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Great theme, but have 1 question. It is possible when I click on a portfolio at the homescreen, that he will point to a gallery. It worked when I use external link, but he would open in a new window. I want it to open in the same window, it that possible?

Oeps I meant the ’’ Visit Live Project” button within the portfolio should not be opened in a new window(because that will point to a gallery using external link)

This would need a small tweak in the file. Please send me an email and I will help you with this. spabrice[a]gmail.com

Hey there, is there a way I can get some spacing in between my portfolio images/videos in list format? Some custom CSS using the padding:bottom tag or something? Not sure what to attribute this to so it will work with all the elements on a portfolio page. Currently they stack right next to each other vertically with no margin.



just add this to the custom css field in the theme options:

.gallery-list li { margin-top: 40px; } .gallery-list li:first-child { margin-top: 0px; }

that worked perfectly, thanks!


kbd Purchased


I need your help:) In #page-content i add margin-left:80px, in portfolio page everything is fine (in theme options i set small thumbnails) so in display 1366px i see 4 columns, but in blog page is only 3 columns, so i have a big request:) can you tell me how i can change masonry-item width, so as to be displayed 4 columns?

Best, Chris.


do you have a live preview? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[]gmail.com

Lovely work, A couple of pre-purchase questions. Is the theme WordPress 3.6 compatible? Can all pages have full width layout or does the Contact page remain boxed? Thank you!!


thanks for your interest. Yes it works with the latest wp version. You can choose the template you want for all pages. For contact you can also choose the fullwidth.

Hi there,

just a quick one: is there an option to display home page thumbnails as a masonry – similar to the gallery page? So the image will not be cropped – but it will keep in the original ratio (square, horizontal or vertical rectangle).

Nice theme by the way, I’m considering buying it, just want to double check that one thing.




thanks for your interest. So you mean the portfolio page I guess? Yes in the theme option you can choose if images should be cropped or not.

I love the theme, great job! One question tho, I’m wondering where I would go to change the theme style of the googlemap used on the contact page. See example: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/styling

The javascript for the google map is on the template-contact.php

Hi there,

I am happy to have found this theme, and have some pre-purchase questions.

1. In the ‘light’ colour scheme, I would like to change the colour and pattern of the grey background. Is this possible?

2. Does a gallery have to be full-width?

3. Is there a way to add a title or other information to a gallery?

4. Is it possible to change the number of columns in a gallery?

5. Is it possible for an image in a portfolio to open as a lightbox image if you click on it?

Many thanks,


Hi there, i’ve purchased the theme and its great. Just had a query how and if possible do you disable and remove the + button on the top right hand corner. cheers


just delete the widgets for this area. If there are no widgets this area will be hidden.

cheers for the reply. that worked great.

Love the theme! Two questions:

- I want to add the Raleway Light/Extra Light fonts (available form the Google Font API) to the typography options.

- I want my logo (and eventually also portfolio items) to be retina friendly.

What do you think is the best way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


you can add google fonts in the option-panel.php at line 1103. Just add the name of your font. Use the retina plugin recommenden in my documetnation and upload both version (retina & non-retina) of your logo at the same time to your library. Choos then the non-retina version on the theme options.

Great, thanks for your reply! Another question: On my mobile phone (iPhone 5) the social icons in the footer menu are displaced (like the spritesheet has shifted). I haven’t been editing in there. Any idea’s on that? I can send you a PM with a screenshot if that would help.

Thanks again!


yes a screenshot would help. please send to spabrice[]gmail.com

hey SpabRice,

I was wondering if you’re able to make an update to the responsive menu. and make it like this: http://artbees.net/themes/jupiter-demo/


or the menu you use in the YALU theme! :-)


sorry for the delay. The menu can not be changed. This would need major customizations.


The theme loaded in the white version by default. How do I convert everything to the black version please?


It’s on the theme options > styling


I have recently tried moving my website to a new url, but when i have reinstalled wordpress (3.6.1) and uploaded coco theme, it no longer has the loading graphic, and shows the words “loading” instead. Is this an issue with 3.6.1? On the testing url it was fine after I updated to 3.6.1, but there seems to be a problem when installing it on 3.6.1 from scratch? thanks Tim

do you mean the loading icon before the page is displayed? I’ll check this. Please send me an email for better support.

Hello great theme :) I’m wondering if it’s possible to add individual headlines/subtext to galleries?

Solved :)

Hi there,

Great theme!

One question though:

Is it possible to have excerpts on portfolio items?

Unfortunately not. it would need major customization (php/css)

Alright. Thank you!

A quick question: I can’t seem to find out how to center the portfolio grid. We use it as main page and want it to be centered. How can we that? Thanks

The items should be centered automatically. Do you have a live preview? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[]gmail.com

Hi, for some reason the Twitter plugin is not working?


I recommend to use the recent tweets plugin

How do you add a video to a Portfolio post? I attempted adding an iframe vimeo video in the gallery by pasting in the code after selecting “Add Video” and it seems to work, but the video keeps playing if I rotate to a different gallery item. Also, is there a way to add a self-hosted video?



yes unfortunately the video keeps playing after changing the slider. the flexslider does not support this feature.

unfortunately self-hosted video are not possible for portfolio.

Hi, I uploaded the portfolio projects but it displays three items per row instead of 4 as on the example you provided online. I also noticed that the version on the stylesheet of your version is greater than the one I downloaded from themeforest. Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks Great Template

Hi :-)

A short question: Is it possible, to replace the “load-more”-Button with “older/newer posts”-Navigation?




sorry for the delay. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Hey there, Great theme! I only have 2 issues:

1. on the portfolio, there is a bug that whenever i Press on a category in the filter menu, It doesn’t show anything. I have to click on the ”+” until i get to the category, and only after that, the filter works- (you can see the bug yourself in my website at www.deerdesign.net try pressing on the “Concept art & Illustration filter to see for yourself)

2. when i view a work on the portfolio, the whenever i hover on the photo the hovering effect doesn’t stop flashing.. any way to make it not do that? :S

thanks a lot irael


1. the filter can only filter the items which are visible. So if your items which uses the category “concept…” are not visible the filter can not show them. you should show your items randomly.

2. couldn’t see any issue about this.

Hi! I installed the theme and everything works fine! However, the portfolio items displays always 0 views. Take a look to an example: http://www.bkf2000.com/portfolio/banca-zeta-d90/

Please, let me know how can I fix this problem.

Tanks in advance!

Please send me an email at spabrice[]gmail.com. Did you do some customizations?