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Discussion on Coca - Architecture

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When using the Split Screen and Split Creative Banner templates for projects, the project details and text remain fixed and not sticky as demonstrated in the demo at https://n.foxdsgn.com/coca/projects-item/mountain-house/


Could you please contact Support Team directly regarding your issue?

Best regards, TrueThemes

Hi, there seem to be problems with the theme. It seems the plugin coca-plugins is having an error when loading it.

Keeps giving me a critical error when trying to customize appearance of the website.


Please, create a support ticket in order to solve your issue as soon as possible.


equipto Purchased

Hello. How do I make WooCommerce product images clickable when viewing products via shortcode on a page? Only the product titles are clickable.


Thank you for your question.

Please, create a support ticket, so we will be able to provide you with a proper solution.


Thank you for your question.

Please, create a support ticket, so we will be able to provide you with a proper solution.

servti Purchased

Documentation null

servti Purchased

error appears when I try to install woocommerce

Hi there!

Please, create a support ticket, then we will be able to provide you with the best solution.

hello, if you use the masonry filter in the backend “Total posts 2” is set, unfortunately not all other categories are displayed. Can I fix that too? Or another question, can I only display two images at the start and then when I press a filter I want to see all projects that match the filter. Is that possible?

Hi there,

It would be difficult to assess the situation via the comments section. Can I please request you to contact our support team to check this further?

Best regards, Andrian

Hello, Pre-purchase question: Great job and very nice theme that I would like to purchase and use. My clients don’t like the transition between pages, with the opening in the middle (contemporary kitchens). Is it possible to change this feature to traditional transitions? In advance, thank you very much & cordially.

Hi! I would like to update my theme but nothing works. The Coca plugins is not in 1.1.9 version but again in 1.1.6. Could you explain what happened with your theme?? Thanks. Gaëlle

Hi there,

It would be difficult to assess the situation via the comments section. Can I please request you to contact our support team to check this further?

Click Here To Get Coca – Architecure Support

Best regards, Andrian

Hi, there is a bug in the portfolio links when you click in “load more”. You can watch the problem here: https://youtu.be/GwHADWEez0w

I’m sending this via support too. Thanks.

Any ETA for a fix? My client need to officially release the page.

It should be resolved by the end of this week.

Sincerely, TrueThemes

Fixed within updated theme version 1.3.4

Hello. Coca don’t let me use Ninja Forms. There is something in the theme code messing with jQuery of the plugin. It’s all working well with Twenty Twenty-One, but not with Coca.

I’m sending this video for a better explanation: https://youtu.be/hlYB5MXApKU

Hope you fix it soon, my client need a form in the site and I can’t provide because of this.

“I can see your ticket in our system!” I skippped this part. lol

Our developers are doing their best to take care of the problem for you as quickly as they can.

I will make sure to email you right away once the fix is completed.

Hello, there is a bug in the Work Masonary page. It works in my page and in the theme demo page too. This video shows the bug happening: https://youtu.be/Rg8AwuZZevI

No extensions running in my browser. Using Google Chrome 94.0.4606.81.

Please, I need release my site. Don’t answer me with things like “I’ve passed the update to our developers, the issue is under investigation”. I need a fix, not a investigation.

The issue has not been fixed. Look at this screenshot from your own demo taken today: https://i.imgur.com/8ZFt6Qm.jpeg

I’m using a fresh Firefox installation [93.0 (64-bits)].

Hello there,

Thank you for your reply! The issue has been fixed on Chrome: https://monosnap.com/file/rQb8CgRAxfGotcaL5q8SmUfw0GsGnZ

Firefox issue will require some extra investigation. Once everything is resolved, I will email you right away.

Appreciate your cooperation!

Thank you. v1.3.0 is working fine now!

I choose Template parallax, but on mobile, images align to Left, not center, please check : https://pancai-design.com.tw/

Hi, I just test your demo site on iphone, the same bug is Parallax BG align to Left…

Thank you for pointing the issue!

Please take my apologies for the inconvenience. It has been passed to the developers, so they can check it closer and take care of the problem shortly!

Good morning, Good work ! I like the design But there are things that don’t work for me.

Many elements of the page are not working. I am using the latest version of wordpres 5.8 but I have also tried several older versions such as 5.4 5.5 etc Footer is also not visible.

