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The slider on the Home page of my site is not as tall as it should be. On your example the images come up much closer to the logo. On mine it’s much farther down. I need to maximize the height of the slider. Can you use the login credentials I emailed you recently about my Fancybox issue to log in and take a look? My email is Thanks!


Please send me an email again. I get lots of emails, so it’s very hard to find your emails through all of them.

Hello, is it possible to add the a right column and a few blog entries on the home page under portfolio thumbnails, and still maintain the responsiveness? I wasn’t sure if you admin structure allowed for different home page layouts. I’m interested in purchasing, just trying to get a feel for the flexibility.



this theme does not allow different home page structure. You can only set all the different pages for home page (slider,portfolio,blog,static,...)

Hey good template, I thinking for your template, i making a website with just video in your page blog, you have some post with a video as featured image How you can do that?



I didn’t get your issue very well. Can you give some more details.

I vould like to know how you can get in your post blog, some post with a video in featured image

hey :) i wanted to ask you if i can use this theme (screenshot of the live-preview) for the preview of a tablet mockup on graphicriver. In return I´ll credit your work in the description of the product. Best regards


yes you can do that. Please credit my work and send me link when it’s done.

Dear SpabRice,

is there any possibility, that – on a single portoflio post – portrait pictures are displayed with the same hight as the landscape pictures.

Now, a portrait picture pushes the title and the comments etc far to the bottom, because the width stays the same.

Regards, Max


thanks for purchasing my theme. The images will always adapt the the 100% width. If this wouldn’t be the case the images would not fit the full width available which would’nt look good. So if you want control the height, you need to upload the images same height.

thank u for such an amazing theme have me smiling all day :)

Thank you very much


This is a really awesome theme, nice work. :) I liked Mila before this too, you’ve got some great designs.

I have a couple questions:

1) Is it possible to have comments on portfolio articles?

2) I plan to use the theme as a blog only, but using the porfolio homepage and pages. Is this possible? And if there are lots of posts, could a user keep clicking the “plus” sign at the bottom to see more posts (I mean is there a limit to how many posts it could take on the home page?)

2) On the Single Layout, using “fixed” is it possible to have the text cover the full width of the post (instead of having the share buttons etc on the left side, which narrows the column for text space). I mean so that it would look exactly like the “fullwidth” does where the text is end to end with the social buttons and stuff above.



thank you.

1) yes this is possible.

2) So you want the blog posts look like the portfolio items for homepage? You have the possibility to make your blog posts look like portfolio items in the theme options. and then you can use your blog page as home page. Yes you can set a limit number in the reading settings.

3) This is not possible by option. It would only be possible by changing the css.

I’d like to purchase this template, but first I’m wondering one thing…

Would this template work and function correctly with a plugin that ajaxifys my whole site? I ask this because I have an audio player with my website that keeps the music playing even when you click on other websites… this is done through running a WP plugin that ajaxis the whole website… so would the template still work correctly if I was to use a wordpress plugin that ajax’s the whole website?

If an ajax plugin and this template wouldn’t work together is there a way to apply the ajax loader that loads the single posts, to the whole website… So if you click on a link on top, the header will stay and only the body will reload? Is this possible?

I’m just wondering a way to ajax the whole website before I buy this template. :)

I hope this makes sense, Ian


this is not possible. You would need to do major files cusomization and work with the wordpress core functions.

is instagram going to be added to the social widgets?


will add this for next update

Having trouble adding portfolio categories to the Filter menu. They are listed in the Portfolio / Portfolio Categories, but on the Menu page, only Blog categories are available to add.


You probably need to activate theme on the screen options. Please see Note information in the documentation.



I like the hover effect on images. Could you maybe tell me which plugin you’re using for it? Would really appreciate it – thanks!


this is not a plugin. This feature is part of the theme.


I’m slowly building up my new portfolio with this theme as I have no time to build me own. Too busy! :(

I was just wondering how I get the filter button to appear on my portfolio page:

Any advice would be great.



create a second menu with your filter categories and add this menu to the right menu area. Please see also documentation.

Hi there

I was wondering if its possible to have some text above the portfolio boxes on a portfolio page? Any text I put in visual editor when i ‘edit page’ isnt showing. Id really like to use the portfolio template on my homepage but have text etc above it.




please send me an email for this at spabrice[a]

sorry, I managed to fix the last issue in the end by changing the template php file.

But i have another issue now. Ive added 2 portfolio items and they list in the grid cronologically. I wanted to swap their positions, so i change the publish dates. This swapped them in the grid. But when you open an item, the arrows go the wrong direction, so they appear to still be in a different order. Is there an easy way to change the order in the grid so that it changes the order in the single view nav too?

thanks Tim

I will check this.

Hello All-

I have been working with this theme over the last couple of weeks and have found that overall it does everything it claims – and looks good while doing it. I have found a couple of things that I’m sure will be addressed in the upcoming updates:

1) Site loading optimization (leverage cache browser) – slow load time 2) Remove the query string and encode the parameters into the URL. – slow load time 3) iPhone 5 slider doesn’t work (even with fade) 4) Twitter feed theme widget doesn’t respond 5) Category does not end on final video. Instead continues to another video from your Portfolio library according to date uploaded.

SpabRice has been real great with customer support. And the theme looks great! Here’s a link to my site:

thank you for your kind words.

Hello. And thank you for the great theme. I was wondering if you could add IMDB to the social media list? The inclusion of youtube and vimeo almost complete the needed triumvirate. I actually found the widget code and it looked pretty easy to add it in there. But, I don’t know how you guys rock the image call. You’re using JS to look at a single .png file?

Thank you so much for your help, Gino Scarpino


images are displayed by css; You just need to add the image to the image social-icons.png. In the css you just need to choose the right background-position.

Hello, great looking theme. I’m having some issues with the portfolio though. The “Full Block” hover state is not working when selected. Also the description is showing below the posts even though it is selected to not and the cropping option seems non-responsive (making the thumbnails the same size). I’m also having issue when I click on a portfolio post it does not load until I refresh the page. Please help! Thanks. cole


so none of the theme options is applying on your live site? Please see the FAQ in the documentation. You probably need to change your file permissions to 777.

I want the Big and Small Headlines to only show on certain pages vs. all of the pages. Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!


what do you mean by small and big headlines?

When I’m in the theme options under Headline, it give me the Big and Small options. So in my case it represents “A few of our clients are…and then the list …” I was hoping to be able to have those text headlines show on certain pages and not others vs. it always showing no matter where you are at on the site.


yes it shows by default on all pages. Please send me an email I can help you with this.

Thanks for a great template!

Would it be possible to have a mix of slider, portfolio and blogpots in separated sections on the frontpage at the same time?

And is it easy to add a custom footer like in your “Jance” template?

Please add a linkedin icon to the social media footer in next update ;)


unfortunately a mixed section is not possible.

You can add widgets in the top area instad of footer.

linkedin icon should be in.

Very nice theme! Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you very much