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Definitely about to purchase this beast! Quick question – on the portfolio, when you click on an item and view it’s details, is there a way to make the image open in a lightbox? Or even better yet, open into the slider you have? Looking for a way to have the single portfolio item be enlarged. Thanks! Great theme!!! :)


yes fancybox is possible by just activate it in the theme options.

Hiho, is there an easy way to use gallery grid with filters and load more content button? Also is it possible to change grid size for gallery in admin options? I want them bigger without customization in code, so would be great if it’s available. Cheers. ;)


gallery with filter and ‘load more’ is not possible.

Yes it is possible to make the grid size bigger in theme options.

Hello! Great work! I got a question, in demo site when I i click for next project in a filter category, it loads an item from the whole portfolio in home and not the next one in that category, is there a fix for that? it’s the same bug with the Mila Theme. Thanks


thank you. It’s not a real bug, but yes it’s the same issue than on the mila theme.

Is there a fix for that?

unfortunately not.

Another quick question! Is it possible to set an image as the theme’s background instead of just white, and dark grey? Thanks!

Background can be changed by wordpress default Background changer. So yes this is possible.

whats the typography of the right menu?

When using a video on the slider, it shows me a black background for the vimeo embedded video. Its possible to change the color to white instead of black? Or resize the video to fit in the 50% of the page width.

you can check it on


Border is generated by vimeo because video adapt to the slider height/width. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a] Did you any customizations to the slider? Normally it should be take the whole width.


I want to make a website where there are 4 pictures on the home page which all 4 lead to a different portfolio. is this possible with this theme?


Can i change it somewhere so i can have this… i need it for the website i’m creating.


this needs major files customization. So it is not as simple as it sounds.

This does not work with me. i get an empty screen, in the main menu it works.

Filter Menu: For the filter you can add an “All” item the following way. Add the page where your portfolio will be displayed. Change the Navigation label to “All” and the Title attribute to “all”

Hi. I’m not really sure how to add video from YouTube or Vimeo. Can you tell me how please. Thanks.


to add a video, you just need to copy the embedded iframe code which are given by vimeo/youtube.

Is it possible to have multiple images in a portfolio? So if it’s a web item I’m showing. Is it possible to have 3-4 different screenshots, similar to what’s done on the blog section?

yes thank you.. I saw that right after posting the comment. Sorry and thanks

where can i change the spacing of the menu? thnx!

This is not possible by option. You would need to change this through css

Love the look of this Theme. Just wondering how it will go with the use of Shortcode for Shopp E-Commerce plugin if I add in a description, Drop down box and Add to Cart button on the posts.

Shortcode would be [catalog-buynow id=’1234’]

I cant see why it wouldn’t work but I don’t want to buy it and find it doesn’t work for me.

Also is it possible to reduce the size of the filter button to help squeeze up the header area as its rather bulky.


I can’t promise that it will work with e-commerce plugin. This theme uses ajax to load the portfolio/blog posts and there are some plugins which doesn’t support ajax.

Secondly you probably need to make major css customizations to adapt the plugin to the look and feel of the theme.

I’m about to buy this for a design studio, but is it posible (or easy to modify) that portfolio items for videos (on Vimeo) show the video on the homepage? Or at least a splash that by clicking it, it loads a video in its place, instead of the single page for the item. Do I make any sense, hehe? Basically, I’ve been told that videos should be clickable and watchable in small size on the very main homepage, to avoid having to enter to watch each one. Is there a way around this with this theme?

Thanks in advance for your time.

Regards, Bea.


this would need some major file customization. Personally I don’t recommend this, because let’s say you would do this for every or several portfolio items, your page would take some time to load everything.

Not really. If there is a splash image, let’s say with a play icon that tells you there’s a video, and by clicking you then load the video, that’s taking the same to load as with any other featured image. Anyway, this is something that I’m asked for, so I need to implement it. Thanks for your response.

Hi there.

There is any example without the ajax content loader?


please send me an email, I will provide a link where you take a look at this. In fact is just the same without the actual loading action. So it will open the ‘old-fashioned way’ without loading circle.

Love the them so far!!! 2 Things:

1) Wondering if there is a way to change the color of the Previous, Close, and Next arrows on the Portfolio and Blog. Currently they are grey with a gray hover, but I would like them to be a different color. How can I achieve this?


2) How can I remove the Comments icon from Blog and Portfolio? There is an option in the Theme panel to disable everything but the Comments icon!

Thanks ahead of time for the help! Great theme!!! :)


thank you very much.

1) this is only possible by changing the image. Go to coco/files/images and open the sprites-dark.png. If you have some photoshop knowledge it should be easy to change the color for these icons.

Got it! Didn’t realize it was images. I will change it in Photoshop. Thanks! :)

Great looking theme. Does it work with the latest WP 3.5.1?



yes it has been developped for the latest Wp version 3.5.1

Ok – so I found the answer to my question #2 above! I was looking in the wrong place!

New question/issue though - when I click to go to a single portfolio item, it does not show the featured image at all!!! Sometimes on the Portfolio page it doesn’t even show the thumbnails. I have disabled all plugins and that did not help. Help please! Let me know if you need my login info.


Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a] Featured images will only be shown on the portfolio page. So on single you need to select images/videos on the media gallery.

Got it! Was missing that step!!! Thanks! :)

Just bought & installed the theme and like it very much. Only one thing—on iPhone there is a white stripe at the bottom of the screen which takes up cca. 1/6 of the screen height. When I view your theme’s demo page, there is nothing. Any idea? Thanks.

Do you have a live preview? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]

Hiya, it’s gone now. It was Google Chrome for iPhone but the glitch vanished after the latest update.

Hello. i have a pre purchase question.

is it possible to make the slider my homepage. and then have the portfolio as a secondary page in the menu?



yes this is possible. You just need to set up your menu to your needs.

Awesome theme so far.

I had a question regarding the portfolio items. If I have a few images in my portfolio. Is it possible to show the arrows for additional items/images when the user hovers over the image.

Also is there any way to have the additional images cycle through as a slideshow in addition to the arrows?

Last thing. Is there a way to add a skill set sidebar under the client info? ex. photoshop, wordpress..etc.

Thanks in advance!

Hi SpabRice.

1) Is this something that you can add in the next version? I find it distracting the way it is now.

2) In the portfolio. If there are more than 2 images, I want the images to show as a slideshow, so after 2 seconds the next image shows up and keeps cycling.

3) Yes I see that, but it goes in the body. I would like it to go on the left sidebar under the Company and above the share buttons.


1) I will think about this.

2) this is possible by changing the script.js at line 410. You should see this: “slideshow: false,”. change false to true.

3) I didn’t get this very well. The theme does not have a sidebar or do you mean the top widget area?

Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]

1) I changed the CSS so that it’s 50% opaic right now. And the hover stays the same.

2) Perfect. The only thing is that this will get over written when you make updates :-(

3). check email. Thanks again!

Hi, I like this theme very much, but i need to sell digital contents from my site , so do you think that is going to work with WooCommerce or another commerce plugin????

thanks in advance !!!


unfortunately this won’t work properly with a commerce plugin. Mainly because of the ajax feature.

I have enabled the FancyBox option for single portfolio items, however the fancy box size is way too small. I would like for it to take up most of the screen when opened up. Something like 80% height and width. Right now it’s about 800×600px.

How can I achieve this please? THANKS!!!!


fancybox take full browser width unless the image has been uploaded to this and the proportion are the right. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]