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Hey SpabRice,

I really like this theme … that’s why I bought it :)

I was looking for some information about picture/thumb sizes, and where to change them. I prefer to upload the pictures in the matching sizes, so that the featured pictures in my portfolio (in a full sized browser) won’t be resized.

Can you give me some hints, where to find and tweak the dimensions?



you will find them in functions.php. When changing them you need to regenrate them using the plugin. See documentation for this.

The thumbnails will always be resized even if you going to change the sizes. Resize your browser window and you will see why. All the tiles will always adapt to the widow size.


Hello – Great work on this theme by the way! I was wondering if there was a way that once I’ve uploaded all of my portfolio items I could arrange the order of the appearance differently or am I stuck with the order that I uploaded it all in?

Thank you in advance!


tanks. the portfolio items are sorted by date. So if you want to sort them the way you want, just change the publication date.

Great! Thank you so much!

can you tell me how i would adjust the title and sub tittle of each page? what are the names of the styles for each


do you mean the “Hiyo, I am Coco …” title? This title will be always visible for all pages.

Hello there, I like the template. When you open a work, let’s say Bixe logo, and you enlarge the imagine, is it possible to put the caption on it (on the big size one)? And in case, how does it look like? Is it outside the frame? Can I put as many pictures as I want in one work? I hope I’ve been clear enough… Thanks


yes you can add as much images as you want. But it is not possible to add a caption for the image.

Hi, I seem to be having problems viewing the Theme Options. I can see the Appearance>Theme Options page itself but when I click on the General or Styling tabs, I get a 404.

The links are trying to take me to and

If tried turning off all plugins and reinstalling the theme but still the same.

Any help would be appreciated. :(

Sorted now. Cheers anyway.

You know what the problem was?

Okay. I love the theme so far but I can’t get the shortcodes to pop up. the plus button says insert columns not shortcodes. I get a blank screen. I’ve already changed permissions for the whole coco theme folder to 777. I did it about 3 times. What could I be doing wrong?

Never Mind I figured it out the long way. Apparently not all of the files you mentioned needed 777 permissions.

Sorry for the delay. Glad you found the fix.

Hi, great theme! Can you explain how to add video to a portfolio post? When I click the Add Video button, I just get a box with move, x, and an input textfield. When I click add image, I get a popup window to add media as expected.


you just need to add the embedded iframe code in this textfield given by vimeo/youtube.

Hi, I just purchased this theme. Great by the way…. I got an error message while installing it:

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Could you please tell me how to solve this?

Issue solved!! I installed from the FTP and now it works.Ciao!

Sorry for the delay. Glad you solved it.

Hey Guy’s,

Thanks for a beauty full Theme, that functions as describe. Simple to understand. Works like a charm!!!

Thanks Jan Hendrik

Thank you very much.

One question, is it possible to show to the author of the post in the post? please advice!

This is currently not possible. Will think about this for a next update.

thank you for the great work, how can i add customise Tags for the portfolio post the tags only for the blog post, can you please advice and solve this issue

thank you


tags for portfolio posts are currently not possible. Maybe for a next update.

how the search website going to read the portfolio pages right now!? and when the next update going to be

is there any chance that can you help me please to provide this option on the right ver.

thank you for you creative work & support


what exactly do you want to do with the portfolio tags? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]

Such a beautiful theme! :) Good luck with sales mate!


check my link

Hi there, i used the theme as portfolio site,i try the search box with some words of my portfolio posts but he cannot find it can you help me with that

he give me this: No posts has been found!


the search widget only search the blog posts.

this is big issue :( can it be fixed to search with the portfolio the problem is i used the website as portfolio as the post didn’t provide a full page list for images can you advice please

Hi! There are few questions :-) 1) Where I can establish the action for thumbs in portfolio, that click would open in a new windows and doesn’t translate into an expanded view?

2) How can I integrate Flash movie .swf or a banner on page?

I mean about this: new window (

I mean about this code: (... a href =” popup.html “rel= ” nofollow” ...)


this would need major file customizations.


jf Purchased

wonderful Theme… I love it!

Can you please tell me if it’s possible to have a vertical “full width” with: – December 2012 - Personal - 1913 - Share

Between the title and the blog post.

Thank you :)


this is not possible. If you have strong wordpress coding knowledge you would adapt the needed files.