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The beauty of simple and minimalist!...bookmarked.

Thank you so much for the kind words :) I love minimalist designs, it really allows your content to speak; especially when they are grid based.

Cheers :)


Ivor Envato Team

Man, this is soooo perfect I love the typography :) good luck with the sales

Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I am in love with your vCard template, so minimalistic yet elegant and professional :)

Nice template! Really clean, lovely typography, easy to read.

Any plans of a wordpress port?

Thank you :) Funny you should mention it; I am working on the port to Wordpress as we speak. I should have something by the end of the week or so. Thanks for asking!

Very nice I will be buying soon

Nice Template.

I bought to use in my monography site.

Thank You.

Thanks mate! I really appreciate the feedback. :)

Can’t wait to use this… Thanks bunches!

Just a small suggestion… Could you give two versions of the .html files? One with the (very helpful) comments and one without all the tutorial like comments.

For example, I know what a head tag is, and don’t want the extra comments in the .html file as it is just bloat, but I love that you have the layout spelled out with comments like “750px sub-container 120px padding left, centered”.


Not showing up correct in latest version of Firefox for Mac. Safari is ok! :-)

Pang, I am using the latest version of Firefox (3.5.6) and it renders correctly. Actually, these templates have to render correctly in all versions of firefox, chrome, and IE 6 ,7,8 to be uploaded to Themeforest.

I also validated this design with screenr and browsershots, and I am unable to replicate any problems what-so-ever. Not sure what problems you are having.

Any chance you’ll offer this in WordPress format in the near future? I love the design and would love to buy this, but I’m a newbie at stuff like this. Thanks for creating a great minimal design.

I love the design, and typography of this.. Aweseome Work!.

Apart from wordpress (as I want to avoid using that his time) do you know of any other blogging/article publishing systems that can be implemented into this..

something similar to alistapart, or some other kind of article system, I would be interested in this theme, but I don’t want to use wordpress and would prefer some kind of easy publishing system.



I wanted to know if it was easy to make the backround black vs. white…? If so, I will definatley be purchasing this template from you.



I still love this theme, but what would be the easiest way to integrate some kind of blogging system into it?



Are you still creating a wordpress version?

Any news on a wordpress version?

(Have already bought this, but would like a WP)