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Good product, well done :)


Excellent presentation of the variations. It will be interesting to see how users interact with it. You should have analytics on this. Good luck!

Thanks! ;)

Wow. This is gonna be huge. Great project man! Looks awesome!

Thanks a lot!!

Unique, elegant work Serzh, well done!
Kind Regards,

Thanks, Bedros!

Really nice work! Love your slider!!!

:) Thanks!

Really Awesome! GLWS! :)

Thanks :)

Very nice mate!Like it :)


Well done :) Good luck!


4 Pre-sale questions; please forgive me if I overlooked the answers: 1: In the online documentation, you mention “Each portfolio… You can choose from 4 different sizes…” 1a – What are the 4 sizes? 1b – I am looking for for the on-click portfolio item to appear like the Masonry portfolio but am also wanting a fullscreen gallery like the GoGetSlider. Is a fullscreen gallery possible from a portfolio item?

2: Is there a way to have the “Grid” portfolio item to open like the Masonry overlay? I love the overlay, but want the all square look :(

3: When I click “Read More” on all of the portfolio items, I get an error, do you have an example of what the read more does?

4: The color demo isn’t clickable on the themes item page, can I make the nav/header background white within your theme options?

I’ve been waiting months for a theme that looks and functions like yours, congrats on the theme.

1) Portfolio masonry http://prntscr.com/2tv5y9 Portfolio grids http://prntscr.com/2tv62v Each Porfolio can choose the type of display. http://prntscr.com/2tv6v9

2) If I understand you correctly. That portfolio grids with overlay http://cobra-demo1.elasticbuilder.com/?page_id=378

3) The “Red more” is given as a link to the project. I indicated a website but it did not work for technical reasons

Portfolio item page: http://cobra-demo1.elasticbuilder.com/?portfolio=generate-lorem-ipsum-which-looks

4) Color demo I still doing, will soon be available. You can change the color of absolutely everything on the site. Even each section have the opportunity to exhibit their unique colors.

Just soon be available pre-installed skins.

Thanks for your comment!

I neglected to number a question from my previous questions, and didn’t get an answer…

“Is a fullscreen gallery possible from a portfolio item?”

I know you have a slider as fullscreen but I am hoping a portfolio has this as an option.

No, only separately uploaded images.

what’s with all the photos from wallbase.cc? are you allowed to use them? i can’t believe envato allows use of unlicensed images.

Photos are not included in the archive.

Of course they are not included but yet, you’re using them on commercial purposes (marketing). You should only use licensed images, it’s a rule followed by any author. If all images were allowed to use on preview then we could all use photos from 1x.com or other great sites.

Hi, Just a few pre-sale questions as i’m really interested in the theme. This is a great looking theme but I think the mobile version of the theme needs to be looked at. When I check it on my iPhone – the video header background option automatically opens the video in quicktime. This is not desirable for a visitor to have a video popping up when they visit the site on their mobile device. It will be much better if there is a poster image that can show when browsing on a mobile. Also the slider layout option took a very long time to load on my phone and the other homepage options (masonry blog) were buggy with the menu components looking strange on my device.

Yes video I try to resolve this problem. Slider loaded long because heavy Image.

What’s wrong with the menu? Please give more information.

Great work!.. GLWS ;)

Thanks ;)

Hi there,

I would like to know if this theme can have one background image that fits whole screen? Text will be either on the left or the right side.

Example : http://elevate.mdnw.wpengine.com/home/overview/layouts/slimview-left/

Thanks, Dee

Not yet! I will do something like this in the near future

Great site! I purchased the theme and have a quick questions…. in the portfolio section there is a “Project website section” where you can enter a URL. I want the URL to open in a new window. How can I do this? I checked the gridifier-template.php and can see where it calls the button, but not how to set the target to blank. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

In gridifier.js


$form.find('.button').html( '<a href="' + data.button.link + '">' + data.button.text + '</a>' );



$form.find('.button').html( '<a target="_blank" href="' + data.button.link + '">' + data.button.text + '</a>' );

or wait for the next update, we’ll fix this.

? you!!!! It worked like a charm!!!! Thanks!!!

You are welcome! :)

Hi, we just puchased this theme.

But there are some issues concerning the demo:

First, In the Layerslider WP section following error is displayed: “Your puchase code doesn’t appear to be valid…” So i put in the corrct purchase code without success. What’s wrong?

Then, when i choose the layer-slider-data.json file to Import the layerslider wp demo data, than nothing seems to happen? (Hint: Above in the list there are 6 sliders. Maybe it has done the Job correct…)

A bit more serously, when i try to Import the Revolution slider demo date with the green Import button, the new popupwindow freezes and nothing can be done than? The Mozilla errorconsole doesn’t Show any js error. I tested this issue with ie11 and ff16 on a windows 7 System…

Any suggestions? I’m in a hurry. The Website should be tomorrow online :<

Thanks for your reply, wp-teo

Layer Slider purchased on extended license, and code purchase from me. You do not need to enter it, I myself will update the version of the slider in the updates.

At the expense of imports, please provide the username and password in the admin panel, I’ll see what’s wrong. I have never encountered such a problem.

Please use the contact form at my profile. If you have your slider, please send me a demo data to be imported.


Hi Serzh, thanks for your replies. We have managed ourself the issues i have asked before. Sorry for wasting your time :>

But, of course, there are some new ones: First, in the services-section there are three services. On a big screen the three ones are shown side by side properly. But how can i hide the section navigation (prev, next)? This nav is only nessacery when there are more items than displayed, right? And: When i reduce the browser width the item headlines are displayed into each other, because the headlines are much wider than the thumbnails. I couln’t find a solution where i can increase the item width to prevend these display error.

Secondly (i know you your answer allready) there is the wish to have the opportunity to insert into the portfolio-masonry items, which simply link to a page instead triggering the details into a lightbox. Can you please describe the right path to solve this issue?

Many thanks, wp-teo

1) Ok, thanks for the info I will do in the next update.

2) You need to select the settings section portfolio “Page” http://prntscr.com/2zcg2d

I can´t seem to add the GoGetSliders when I use the Visual Composer to add a page. All the other sliders are there, but not GoGetSliders. How can I add the GoGetSliders in the header of a static page and not only on a blog post?

Add Custom class:

.section-desc { border-left: 0 none !important; }

As for the portfolio, you are sure that you have added portfolio items?


Thanks for the CSS code. That worked. :)

Here is how I set up the portfolio : http://tinypic.com/r/a11o2s/8

And here : http://tinypic.com/r/2n665nl/8

Looks correct?

No, the picture is added to the Featured image http://prntscr.com/2u7x2r

Is it possible to have the “hidden menu” always open and different width?

Not yet, I was planning to do it soon

I’m having problems with the hidden menu in Masonry, it shows the submenus as horizontal menus, could you help me to fix that bug?

Also I tried creating new menus, selecting “Hidden vertical menu”, uninstalling and installing the theme 94 times, so please if you can tell me how to make it work whould be great.

In addition in smartphones it work strange (the left bar takes too much space). \\ Thank you.

you’re right! corrected in the next update. will be soon.

Thanks a lot!

Aprox. how long will it take?, another VERY important suggestion the theme work bad in movile devices it does not open the images and redirect me to the post of the image the post sees so bad because of the space of the left bar.

I need to finish this page today so I’ll waiting for your answer.


Sorry for the long answer. Updates will be released very soon, with all fixes

Nice job! Looks great! Keep it up!

Thanks :)