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Just a note before the next update comes out…Here are some issues I’ve noticed that may help.

1) There appears to be an issue with Fancybox resizing correctly. Even on the demo it re-sizes past the screen size and you have to scroll. It should maximize to about 80% of the screen size.

2) There is an issue with the Slider not fully giving the maximum height on the page. It also needs to be center to align slider images int he center both vertically and horizontally.

3) There is an issue with the Headline Big and Headline Small inside the Theme Options. Whenever you use an apostrophe it displays the text weird and adds extra characters.

4) There is an issue with the Footer Copyright section. If you use any HTML to provide a link or coloring, it messes up as well. It will stick once and then after any changes are made to any area in Them Options, the copyright text will display incorrectly.

5) Also, it would be nice to have a few more options in the Typography section fro font size and font colors for some of the settings.

Overall – a great theme and I’m enjoying ti so far!!! :)

Thank you very much for pointing that out.

Great theme,

Quick question, how can I make the first page of the theme my blog, but still get the blog entries to show on the first page as well as the blog menu highlighted signifying that I am on the main blog page?

I have tried the selecting of your latest posts in settings and that got me to the blog but the blog tab in my menu is not highlighted. Then I tried to do the Static page and selected the home to be the blog and no selection for the blog and I get a blank page and no blog entries. Finally, I try both being a blog in the static settings and I get an error. Any idea how can I get the blog to be the first page of entry such as yet get the blog tab to be “active” or “current” in the menu bar?

Hello, You can also send me your wordpress login and I will set this up for you.

Please send me an email at spabrice[a]


Before buying this template,

it’s possible delete the auto scroll when you click on a post / portfolio?

comments do not work in the demo

thank you


you can only disable the auto scroll on customizing the loader.js. Comments ar not working on demo because I would have hundreds of comments which wouldn’t look good.

Hello. Seriously considering buying this for a site I’m working on, quick question. I noticed you demo this in “light” and “dark”, can you set the main BG to an image of choice? Thanks.


yes with the default wordpress Background option you can change the background to your needs.

Hi There, I am wondering if there are other blog layout options. I am looking for a vertical single posts one on top of the other. Traditional layout.

Also does your theme allow for multiple portfolios?



traditional blog layout is not possible. Only the visible masonry style. You could create several portfolio pages and choose different categories to display.

Nice WP Theme!

Question: Is there an option for adding “gutter” space between the Gallery images?

If so, can you tell us where, what line in either java or css …


I just added the code like you said to the theme options – styling – custom CSS …. that did not work! -still no margins on the gallery images, is there more I need to add?

Oh there was an error in the code. here’s the correct code:

#gallery-grid .masonry-item { margin-right: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; }

Perfect, thanks for the code!

Hi, Great theme.

On the Portfolio Page I’ve set it to Block and Dont show Info, yet neither of them are displaying as prompted. It is not showing the Block display and is still showing the Info. ?

It also seems, when I click on a portfolio item e.g. Project 1, it doesnt load the single portfolio page unless I refresh the page… :/

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)


do you have a live preview? ‘Block’ is just the hover effect. You need to enable/disable the different options (categorie,date,...)

Please send me an email for better support.

It works if I set the Homepage to display the Portfolio, but If not, The Portfolio settings do not update when I change them… it just stays in one format…

I just found a major problem, bug ….

I have a bunch of Portfolio Categories, when I view a category image and I get to the end of the images in that category, it automatically goes to the next category.

I really don’t want this to happen … the last image in a portfolio should not have the “next arrow” (right arrow), just close and back arrow so you can’t go to the next category.

If you could let us all know how to achieve this that would be excellent!!

Thank You ! :)


I’m also looking for a fix for this.

It’s possible to change the “portfolio” word slug to another?


unfortunately this is not possible.


Thanks for the help so far, the theme is really nice and you’ve answered all questions.

I have a quick question that I thought I’d post here, as others may find it helpful too. In the top right of the page, we have a small + sign that opens up the top widget area. I believe this is too small and may be missed by some, I’d like to swap this out with an image of my choice if possible. I thought I could easily find where you were storing this in the WP images folder, but I’m not seeing it anywhere. Can you please tell me how to change this icon?



this is in the sprites.png. But I recommend to create a ‘new image’ and just change the css with this new image.


a wonderful theme ( 5 stars! ).

But have a small issue with several “Quiz and Survey” Plugins. As an example it is the WP-PRO-QUIZ –

For multiple choice questions, the theme does not show the radio buttons..

Have an idea ?

Thanks in advance and best regards, rrwp87


I will check this.



some news ?

Thanks, rrwp87


I just wanted to say I have the same issue with radio buttons on a contact form. Check boxes do not show either. I noticed Jet Pack codes the form differently than he did, may be the issue. I emailed Spab about this last night, hopefully he can look into this for us.



I will check this.

Nice theme!

I only have 1 little problem i added an menu but can’t click on my contact in the menu how can i fix this?

Best regards, Mrhooly


do you have a live preview? If you have assined to right menu to the right menu area it should work fine.

Its already solved now it works great..

Hi there,

Two quick questions:

1. How do I completely remove the left hand column (displaying date, category, views, comments, shares) and use the full width of the column for the post content? If I disable all the options in the menu, it still indents the text.

2. When using the Digg Digg or Flare plugins for social sharing, the alignment doesn’t seem to work out right, same for your Mila theme. Is there a simple solution for this?


I answered your email. To delete the column you need to change the css.

Can you please be more specific.

I removed the lines in the file you mentioned but this did not remove the column.

Awesome theme, It’s my first time ever using wordpress this in depth and was wondering if there’s any way I could add the audio function in the portfolio upload, like the one in the posts section?


unfortunately this is not possible.

Hi there, I am just about to buy your theme and would like to confirm if it will be possible to have multiple galleries (not portfolio). Your theme is great, and I will appreciate if you can just confirm if that will be possible. Thanks!


yes you can add multiple pages of galleries. The styling will be the same.

Hello there. First I’d like to congratulate you for this wonderful theme. It’s really amazing! Well, I’d like to know if is there a way to make the wordpress gallery inserted in a portfolio to open in fancybox (your default effect) when we click on the thumbnails. Any codes for that are welcome. Thanks in advance, Eduardo Sardinha.


thanky ou very much. Unfortunately this is not possible.

Instead opf the portfolio sorter being a drop down, can I change it to be just a row of links I can style myself. See what I did a while ago with Rawa… people love this setup…



this would only be possible byc hanging the css.

is there any link where i could see the control panel of this theme to see its features? youtube video? any resource?


you should see a demonstration here.