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Also pages don’t load 90% of the time and you have to hit refresh for them to kick in. Fantastic.

hi, love the theme, im having problems getting video’s into my portfolio. any help. doesnt really give any step by step in the documentation. such as linking it from vimeo etc


you just need to copy the mebedding code from vimeo/youtube and add in the the textfield when clicking “Add video”.

Hi Author, Fantastic theme but I have problems with the filter of portfolio, the filter doesn’t filter

When I change the category filter does not appear any portfolio item.

Also I have problems when the I change any settings of the portfolio in the theme options.

Sometimes if I save the permalinks again from the Settins menu of the wordpress is fixed.

I leave the web address so you can see the mistakes that I commented.



Did you fix all issues? If not you can send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]

Hi Autor, The above message I’ve sent also. I found the error filter items, the Navigation label can not contain spaces.

Also has and many errors in the documentation. Typographical errors.



This is possible. English is not my native language;)

Hello awesome theme! i get this error on my home page: Warning: Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in /home/thegood/public_html/wp-content/themes/coco/single.php on line 45 and defined in /home/thegood/public_html/wp-content/themes/coco/theme-admin/functions/theme-general-features.php on line 59

and I noticed that other sites were having the same problem..think you could help me out with this one! thanks a lot yan


did you receive my email with the fix?


do you have an Support Forum ? Would be a good basis for kowledge transfer and communication.

Best regards, rrwp87


unfortunately not. My support currently work via email.

Has the developer gone AFK?
We’ve ran into another issue. “Link” category doesn’t seem to do anything :-/


Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]

I have created a portfolio entry, and see the “Medias” section underneath the main content area. When I click “Add Video” I see the small input field for the media — in there I imagine I am supposed to place the URL for the video:


When I do this, I see the portfolio page but not the video; I see the above URL displayed, instead. Can someone clarify?


I answered your email.

Hi! I totally love this theme!!! wow, nice work:) i have question before i buy, i have display in my laptop in resolution 1024×768, and menu items collapses to text “Menu”, is there any trick to change this? Best, Chris.


yes this for tablets. All screensizes smaller than 1025px will be displayed “Menu”. You could deactivate it by a small change in the css.

Hi! cool theme, thanks! But need some support. Prepring to send you an e-mail.

I can’t seem to get an “all” category in my filter menu…


Please also take a look at the documentation. Just add the portfolio page to your filter menu and change the “attribute” and “name” to ‘all’

Yes i’ve done this, but i receive a blank page, no portfolio items., it’s like the page does not renew.

Do you have a live preview?

Please send me an email for better supprt at spabrice[a]


I have 2 questions. I saw there was an update. I currently have 1.01. How can I do this update? Will I loose the changes I’ve made is the css?

I want to change the white color of the light style to a light grey. Where can I change this?

Thank you!


If you’ve done customizations to the css file, yes it will be lost. That’s why I always recommend to use the custom css field in the theme options. All theme options won’t be lost when updating the theme.

Changing the white blocks to another color is css. Point out the css to change in the style.css and add it in the custom css field.

I just can’t seem to find where to change the color in the css. Any idea? Thank you!

Hi Before purchasing it i just wanted to confirm can i add vimeo and youtube videos on portfolio page? and do you guys have any video tutorial of how to customize this theme since i am new to wordpress.

Thanks and regards

Hello, yes, videos are supported for portfolio items. There is no video tutorial but the documentation will cover all general settings. If you’re new I recommend to start playing around a bit with other themes.

Hi !

I created a portfolio using your theme. I have to portfolio pages, 1 video, 1 photo. I want to use galleries and have the same presentation than the portfolio layout. So I link my gallery in the external link field. (Exemple : )

I would like to remove the target=”blank” which is wird here. How can I do it ? Can ou maybe add a checkbox on a future update.

Or maybe I’m doing wrong ? Can I create a protfolio page which shows galleries after clicking on thumbnails another way ?

Wish you all the best from Switzerland, Valentin

Hello, please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a] I will help you.

Hi! I have a quick question.. is there a way to change the main menu to highlight to the selected main color just like you have it in your demo? right now is just white and I can’t find where to change it.. Thanks in advance!


this is just a feature in the theme options you need to activate. Typography > Navigation > Hover State

Hideho :-)

purchased the theme, but I also got the error “Missing argument 3 for loadmore(), called in single.php on line 45 and defined in theme-general-features.php on line 59”

Maybe you can send me the fix you mentioned above too?

Thank you and kind regards from Vienna



please send me an email to spabrice[a]

Hello, a couple of questions more than the one I posted above:

1) In the contact page, is there a way to replace the google map with an image of my own?

2) In the home page is there a way to make the logo loose the top padding and move all the way to the top? basically get rid of the spacing on top of the logo only.

3) Is there a way to insert icons to the contact page? for example a small icon for the phone, email and address lines. Thanks in Advance.


1) So you don’t want to display the map but an image? This is not possible.

2) This would only be possible by css customizations.

3) you could upload your icons to the library and insert them

Oh forgot one more, is there a way that maybe in your next update to make the widget area plus sign button bigger? is really small right now and the scroll bar completely covers it. If it’s doable by css and photoshop please give me instructions and I’ll do it. Thanks


what do you mean by “widget area plus sign button”. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]

Hello, It seems like it’s not possible to translate the Share text in single portfolio items. Also the “title” text (Close) when you hover the X to go back to the portfolio overview. Have tryed by .po/.mo and also with Wordpress Localization plugin. It wont change, any idea?

I also had problem with Back to top, but figured ut out by changing the footer.php file..


these two words has indeed been forgotten to make them translation ready. I will add it for a next update. Alternatively you can change them in the theme-general-features.php at line 281 + 245

Sorry for the inconvenience

Why can’t I see a preview of the LIGHT version. This is the one that I want to purchase, but I want to see it first…


Light version should be visible now.