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Question posted over a month ago to ‘official’ support forum in here on the comments. One brief, inconclusive response offered and further requests for support have been ignored. Not impressed.

hi love the theme

ive beeen adjusting it

and i have a problem:

my lang is hebrew there for im usig utf-8

when i add a page section and write the name in my lang

the menu item doesnt scrolll down and it shows when i change it to english it does

thanks eitan

how can i fix

Is it possible to remove the Wordpress Theme by

out of the footer?

Nevermind- I figured it out

I was wondering if you know of a login plugin or something I can add to my site that allows users to register and then login.

Thank you in advance

Theme Update

Hey Guys! We have just released a new patch for the theme!

Mai 14th Update: we have updated the framework folder across all of our WordPress Themes for security and new functionality! Go get it now :)

Please re-download the latest set of files from your “Downlaods” page and replace the files mentioned in the version.txt file that comes with the download.

Theme Support

Please use the support forum we have set up here for any support questions you have:

If you got any pre sales questions please use the contact form on my profile page :)

Thanks a lot and best regards! Kriesi

Just about to purchase this theme, but I want to know if you can easily change the background to an image? Thanks!

Can I upload to WordPress 3.3.2?

Hello Kriesi!

The Theme looks great.

Any thoughts about putting some responsive features into the theme?

If so I’ll be buying this!

Many Thanks Steven.

I am trying to buy it but server seems to be always too busy!

Do you offer this Coalition template in HTML /CSS by chance?

forget it..

I was wondering! In the homepage; what is the limit number of blog posts that can be shown ?

Reply ASAP ! plz

Thanks for this theme.

I have got one question. Is it possible to remove the large white spaces between pages? I juse the One Page Portfolio settings. I want easy scrollen between content, without the large white space in between them.

Thanks for your support! Kind Regards,


How do I set the slideshow to only rotate through all images once?

I’d like it to stop rotating after the last image.

Thank you!


Can I change the overall background colour of the theme from the default white or black to a blue colour? Where would I do this?

My client bought this theme and noticed an issue with Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) on Windows 8 – the left sidebar stays at the bottom of the page. I wanted to buy this for one of my other clients, but first need to have this issue fixed – I’ve tested your Live Preview on theme forest and see the same problem – any ideas on how to fix or when a new version to address this will be released? Thanks- Steve

Does Coalition come with your awesome “Sidebar Tabs” shortcode that you use in many of your other themes? I am on the verge of purchasing and would love to have that shortcode (maybe manually add it if possible).

I’m interested in buying this theme. How difficult would it be for the portfolio to go to it’s own single page? I love how everything in this theme works, but would like individual pages/posts to be dedicated to my portfolio items. Thanks for any suggestions.

Hello! I have bought this theme but I have a problem on uploading it in says that is missing the “style.css” file. I’ve tried to upload an other one which is free and it works just fine. Can you pls help me? Thank you!