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Do you know how can we make the caption of our media on single portfolio page ? Indeed, my client is an artist and she wants to put the caption in the slider.

Best regards,



you can send me an email and I will help you out with this. spabrice[a]


I do not have any answer to my e-mail.

I sent my e-mail again this morning.

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I didn’t receive any email. I jus received on today. I will answer your email.

Is possibile to add a category “All” in the portfolio filter to show all of items? How can I do this?

Thank you


please take also a look at the documentation. You just need to add the portfolio page to the menu and change the title attribute to ‘all’. Change the name to ‘All’ as well.

I’ve tried to do that but without solution. The attribute “all” to the portfolio page doesn’t shows the category “All” in the portfolio. But I’ve another issue now: the only 2 portoflio categories don’t change with animation but they link to a Portfolio category page. You can view it here

Can you help me in this?

Thank you for your work!


sorry for the delay. Can you send me your wordpress admin so I will checkt this. Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]

My site still will not open the Portfolio page on mobile devices. My portfolio does not display on my homepage, but on a separate page. It simply will not open when clicked on while using mobile devices. Please help!


Please try this. Open the style.css at line 993 you should see this

z-index: 47;

Change the value to anything higher than 100.

z-index: 110;

i love the look of this template but very discouraged by it’s use. slider does not work, adding videos/links does not work. . posts work well and basic pages look nice but that’s about it.


slider and videos should work fine. You may doing something wrong. Please take also a look at the documentation file.

You can send me email for better support at spabrice[a]

thanks for looking into this. i see the documentation now. godaddy’s instructions say upload the zip file to FTP, then unarchive so i never looked in the folders.


Love this template, got it all set up and running beautifully. My only issue is that on the test site there is a footer on the main gallery with some great looking social media logo links but there is nothing in the documentation about how to add these. Could you help out?




thank you very much for purchasing my theme. You can add the social logos on the widgets. (Appearence > Widgets) Add the Widget “SR – Social Links” links to the “Bottom right” widget area.

Hi Mate, Thanks for the speedy reply, I was able to do this quite easily and then place in the links for Facebook, vimeo etc but it is not actually showing up on the home page Is there another step I am missing?


I just checked your site and the social links are fine. They are displayed in the lower right corner.

Hi SpabRice,

I have a problem with the menu and sub menu.

When there are 4 or more sub menu, the submenu at the bottom that is overlapping the main content, is going crazy. When I move the mouse down to the fourth choice the submenu disappear.

Do you how to fix it?

Thank you!


sorry for the delay. Do you have a live preview? Please send me an email for better support at spabrice[a]

Hi SpabRice,

i have a problem with the php files idont know php , i will be greatfull if you send me html version of the theme



this theme is only available for wordpress. There are no html files for this theme. If you did a wring purchase and want a refund please contact the envato support.

Hi Spab,

I have a problem with the filter of the blog. Doesn’t appear.

I activate the filter in the theme options, and create the filter menu (Category Menu (Blog)) and assigned it to the right menu area ( again Category Menu (Blog)).

Do you a solution?


I just checked this on my live preview and everything worked fine on my end. Is it possible to have your wordpress login do check this. Send me an email at spabrice[a]


I have a problem with filter, how can i add portfolio categories in filter?

And responsive background, I want another image on mobile.

Thank you!


it might be that you can’t see your portfolio categories in the menu area because they are not active. Just click on “Screen options” on the upper right corner of your screen and activate the portfolio categories.

Background is only possible by the default wordpress background option. So any changes would need major theme customizations.


is there a way to set the title of the website to stay in the center of the page?



this would need major css customizations. Currently the title is floating to the left because of the possible filter area which is on the right.

Hi There,

Please could you could tell me how to change the colour of the “Like Heart” and the accompanying text below it?

Many Thanks


the “heart” is an image. So you need to change the sprites.png in files/images. The text color below is done by css. You can change it by adding this on your custom css field in the theme options.

.entry-likes a:hover, .entry-likes a.likesactive { color: #f33e82; }

Hello, Do you know how to add a second filter on the portfolio with tags? thanks!


this is unfortunately not possible by option. It would need major file customization.

Hi, how can i get automatic infinite scroll without click to load more? thanks!


unfortunately there is no infinite scroll option available.

I have see live demo this theme. I have a question. Its possible to insert a comment box in portfolio detail page?


yes comment section can be enabled for single portfolio items in the theme options.

hi SpabRice!

Thank for your answer. its sound good. before i buy this theme. i need know it possible to add a widget call “Portfolio Feature” in homepage? ( Its show feature items i choose in portfolio manage )


there is a shortcode for adding the “latest portfolio items”. Alternatively you can also add them to the slider.

Hello SnabRice, good job ! I have a problem with the contact form : when i send me a message for a test, i never receive the message in my mailbox… Can you help me ? Thank you !


did you add the correct email? Did you checked your spam folder? You can send me an email to spabrice[a] for better support.

Hello SpabRice How can I put a caption in the media on single portfolio page?


this option is currently not possible but will be on the next update. Porbably comming this week.

Awesome! Thank you SpabRice.

A few questions before i buy this item.

1) The portfolio cases after you’ve click a thumbnails, is very narrow, is it possible to have this in bigger/wider, without having to change code?

2) Can u disable all the information below the portfolio cases. Eg. date, description, share..

Thanks in advance.

Cheers Rob


sorry for the delay.

1- this is not possible. it would need some css customizations.

2- Yes you can disable the different infos.

Hello. In the typography section, the Heading Font Weight only has options for ‘Regular’ and ‘Bold’. I need to use Open Sans 300, which is the lighter font weight.

Is there a way I can alter this? Any help would be great thanks.


this is not possible. Alternatively you can ass the “Open Sans 300” to the font list in the option-panel.php. Just search the file for ‘Open Sans’ and you will see the list of fonts. You can add the fonts which you want.

Thanks! :)

Where can i see the demo for light version?


the light version is now online again.

Hello, beautiful theme! I’d just like to know if the portfolio items (thumbnails) on the homepage grid can be linked to external url’s instead of opening a page/post on the same site? What I mean is : When I click on a portfolio item, it must directly open an external website. Is this possible? Any option for this in the theme options panel?


yes you can choose an externel link for every single portfolio item.