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What do I need to create the child theme for this?

Child theme is not yet available.

Hey is it possible to get the import link for the live preview theme? I find it abit hard to customize and I’d love to just change the things as it is one the prev

Oh also, my parallax images also repeats, any idea how to fix? SS:

1) The archive contains a file with demo data. Download the entire archive.

2) Can you provide a link to a page? does not look like that this one image.

Hi Serzh, great work

I have a question about the metro portfolio. On my PC it looks that some pictures or not in the right grid, they overlap eachother and also it overlapse at the bottom and some other places.. Look at the 3th row, girl with the red hear and the last picture at the bottom

Is this normal or is the picture wrong dimensioned? I like your theme and want to purchase it but i need to know if everything is/will be ligned out Perfectly in the masonry portfolio style!

Best regards, Harrie..

Yes thank you, will soon be updated with corrections.

A few questions :

1. Where can I change the logo size? 2. Where can I change the color settings on the Mega Menu? 3. I can´t seem to find where to change the background on the Services section? Where is it? 4. On the Contact section, I want to remove the fax area. Where can I do that? 5. Also, when I create new pages and want to align images etc. they seem to live their own life. Won´t align right and keep the text placed properly besides it etc. Are there any reason for that?


1) Size does not change its width is fixed and proportional to the height.

2) Go to Appearance> Theme Options


4) Just leave the fields empty

5) Can you give a link to a page with pictures?

Hey. I created a user on but can not be allowed to create a thread. So I write it here.

If you go onto the live demo, choose awsome slider -> menus -> parallax menu.

Clicking on the service menue item then the page jumps from home to halfway on portfolio and generally act a bit flickering.

I have the same problem..

Will you be kind enough to correct it?

// Kasper

Thanks for the information, correct it in the next update. Very soon.

I have been playing around with the CSS and the template settings and I still can´t seem to find where the color setting for the custom menu are? I find some settings in CSS, but when changed nothing happens.

Go to Appearance > Theme Options

Hey Serzh,

I love the template and still trying to figure it out on how it works, but i was wondering if in the parallax i could add a secondary slider or have a parallax section with text and button/link animation like a slider?

Thanks in Advance Eddy

You can create a page with a slider using Visual Composer, and then insert this page as a section.

Lovely looking theme. Pre-purchase questions:

1) Can the side navigation bar be set like this website? as client doesn’t want it all the way down the page and it’s open the whole time?

2) Can you also on a one pager have two different masonery portfolios? My client wants a separate portfolio for their London & Sydney partners?

3) Are psd files available after purchase so I can show the client what the look & feel will be like before commencing?

Many thanks in advance.

1) Unfortunately, there is only three types of menu as the demo.

2) Yes, you can create an unlimited count of portfolios and blogs on one page.

3) No, unfortunately not available PSD.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘global’ (T_GLOBAL) in header-slider-hidden-menu.php on line 1

I use multysite. IT was new installation and no any costumisation.

If this message displays, it means you have another server encoding to not show this error you need to upload the theme again, but in FTP client, select “binary” mode. For example FileZilla:


While looking through you live preview I can’t get the menu to function on my iPad. The menu animate out but the links seem dead?

Thanks for the info, I’ll check. When tested everything worked perfectly.

So is there any Support for loading issue? The zip file says it is empty. I need Help ASAP

When is your update to this web site coming out. Still is not working for me.

What exactly does not work for you?

Fatal error: Call to undefined function phpadd_action() in /home/gtd/public_html/wp-content/themes/cobra/includes/widgets/flickr_widget.php on line 1

Was not able to install the theme, flickr plugin crashing entire plugin, no response from zerth on the forums. email me at if you can provide a mirror download with a working version…

If you receive an error after installation: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in”

If this message displays, it means you have another server encoding to not show this error you need to upload the theme again, but in FTP client, select “binary” mode. For example FileZilla:

hi there why is the videoheader previeuw not workin// and if it works possible to control it also??pause play etc?? kind regards


Strangely, it works. what is your browser? Video controls appear in the new version soon.


Some of the revolution slider options don’t work/respond. Some options work, and others won’t do anything when trying to change them. Such as adding text to a slide, Layer General Parameters, Animations. Add layer button does nothing. Also it needs to be updated?

Yes has released a new version. Soon will update the theme and I will update revolution slider.

Pre-purchase question. I need captions to display on or with all my images but I’m not seeing any in the demo portfolios. Is there an option for adding captions to images? If I can add captions then I’m sold.

Second pre-purchase question: must all the images in any given portfolio have the same dimensions?

1) Of which captions you mean? Title portfolio an item? 2) The amount of pictures can be different, work lined up automatically as masonry.

I need individual images to have a two or three line descriptions. They can be in either the title area or below in the caption area. In other words, every time you click on an image you can also see two or three (or more) lines of text along with it.

In the demo it looks like all images are cropped or constrained to fixed dimensions just as they are in the Metro template. My images have many different dimensions and form factors. Does the theme allow for that?

help please i tried installing and keep getting a message:

“Are you sure you want to do this?

Please try again.”

What am i ding wrong, i dont have ftp and this is using the wordpress uploader

ha ok im figuring it out, i had issue with extracting the file and not retaining the structure, fixed it and uploaded but still getting some weird issues,...


I am glad that you got it. You now everything looks working, except that you need to resave as a vertical menu.

im loving this theme as i play with it more,... please open a forum on the help page and please continue to support this theme to the fullest.

i would love to get feedback and support from other users on this theme as i develop better programming skills,...

one thing i would really like to do is figure out how to go from the left menu mast head on the site to the the overhead navigation on just the store pages like you have in the demo. can you or someone do a video or detail instructions,...

thanks bro, keep it rocking Jarrett

Can you provide the code to set up the store like the demo site with the side bar and top navigation.

Basically i want my main page to be the hidden menu with video player and some pages like your demo here: or my page here:

to a store product page that has the overhead menu

It wont let me edit that page at all,... im still new at this but im guessing what i want to do has to do with the page templates.

this is my first webpage ever

k figured out from the page templates but i still cant seem to get my product page to look like this from the demo:


When I visit any of the demo-pages ( as an example) from my iPhone 5, the web browser crashes.

Browser: Safari, iOS 7.0.6.

As far as I understood, the theme shall be responsive and cellphone friendly? is this problem just on the demo page or in the theme in general?

Not encountered this problem. Necessarily will test again and if there really is a problem, I can handle it. Thank you.

Any idea when the update will be released, I am waiting to purchase it.

I am planning next week.

How do I remove/disable the big black pop-out bar on the left hand side? I don’t want that on my site, I would rather it be removed, and then everything else moved left to take its place, and content would then be centered.

Another question – for the isotope 4 column – I want my logo in the top left, but it currently is only set up for text based. How can I put my logo up there? (the isotope 4 column is acting as my ‘home’ page layout and want the logo).

Thanks and keep up the great work, theme is awesome. :D

Nevermind, it has all been resolved. :D Site is looking great.

Thanks :)