also , how can I disable comments on Posts.

Hi! I love this theme!

I’ve uploaded the theme via wordpress – just the “coalition” folder, and Ive tried to activate the dummy content, but all I get is this:

Importing didnt work! You might want to try reloading the page and then try again (The script returned the following message: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wordpress_importer_init() (previously declared in /home/[MY NAME]/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php:1084) in /home/[MY NAME]/public_html/wp-content/themes/coalition/framework/php/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 1059 )

I don’t know what this means… please help! I’ve read the instructions, but that says to just ‘activate it’ and click on the dummy date link.


hey! seems like there is a conflict with your plugin version of the wordpress importer. just head over to your plugins section, deactivate the wordpress import plugin and try again Cheers Kriesi


Feel free to ask me and my dedicated support team at my support forum at

The reasons I have chosen to use my own forum are quite simple: Themeforest support threads are not searchable. Since most questions are asked over and over again a searchable forum will make it possible that you dont even need to wait for my response, because its already there. Second Reason: people can’t respond to each other at themeforest to help each other out, while I am busy with other tasks. Third Reason: it is very inconvenient for me to check multiple places if support requests where made (here at themeforest, my themeforest mail account, my websites mail account, facebook group, twitter etc) Therefore I decided to channel those requests at one place and make it available to everyone so all of you guys can benefit.

Hello Kriesi, I would like to buy this great template, but first I have a couple of questions :)

1) In a portfolio page, is it possible to link a thumbnail to an swf file generated by xml to open in a new page? I’m considering to open the file in a new page because I doubt it would open in a lightbox.. correct me if I’m wrong.

2) I have an existing blog. can I import it in your template? I would like to have the blog visible within the template, without having to re-post every article. possible?

Thanks in advance, I look forward to a purchase!

best, Andrea

1.) yes linking to an external swf is possible. actually it should open in a lightbox but right now there seems to be a problem with the lightbox script. I am just investigating that. But linking to an external page with swf is definitley possible (and I am in contact with the lighbox script author, so it will probably work really soon with the lightbox again ;) )

2.) Yes thats possible. If you are installing my theme on your current installation it will work out of the box. If you are switching domains: Wordpress comes with an import/export function, located at your backend menu in “tools”.

If you are installing my theme on your current blog the only problem that might sometimes occur is that images arent displayed properly because the thumbnail size from your previous theme differs from my theme. you can circumvent this by activating this plugin once to recalculate image sizes and create new thumbnails:

Great! Thanks a lot for the quick answer.

My blog is on blogspot not wp.. forgot to mention that.. would it work anyways?

And there will be an update for the lightbox script?

thanks, Andrea

I have never done a transfer from blogspot to wordpress but the WP importer says it can do it, and there are several google results saying the same, so I guess it is possible, yes :)

As for the lightbox: hopefully. Depends on what the author of the script is telling me, but I am confident he will be able to help :)

Hi ! Great Theme! I would like to buy it for a simple eCommerce (only 10/15 products)... May I use a Wordpress eCommerce plug-in with this theme? jigoshop?

Thank You! A.


Wondering does anyone know how to have a video play in the LIGHT BOX like in the demo, so its not being played in the tiny thumbnail? Thanks

Hi I have a small doubt. Is this theme ready to add more pictures inside a work? I mean…instead of a lightbox with only a picture…can we have more and then go to the next work?

Thank you very much…

Hi Kriesi! Great theme, thank you!

How do I edit the tex that is on the to of them theme? Right now it reads: “Hello & Welcome to the Coalition Theme Demo! Coalition is an elegant WordPress one Page Portfolio Theme.”

How do I edit this?

Please thanks!

Hi Kries, great theme. We have a problem with the sidebar menu. We have choosen One Page Portofolio, added the various sections but the menu on the left doesn’t appear. We have also setted every page as Dynamic Template One Page Portfolio. Have we to do something other? Thank you