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Hey there, great theme! I just set my website (thelozone.com) up but I’m having one small problem… Detail, basically.

I’m using the YouTube iframe code for my portfolio posts, now this works fine but there is a difference between how it looks between browsers. On chrome, it looks fine (although the YouTube quality setting doesn’t work properly there, which is a youtube / chrome problem). But on Firefox and IE, it’s different. The bottom of the youtube player (with buttons) stays on screen, while on chrome it dissapears when you move your mouse away. So it has less screen to show the video, and you get small black lines left and right of the video. Is this normal? Or is there a workaround for this?

I’m ok with the youtube button bar staying visible, but I would like to get rid of the black lines if possible…

Edit: one more thing. I unchecked “Comment author must fill out name and e-mail”, but it still requires to fill in an email when commenting. Can I disable this?


Do you have a live preview for the youtube issue? Currently you can not disable the email/name field but I will chec this.

Please send me an email for better support to spabrice[a]gmail.com

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve sent you an email.

Hi, I would like to change the lines below the menu points thinner. Can I do this in css? I didn’t find the code in the style.css. Is there any code like border-bottom? Or did you code in diferent way? Thanks for help!


it’s in style.css at line 930 + 936 you should see “border-bottom: ...”

I recommend to use the custom css field in the theme options so you won’t loose the changes when updating the theme:

Enter this: nav#main-nav > ul > li:hover > a { border-bottom: YOUR RULE; } nav#main-nav > ul > li.current-menu-item > a, nav#main-nav > ul > li.current-menu-ancestor > a { border-bottom: YOUR RULE; } nav#main-nav ul li .sub-menu { border-top: YOUR RULE; }

Hi, next problem… I would like to create 7 different galleries. That I have already done. But if I want to choose the gallery in page settings at the drop down “gallery settings” There are only 5 gallery to choose from… why? Where are the other 2 galleries? What’s also strange… if I have a gallery selected in page settings and have saved the page, there is always the top gallerie in the drop down selected after update. Why?


I will check this. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com

Hi, thank you! i have sent you an email…

Hello, just got a message from Envato, that the theme is updated. Download files tell me about V 1.2.

Please show the changelog.

Thanks in advance and best regards, rrwp87

You can see the changes on the description. It fixes some major bugs.


Hello. Themes are used well. Just have a question.

The +(more) button at the bottom of the page, I want to delete. Or want to show a lot of thumbnails.

I want to modify the settings menu. What should I do?

Help me~ (I do not speak English well. I hope the meaning conveyed.)


unfortunately I wans’tn able to understand all your issues.

If you don’t want the “+more” button you need to show all your thumbnails. Enter “-1” on ‘count’ on the theme options.

Hi there, Love your theme. I am trying to create a new page with the default template. I get an error 404 message. Same for the contact page. Can you advise what to change. Is it file permissions. T


Resave the permalinks or try to set the permalinks to default to check if this is working.

Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]gmail.com

hello, there are 3 main problems: 1. I added a filter to the portfolio-page. If I want to see all, it does not work. I added the work/portfolio-page to the category menu (portfolio). Does not work. I don’t want to add a category named “all” to my works.

2. Tried to add a filter to the blog, no results, never ever.

3. You can add widgets to the bottom right, but there is not enough room for, let’s say, the main menu. in normal viewing mode (safari), there are only 2 pages shown of the 4 or 5. The same to other widgets, like pages.

I need help or my money back!


1. but the title attribute MUST BE ‘all’

2. I just tested this and everything worked fine on my end. Do you use the latest version.

3. Yes, this area is only for small widgets like social icons, search box or text.

Hi, Solved my problem where I could not add new page. I changed the permalink to sample-post. I put it back to default and all is good now. T

Glad that you fixed it.

