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awesome work!

Pre-purchase question (but not absolutely needed): Can I add this to a static home page?


this shouldn’t be a problem to add plugins to the theme. But for this plugin you probably need some css adaptation.

Awesome theme!

Is there any way to customize the skill bar colors?

But if I want to have (let’s say) 3 different bars with 3 different colors? What should I do? Thanks in advance!

This needs some customization. I will see what I can do. Please send me an email at spabrice[a] for better support.

Thank you SpabRice!

The slider won’t stop and let the video play. It keeps just cycling through.

Do you have a live preview? just hit play on the Globe video and see what happens

This is the slider script issue. So user need to play stop before next slide.

Love it !

Hi SpabRice.

Is there a way of removing the google map altogether, don’t really need it.


You just need to choose another Template (‘Defautlt’) on the right side of the editor.

Hi. When I download the file again, the folder still reads Coco 1.0, is this the update or should I be getting Coco 1.1


This is the updated version. When you install it you should see that the version is 1.01

Hi! I think there is a problem to fix. I can’t change the typography and the main colour on the Theme Option panel. Can you check it? Thank you.

Do you have a live preview? This is probably a server-side issue. Please take a look at the FAQ in the documentation. You probably need to change your file permission to 777.

Perfect! It works now! Thank you very much

A clean & unique Portfolio theme for cratives? Do you mean crEatives? ;-)

Oh yes, I mean creatives. Thank you. Already changed ;)


thx again kind responses to my questions before purchase. I made made my personal portfolio site with using coco. and it was rly nice experience to use this great theme.

portfolio page is ok with responsive. but im having some troubles with some other page’s responsiveness. ( checked it with resizing browser and some mobile devices. it doesnt response like coco demo site ) you gonna see my point when u visit the pages “portfolio – single” and “about”. In both pages 2 column layout is not response to 1 column… Can you please help me with this issue?

my site is,

thank you

This is the name of the folder. But if you install it it should be 1.01

thx.. made it and working quite nice… but now, i cant see “show all” under the filter menu… how can i add it again?

Please take a look at the documantation ‘Adding Menus’. You just need to add a page to your menu and change the title attribute to all.

I also want the update. I just bought this yesterday and am finding lots of little bugs. My category filter is not working. And the thumbnails aren’t showing up on the portfolio. And it doesn’t resize the video window when you are on an iPhone 5. Here’s my work in progress:

The thumnail is no Bug. You probably haven’t selected a featured image. Please take also a look at the documentation for this.

Filter works fine for. Note that filter can only do the action on the items which are visible.

Resizing video: Please download and install the latest version. File folder is 1.0 but if you install the theme you will see that its 1.01

Thank you for all the help. Great theme!!!

Great job on the theme! Noticed that the social media icons get’s squashed when browsing on the iPhone. Cheers, keep up the awesome work ;)

Yes, I noticed that which is a strange issue. Looking for bugfix currently.

This issue has been resolved ;)

On the iPad, the main menu does not fit the size, appears vertically. can help me? Thank you.

Please download and install the latest version. File folder is 1.0 but if you install the theme you will see that its 1.01

I installed the update Version 1.01 I have the same problem

Do you have a live preview? Can you send me an email for better support. spabrice[a]

Hi nice and interesting theme. I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to set the light theme for mobile devices?

2. On the home page you have a filter. Is it possible to have the [Filter ] field expanded by default? so people can see what’s there without needing to click.

3. How much space is there for text on the home page above the images – where you have the “HI. I am Coco”. I’d like to put a couple of lines in there.

4. Can the blog be set to display vertically?



1. In the them options you select your style (dark or light) and then it will display in every device.

2. This is possible but I wouldn’t recomment it due to user experience.

3. You can add as much text as you want but I wouldn’t add lot of text.

4. What do you mean by vertically?

4. In a list as per the standard way to display blog post.

4. This is not possible. Only masonry layout.

Hi, thank you for this stylish and robust theme.

I was wondering – when I choose to leave the big & small headline area blank, is it possible to shrink that space a bit, so that the page content starts higher?


Do you have a live preview? Space should shrink automatically if you don’t enter content for these lines. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]


i have a problem.

logo image resolution low quality… (all browser, iphone, ipad, android)



Do you have a live preview? Logo will display in the original size you uploaded it. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice [a]

i send you an email

Hi. Just noticed that on my page, the social icons are all squashed together. I’m using v1.0.1 and the fault only shows on my iPad, see the page here:

Cheers. Mike.


yes this was a bug I was able to fix today only. So there is a 1.02 version where this bug is fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That’s OK, is the update available yet?

Yes it’s available.


I was just wondering if you could tell me what font you used for the COCO logo? I’d like to use the same font for my site logo.

This is a stunning theme, by the way.

Thanks, Heather


the logo doesn’t use a font. Was made by vector.

i send you an email again (filter problem screenshot)

Hey, nice Theme! How do i add the Social Media Buttons in the footer?


you can add them through the widget area.