If I publish material in: Sevices Projects Books Everything I try to publish there is not visible on the web. Is there a some solution?

Yeah. Sure Can you answer on my Email .. Thanks

Please check your email!

Appreciate your time and cooperation!

Solved Thanks !

I purchased these template and I saw a lot of bugs. I attach a video of the bugs. https://loom.com/share/fea33c046db24071a119537c87dde074 I would love to hear if you have a solution. Thanks

Hi there.

Thank you for sharing the video!

It would be difficult to assess the situation via the comments section. Can I please request you to contact our support team to check this further?

Click Here To Get Coca – Architecture Support

Best regards, Anastasia

Hello, I have problem saving modifications in the Theme Options Panel… When I click Save, “Saving…” appears and saves the modification, but I can’t do another one because the button is still in “Saving…” status. So I have to reload the page.

In the error console I read the problem is here: /wp-content/plugins/coca-plugins/includes/cs-framework/assets/js/cs-framework.js?ver=1.0.0 – line 662 – Uncaught TypeError: $.post(...).error is not a function

$.post( ‘options.php’, serializedOptions ).error( function() { alert(‘Error, Please try again.’); }).success( function() { $this.prop(‘disabled’, false).attr(‘value’, $value); $ajax.hide().fadeIn().delay(250).fadeOut(); });

Hi there,

The issue has been resolved already, please update the theme to the latest version. Coca 1.2.7.

Have a great day! Best regards!

Hello! I’m looking at the demo and loving it, but the before/after function isn’t working. :( I would love to use it in my site. Thank you.

Hi there,

Sorry, some misunderstanding happened! Thank you for pointing the issue!

Please take my apologies for the inconvenience, I have passed the problem to the developers. We will take care of this shortly! If you don’t mind I will keep you informed here!

Thank you so much. I’m waiting for it. :D

Please check on your side after cleaning the browser cash or using incognito window: https://n.foxdsgn.com/coca/before-after/

Have a great day!

Hi, I’m about to purchase this theme, but does it support the latest version of Wordpress?

Hi there,

Thank you for your question!

Yes, the theme is compatible with the latest Word Press version.


Thank you for the quick reply. I have the basic package on wordpress. Do i need any plugins to use the theme?

The theme is based on WP Bakery Page builder plugin. Slider revolution and coca-plugins required as well. No worries, all included in the theme package.

Hello. I bought this theme but the support doesn’t help me at all.

If i go to the theme options, i can’t select any of the options from the sidebar (Main options, Header, Typography, etc..), i can’t even select the favicon image… nothing works.

Can u help?

Hi there,

Please note! Our support team is working from 10AM -7PM EEST time, Monday – Friday.

I can see your ticket in our system! We would check and assist you shortly!

Hi! I just updated your theme and WordPress 5.7.2 but I have a grey screen!!!! Look at my website: https://beta.grenot-architecte.com/ I tried several times but it doesn’t work. Ireally need help! Thanks for your help. Gaëlle

Hi there,

Thanks for your question!

The theme has not been tested yet with WordPress 5.7.2, we do not support full compatibility with the latest version of WordPress yet. Our team is working hard to check everything as fast as possible.

For now, I recommend using the WP downgrade plugin in order to go back to the previous WP version!

Hope for your understanding and cooperation!

Hello, Is there any way to add new icons or replace et-lineicons with another icon set? Thank you.

you talking about the same support team that was not able to solve the main menu problem on the single product page for several weeks? Thank you! I would rather make the modifications myself.

Funny thing: i have two little badges: Purchased and supported. how is this theme supported? When i ask for support you ask for login details. when i give you the details (again) you need print screens (when the problem is obvious). when i provide print screens, you ask for login credentials and so on. :))

Kindly check your email! The main menu problem on the single product page has been fixed!

If you have any more questions, simply reply to our latest email to let us know.

hello i bought your theme. nice work. I wonder which php versions this theme is compatible with? good work

Hello there,

Thank you for your kind words!

To use Coca, please make sure you are running WordPress 4.6 or higher, PHP 5.6 or higher, and MySQL 5.6 or higher. Please check the requirements here: https://truethemes.helpscoutdocs.com/article/2200-requirements.

Best regards,

TrueThemes team.


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