Hello, your theme is cool with sharp graphics. But :
  • why the logo in the header part and social icons in the footer are not Retina ready ?
  • is there a way to display big pictures from thumbnails wit one tap on iiPad instead of 2 (one to set the ”+” with colour hover the thumbnail and a second to display the big pic) ?
  • can categories displayed under titles in blog be linked to the list of the associated posts ?
  • can i add multiple “Gallery” pages ?
Thanks for answering before i buy;)


footer social icons should be retina ready. lo needs a small custization to make t reta ready.

this is not possible

this would only be possible by customizations

I love this theme, it’s so easy to use and looks great! Just one question, is there any way to order how your portfolio appears? It seems that the order appears chronologically. The stuff I uploaded first is at the bottom of the portfolio page and I would like to alter this without having to re-upload my work. Is there any way to do so? Hope this makes sense. Thanks!


the portfolio items are sorted by date. So you can change the publication date of the items.

How to update 10.1 to the latest 1.2 version? I do not have posts about in Wordpress…

Just delete the old theme and upload the new one. All your contentn & settings won’t be lost.


Hi, i have some problems with duplicate entry on home page after clicking “load more” how can we fix that ? thanks for your answer http://goo.gl/7B1tW

I just checked your site but could not see any problems. Did you fixed it?

Lovely theme SpabRice, but I have a few questions:

1) I see you have a filter on the front page. Is there a way to have this filter on the blog page?

2) You have the ability to like a blog post, but the number of likes isn’t visible on the main blog layout/grid. Is there a way to display the number of likes on the blog layout, perhaps alongside the date, number of views, and comments?



thanks for your interest.

1) this is possible

2) Like amount can only be shown on blog single page.

Hi, i just buy your theme, and it was so cool, but i have a little problems with the featured images, they seems good in the home page but when i clik one of them and show the the single portfolio item the features image doesnt show it, sorry for my bad english but im from Mexico, thanks!

Hey, thanks for your response, well now im having trouble with the fonts, i choice the same font source sans pro, but it doesn´t show it in the front end, apologizes for any inconvenience


please take a look at the FAQ in the documentation. you nee to change the permissiong (chmod) of your files to 777 via FTP.

Ok thanks, excellent support, congrats!

I would like to ask two questions:
1. When I hit [+] button to load more content always I’ve got double link to some posts http://kaizenek.com, when I hit another time to load another posts everything is ok. What do I have to change to fix that problem.
2. Is there any possibilities to load posts as one column. For now is showing post in grid depend on width of the screen. I would like to have one column on the middle with bigger thumbs.
Many thanks


1) this seams to be a general issue. I’m trying to get rid of this problem but on my test sites, everything is working.

2) Unfortunately this is not possible.

What shall I do!?

I want to click on the thumb image portfolio and have spilled over into the new window and insertion of the url link?
I do not need to open a detailed view images with the description! And just opened to the correct url  !!!

open in new window

in file – loop-portfolio.php in class=”entry-thumb” & class=”entry-content portfolio-content masonry-inner” I wrote target=”_blank” and it work!

But I can’t find where change code to open url, what I wrote in partition (Link). I see my URLs in class=”more-link” in every project.

I just want to click on Columns Grid project & it bring me to an URL in a new window that I have written in the cell Project (Link).

Please! Help me with. Thank You!


sorry for the delay. Please send me an email for better support. spabrice@gmail.com

I have a problem. I have 5 entries in my portfolio but in the homepage only see 2. All is correct, they have the featured images. I don’t know why I can’t see the other entries. www.henriquecepeda.com

Please help. Thanks

Ok, you`re right, in safari I see 4 but in chrome I only see 2. Can you check out in chrome?

Compare the same page in Chrome and another browser. Chrome does not show all entries.


I just checked it but couldn’t see any differences. It displays the same way in chrome than in firefox or safari.

This may be a ridiculous question but how do I get my blog section set up in the same way you have it in the live preview? When I first got the theme I did some housekeeping and removed things I thought were unnecessary, but now I can’t seem to get this part working. Should Blog be a Page? Or should my newly added Posts aggregate directly to the blog? Please excuse my beginner-ness.


it seams that your posts are visible now?

they are, thanks. with a little help i was able to find that i needed to reset my posts page to “blog” in the ‘reading’ settings. however, now i am unable to get my blog and portfolio menus to work :?


you need to create the category menus and assign them to the right menu area. Activate them now on the theme options.

Hello sir, can i update wordpress to 3.6 with coco theme? This template is working with the new WordPress?

Yes, it is compatible with the 3.6 version.