Codex - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Codex - Responsive Admin Dashboard Template

Angular 2 Material Admin Template

Codex is admin template with full responsive layout.
It is fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Angular 4, Angular 2 Material Design, Bootstrap 4, HTML5 and CSS3
It is the fastest way to build modern admin site or dashboard for any browser or device.
It is based on the popular icons such as Material Icons, Font Awesome, Simple Line Icons.
All components are built to fit perfectly with each other, while aligning to the material concepts.


Features in Detail

  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Fully customisable colour scheme
  • Responsive Tables and Forms
  • Responsive Sidenav Component
  • Charts Widgets Cards
  • Good Popup Notifications

Updated to Version 1.0.1

Tree Map
  • Added tree Map component
  • Added Loading Indicator component
  • Updated to last version and fixed bugs

How to use tree map component

1. please go to dashboard.component.html and find tree-map tag
2. tree-map have these functions
  • data – this is a first loading data (you can see go to shared / in-memory-data.service.ts )
  • width and height – this is a for init component
  • remove and create functions – for removing and creating childs
3. please go to dashboard.component.ts and see all configuration
4. I used Angular 2 in-memory service for backend but you can use your backend