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nice work..

Hi, there is no background into outlook, how can we make the newsletter look nice into Microsoft Outlook?


No background? It could b the urls try sending it to yourself and see how it previews

I mean the background image, not the background color. Microsoft Outlook 2010 do not allow background image. Do you have a work around because the newsletter is not compatible with outlook?

The font replacement is also not working but this I can understand if it’s not compatible, the message is still displayed.

thank you for your answer!

Hmm, it should work. Can you contact me for further support via my website

Like the above comment, I can’t get this to work in Outlook 2010. Please let me know if there is a work around.

i did purchase this template, how do i ‘import’ this template into MailChimp?

Copr and paste all the code into your mail chimp custom template. Obviously you will need to host your own images first.

thanx Cazoobi, it is working 200%.

i am happy with your product.

regards markus