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On my homepage I get two of the same portfolio pieces coming up, does anyone else have the problem?


Please send me an email at spabrice()gmail.com. I will help you with this.

Hi, the sliders seem to be limited to 5 at a time. It won’t display earlier sliders once you have more than 5.


which slider do you exactly mean? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice(a)gmail.com

Great theme! It’s been a lot of fun setting it up… I’m getting a lot of great comments about my site already :)

I’m just having a little trouble getting ‘comments’ or the ‘leave a comment’ section to show up at the bottom of my blog posts?

I have enabled them for the blog in the theme options. But I’m not getting that section at the bottom of the blog posts for people to leave comments.

Am I missing something else I’m meant to setup?

My site is www.monkey3media.com



please note that you also have to activate the comments (“Allow comments”) in the post itself. If you don’t see it click on ‘Screen Options’ in the top right corner and enable ‘Discussion’.

Ah right, I knew it was something simple. And something I should have realised. Cheers

Another comment, different question…

How can I get my logo to show up clean/hi-res on a Retina display? The size I have it (600×180) only produces the medium retina image using the plugin you recommend but doesn’t seem to swap it out when looking on an iPad. I’d like to keep my logo the same size as it is nut not sure how to get the right retina version to show up?? A few other images don’t swap out with retina version either but the logo is the main one I’m wanting to get working.

Any help would be great! Cheers,


you need to create 2 logo files (non-retina & retina version) Ex: logo.png + logo@2x.png upload it to the media library at once and choose the non-retina logo in the theme options. If you have the retina plugin installed the logo should switch when on a retina display.

Please take also a look at the documentation file.

You can also send me an email for better support at spabrice()gmail.com

Of course, I guess I was being a bit lazy and was expecting the plugin to do it all for me:) I guess the occasional manual image isn’t too much trouble, haha. Thanks for the help and the great theme! Cheers


Hope you can help me.

I’ve been having problems with my page: http://zan.razaroja.com/

The two last portfolio preview items doesn’t display at the principal / portfolio page. If you go to the last item preview (called “MAD013 Revolution”) and open it, you can go then to the next item called “MAD012 Machete”, and the next “MAD011 Mojito” too) but they doesn’t see at the principal portfolio page as a miniature. I can’t open them directly from the homepage.

note: They have miniature image assigned both.

Please help me!

Thanks! :)


I answered your email

I asked a question almost 2 months ago and I didn’t got an answer, can you please do so?


I must have overread your question. What was it about?

Please send me an email for better support at spabrice()gmail.com

this themes allow Uyghur(like Arabic) ? thanks Email: gulbulaq@gmail.com

I’m waiting for the answer …..

Hi SpabRice I emailed you the problem I’ve come across but haven’t had an answer. Thought I’d try here…

Everyone is loving my new look, thanks to your theme! So thanks for a great job.

Now, I’m not sure if this is a theme problem or something I’ve done?? I went to share one of my News/Blog posts on Facebook and it doesn’t work. I tried it two ways… clicking the Facebook share button on the post and I tried to copy and paste the URL into Facebook but the link and content it puts into the Share dialogue isn’t right and doesn’t got to the page. I just get a 404 page error.

Can you take a look and see what’s going on? http://www.monkey3media.com/news



I answered your email.

Hi, Great theme! I’m loving it so far… But I can’t seem to figure how to organize the oder of my portfolio. Is there an easy way to achieve this? I really hope I don’t have to delete them all and start all over.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


No you don’t have to delete them. Just change the publication date of the item.

Hi, I like to have more blog images on my homepage. I now see 6 items. - Can I change this number? - Can I adjust the size of the images?

Theme settings seem to ignore any change. (like small/medium/big)



them settings (small/medium/big) is only for portfolio items. the blog post can not resized. tyou can increase the number od blog posts in Settings > Reading > “Blog pages show at most”


I contacted you by spabrice@gmail.com due a bug which I can’t get fixed. Could you help me and reply on my email?

Kind regards.

Thanks for helping! The ajax-loader didn’t work in combination with the Akismet Plugin 3.0. When I deactive Akismet the ajax loader works fine. Any idea when this bug will be fixed?

I’m currently working on this.

Thank you

I upload a Video on my server … the video can’t support isn’t it ? only embed video? or I’ve to do for some plugin?


selhosted videos are only possible for blog posts. You need to provide 3 files of the video (m4v,webm,ogv)

why it can’t ? I wan’t to like that ??...

Hello mate, ive purchased you theme a while back, Im enjoying it! i have been looking into the jquery effects and im wondering how do i prevent the post/portfolios to slide in from the left to the right.. i would like the to just fade in, No slide in..

Thanks in advance Congrats again on this wonderful piece of work you have.

I can manage, can you point out what lines need to be worked with? thanks

SpabRice, Seems like your little on focusing on your customers support.. Can you please help me with pointing out which line need to be modified under laoder.js. Thanks.


Sorry for the delay. email has better support than this comment section (spabrice()gmail.com). As I said, it needs major customizations on this file. There is not just 1 line or 2 to change. The whole file need to be adapted.

themes options == Main Color +/ is not working what can i do?

Hi friend! If I update Wordpress, is this theme compatible with WP 3.9.1?

Thanks! LOVE IT!!!!

Hi @SpabRice,

Just wanted to ask again… if I update to the latest version of WP, will it break? Is the current download compatible?


yes, the theme should be compatible with the latest wordpress version. My live preview is running on the 3.9.1 version. You only need to deactivate the new akismet plugin. The new 3.0 version has some bugs.

Hi, I purchased the theme and it seems great. However I have a quick question. How do I remove the yellow hover state of portfolio item slider? I like to keep the arrow icons on the side, but don’t need to the ”+” icon and the yellow(main color) hover state because I don’t need to show the image larger when clicked. http://hyunjinmin.com/portfolio/why-i-love-intrepid-campaign/


go to the theme options > portfolio and you should find “Fancybox”. Deactivate it.

Hi there,

thanks for this awesome theme, i have set my homepage to a slider page, input a slider according to your documentation but the images won’t show up. The editor content does, so i figure it is in place but not loading the images? What am i doing wrong?

Thnx! Greetings.

Apparently you managed to solve the issue (email) ;)

Thank you SpabRice for the awesome theme. Here is what I have come up with: www.emre.co.uk

Thank you very much.

How can I disable the featured image on blog posts? On the homepage it is ok, but I don’t want them in the post itself. Any idea?